A Nod At Mod With Fabric Porcelain Tile

August 25, 2017


Mod, mid-century, retro, ‘60s style — no matter what you call it, the look is making a comeback! The characteristic clean lines and uncluttered designs mesh well with today’s desire for minimalism and simplicity. But as with any trend resurrected from previous decades, designers are giving mid-century home decor a new-millennium update. 

Muted neutrals such as gray, ivory, and beige replace the bright orange and red — at least on the wall! Old-fashioned colors such as gold and avocado may never catch on again, but pops of bright color are here to stay.

MSI’s TekTile Collection of fabric-print porcelain tile provides the perfect backdrop to your Mad Men accessories. It looks like fabric, but is durable and a snap to keep clean. 

Lineart Gray

lineart-grayFeatured: Lineart Gray TekTile Porcelain

Remember those 1960s carpet tiles that covered every office and utility room floor? Lineart Gray TekTile Porcelain takes all the pros and leaves behind the cons. The large-format tile flooring in a soft shade of gray, with a matte finish, offer the illusion of subtle texture, softening the look of a solid tile floor.

This porcelain tile can stand up to moderate foot traffic for years — much longer that that carpet tile — and to clean it, you only need a broom and mop.

Lineart Ivory

lineart-ivory-tektileFeatured: Lineart Ivory TekTile Porcelain

Textured walls were a big thing in the 1950s, but they didn’t take long to wear out their welcome because they were tough to keep clean and dust-free. Lineart Ivory TekTile Porcelain tiles don’t have that problem.

They don’t collect dirt in the first place, but if you should need to clean them, a quick wipe will do the trick. Matching bullnose tiles are available to finish your wall tile corners.

Hopsack Ivory & Gray

hopsack-gray-tektileFeatured: Hopsack Ivory TekTile Porcelain and Hopsack Gray TekTile Porcelain

In the 1950s and ‘60s, designers got creative with bold patterns. You can incorporate patterns into your contemporary décor too, giving your room a mod, mid-century vibe without the jarring color clash.

Hopsack Ivory TekTile Porcelain along with Hopsack Gray TekTile Porcelain tile offers just the right amount of contrast.

Crosshatch Ivory & Gray

crosshatch-gray-tektileFeatured: Crosshatch Ivory TekTile Porcelain and Crosshatch Gray TekTile Porcelain

In the 1960s it was perfectly acceptable to have carpet in the bathroom — as long as nobody ever used it. Crosshatch Ivory TekTile Porcelain and Crosshatch Gray TekTile Porcelain tiles faithfully recreate the look of natural linen. Since it’s a smooth, non-permeable matte surface, though, there’s no need to worry about mildew, splish-splashes from the bath, or other messes. 

Crosshatch Gray

fabric-tileFeatured: Crosshatch Gray TekTile Porcelain

Fabric-look walls and backsplashes are a great complement to your midcentury-inspired décor. Crosshatch Gray TekTile Porcelain features porcelain tile printed with inkjet technology to resemble coarsely woven linen in a soft, pale gray shade. Against this tile canvas, so to speak, your chrome, natural wood, and artistic fixtures will pop.

You don’t have to turn your home into a museum in order to replicate the look and feel of bygone eras. Take what you love about the Mid Century Modern aesthetic, such as the artistic, functional designs, the shiny chrome, the textures, and the clean lines, and create a look that’s all your own — and totally livable.

MSI’s TekTile Collection with fabric-print porcelain tile is just one way to do it. Visit our website and click the New Products link to see what’s new in porcelain tile!


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