MSI’S Top-Rated Quartz Countertops For 2024

February 06, 2024


When designing a kitchen, bathroom, or other space with tile, concrete, quartz, or other materials, several design elements emerge. From the light fixtures bathing the space in a soft glow to the flooring stretching across it, every space is a blend of elements.

While every element has its place, the countertops often steal the spotlight, tying the space together to create a cohesiveness that reflects the desired atmosphere, whether you’re creating a warm, homey vibe or a cool, contemporary feel. The selection of countertop materials is vast, and among these, quartz countertops consistently rise to the top, remaining a timeless pick for any space. Quartz countertops, with their durability and wide range of colors and finishes, offer both aesthetic appeal and practical functionality, making them a preferred choice for designers and homeowners alike.

MSI’s Q Premium Natural Quartz, a balanced blend of natural and manufactured materials for outstanding aesthetics and performance, offers options that mirror current design trends. A handful of marble-look quartz styles in the mix feature our exclusive LumaLuxe® and LumaLuxe Ultra® technology, adding a captivating finishing touch by seamlessly blending with beams of light, while pushing the boundaries of realism through heightened depth, striking veining, and a richer palette of immersive colors. Whether you want to add luxury to a laid-back, beachy kitchen or continue with a monochromatic bathroom theme, quartz is the perfect choice.

Calacatta Abezzo Premium Natural Quartzcalacatta-abezzo-premium-natural-quartz

Boasting a soothing white backdrop and an enhanced marble-look pattern, complete with a blend of thicker veins offset by thinner earth-toned lines, Calacatta Abezzo Premium Natural Quartz perfectly emulates the beauty of natural marble. The veining creates a flowing effect, replicating the ebbs and flows of nature. This versatile stain-resistant quartz works beautifully in various applications, from standard kitchen countertops to cascading waterfall islands.  

Calacatta Idillo Quartzpicture2

Our Calcatta Idillo Quartz countertops feature a warm white background complemented by cool gray veins and warmer browns stretching across the perimeter of each slab. The warm hues, offset by the cooler gray veins, create an inviting environment, adding a welcoming feel to kitchens, bathrooms, and many other spaces.

LumaTaj Quartzlumataj-quartz

Enhanced by our exclusive LumaLuxe® technology, LumaTaj Quartz is the ideal addition to any on-trend space. Its captivating off-white background is complemented by warm, subtle gold veins extending across each slab, emulating the timeless beauty of Taj Mahal quartzite. The toasty palette works well with diverse spaces, from contemporary kitchens filled with sleek grays, blacks, and whites to earthy spaces teeming with natural wood, soft greens, and gold accents.

Calacatta Elysio Quartzcalacatta-elysio-quartz

A pale white backdrop with soft, taupe veins makes Calacatta Elysio Quartz an excellent addition to add sophistication to any space. It offers airiness with its subtle palette, making it the perfect addition to traditional and contemporary spaces. This quartz, pictured as a kitchen countertop and backsplash in a space awash with deep, modern hues, is a breath of fresh air, elevating the space and creating visual intrigue through contrasting colors.   

Calacatta Miraggio Cielo Quartzcalacatta-miraggio-cielo-quartz

Calacatta Miraggio Cielo Quartz is a true showstopper with its dusky blue and silver veins, complemented by hints of stormy gray accents gracefully traversing each slab. The combination of blue-tinged veins, a cool white backdrop, and subtle gray undertones ensures this quartz effortlessly harmonizes with a wide range of color palettes, whether they feature natural woods and deep coastal blues or soft neutral beiges with striking blacks. This exceptional countertop ispart of MSI’s Q Studio Collection that’s made in the USA, is further elevated by the LumaLuxe Ultra® formula, enhancing its sophistication.

Calacatta Miraggio Cove Quartzcalacatta-miraggio-cove-quartz

Calacatta Miraggio Cove Quartz, another outstanding offering from our Q Studio® Collection of American-made quartz, is a worthwhile consideration. This quartz is perfectly exquisite with its meshed palette of gold, white, and beige veining set atop a warm, golden-hued backdrop. The warm tones are balanced and neutral, a perfect addition to varying palettes, from natural wood and creamy beiges to contrasting blacks and whites. Our exclusive LumaLuxe Ultra® formulation enhances the neutral charm, which dances with natural light to create a breathtaking finish.  

Azurmatt Quartzazurmatt-quartz

The cool, soothing tones of Azurmatt Quartz complement contemporary design trends, enhancing modern styles with alluring hints of aquamarine and gentle gray veining set on a wash of white. The enchanting combination, enhanced by the light interplay courtesy of LumaLuxe® technology, blends seamlessly with almost any aesthetic, creating an expansive, luxurious feel in bathrooms, kitchens, and more.

Calacatta Laza Oro Quartzcalacatta-laza-oro-quartz

Add elegance and warmth with Calacatta Laza Oro Quartz, featuring white marble-look aesthetics accented by bold gold veining. The slashing veining creates a striking, captivating appearance, adding a dynamic appeal to any space. Whether you want to create a light, airy ambiance by pairing the slabs with natural woods and whites or a moody elegance by combining it with deep blacks and shimmering golds, this material is an excellent pick.

Calacatta Viraldi Quartzcalacatta-viraldi-quartz-island

The warm white backdrop and wispy green and brown veins of Calacatta Viraldi Quartz are an elegant finishing touch for any space. The blend of hues is reminiscent of earthy palettes, bringing the warmth and comfort of cozy neutrals to life in a welcoming yet modern slab. Create everything from sweeping waterfall countertops to floating bathroom vanities with each breathtaking slab; each completed space is enhanced by our exclusive LumaLuxe® formulation.    

Carrara Miksa Quartzcarrara-miksa-quartz

With its white background and ornate gold and gray veining, Carrara Miksa Quartz beautifully emulates natural marble. Its color palette complements various design schemes, from crisp, professional ambiance to cozy, homey spaces. It will elevate any space to evoke an opulent feel.

Create a Trendy, Elegant Space With the Beauty of Quartz

Quartz has become a timeless and elegant staple in any space, a captivating countertop that effortlessly complements other elements throughout the room. With numerous quartz colors, patterns, and finishes, there’s something to match any aesthetic, aligning your home with current design trends and sophistication.

Ready to elevate your home with quartz countertops? Our experts at MSI are here to help! Chat with us online, contact an authorized local MSI retailer, or visit an MSI showroom.


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