Mosaic Monday: Is Glass Tile A Good Idea For Shower Walls?

May 28, 2017


In one word: yes! But if you’re like many homeowners, you may be concerned about installing glass tile in wet areas. However, keep in mind that product selection rather than improper installation is actually the source of many potential problems. 

In fact, two of the main reasons why glass tile can crack in a shower are because the tile was of poor quality or was not designed for use in high-moisture areas in the first place. Another underlying problem could be that water-soluble glue was used for installation, causing the tile to separate from its mesh backing. Worse yet, if the products don’t contain an anti-microbial agent, mold could grow behind the backing. 

However, any reputable tile distributor only carries quality products they stand behind. They also educate their customers to ensure that a chosen tile is appropriate for the project. That’s why you can feel comfortable choosing from the wide range of glass tile mosaics offered by MSI.

Our knowledgeable staff will guide you through the selection process to ensure that you end up with a beautiful and durable new shower. Featured below are just a few of our favorite glass mosaics for a tub or shower surround! 

Night Sky Subway Tile 2x6

instagram-night-sky-subway-tile-2x6-Night Sky Subway Tile 2x6 by @rialto_flooring on Instagram

For a unique look, choose Night Sky Subway. It’s a stained glass mosaic whose various dramatic swirls of blue, green, and brown give this space an elegant and cool flair. The colors work well with the sandy-like counter, giving an aura of a night out at the beach. 

Arctic Ice Glass Subway Tile 4x12

msi-arctic-ice-glass-subway-tile-4x12-minArctic Ice Subway Tile 4x12

Revitalize your shower space with our Arctic Ice Glass Subway Tile, a stunning rendition of a classic favorite. Crafted in a 4” x 12” format, these tiles showcase the beauty of icy white crystalline glass, capturing and bouncing light effortlessly. Their luminosity makes them perfect for infusing your shower with elegance and brightness. 

Venetian Café 

msi-venetian-cafe-tile-shower-wall-minVenetian Café Tile

This transitional bathroom features contemporary elements such as the shower but mixed Café with more traditional pieces like the vanity, marble countertop, and gold mirror. Venetian Café Tile boasts earth tones, its pale almond coloring accented with ivory, taupe, and warm chocolate. These tones complement the dark wood vanity, while the installation of two strips gives this crackled glass tile a more modern look. 

Zodia Interlocking 6mm 

msi-zodia-interlocking-6mm-minZodia Interlocking 6mm

Transform your shower into a haven of timeless elegance with Zodia Interlocking. Featuring soothing shades of beige, gray, and cream, these tiles effortlessly blend classic charm with contemporary allure. Built to last and require minimal maintenance, they're the perfect choice for shower surrounds. The elongated, interlocking design of these tiles creates an illusion of spaciousness, making even smaller showers feel open and inviting.

Are you loving glass tile for your shower as much as we do? Chat with us on our website, find your nearest authorized MSI dealer, or visit your local MSI showroom to find your perfect glass tile.

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