Help For Deciding Which Wood-Look Porcelain Tile To Use

March 30, 2018


By now, you probably know all of the benefits of wood look porcelain tile versus real hardwood flooring. We’re talking about the durability, the versatility, the ease of care, and the variety — not to mention the beauty. So that’s the easy part, right? Now comes the toughest decision, which is choosing the look you love the best!

Wood look porcelain tile offers something for everyone, which is why it’s one of the most popular tile trends for the home. Whether you prefer the fresh-cut look, organic style, the elegance of redwood, or rustic reclaimed and vintage planks, we’ve got you covered.

Of course, no matter which type of porcelain wood tile you decide on, you will still need to follow a few tips to ensure your floor turns out the best it can possibly be:

  • Alternate the planks, flipping them end to end to simulate the look of real wood variation.
  • Offset the planks to prevent “lips” due to slight variation in thickness. By lining up the end of one tile plank in the middle of the next, you’re placing the thinnest part of the tile next to the thickest of part of another. Minimize this with a 1/3 offset. 
  • Use the smallest possible grout space between each tile (1/8”) for the most authentic wood-floor look.
  • Make sure you are installing on a perfectly level substrate, filling wherever necessary. Even slight irregularities can ruin the finished installation. 

Mahogany Redwood Porcelain

Featured: Mahogany Redwood Porcelain

A dark mahogany, wide-plank floor in the bathroom can give it an elegant spa-like aesthetic. But is it practical? With Mahogany Redwood Porcelain tile, the answer is yes. Installing real wood in a wet environment like this is risky; real wood can warp, discolor, and grow mold or mildew. With wood look porcelain tile you’ll never have to worry about splashes or spills. This tile is available in two different widths and three different lengths so you can have a custom design. 

Vintage Lace Porcelain

Featured: Vintage Lace Porcelain

The shabby-chic look of distressed, whitewashed wood plank flooring is desirable. If it were real wood, though, you’d have to worry about scratching the floorboards, flaking paint, and splinters. Plus, it would be a lot of work to clean up spills and dirt from a floor like this. But with Vintage Lace porcelain flooring, looks can be deceiving. Now you can get all of the vintage glory with none of the drawbacks. 

Beige Sierra Porcelain

Featured: Beige Sierra Porcelain

Whether you are renovating a historical home or creating the charming look of an old farmhouse in a newer building, a floor that is laid with random lengths, widths, and shades of wood can provide the realistic effect of a reclaimed-wood floor. If it were the real thing, you’d deal with creaks, loose boards, gaps, and maybe even exposed nails. Beige Sierra porcelain wood look tile eliminates all those problems. 

Cashew Botanica Porcelain

Featured: Cashew Botanica Porcelain

Can a porcelain tile wood lookalike appear realistic enough for an elegant, formal room design? Cashew Botanica Porcelain is one of our most authentic looks, inkjet-printed with wood grains, knots, and whorls. This narrow-plank flooring works well in creative parquet and herringbone patterns too. 

Arctic Aspenwood Porcelain

Featured: Arctic Aspenwood Porcelain

Wide-plank, pale aspen or pine hardwood flooring is the perfect complement to a sleek, contemporary style of décor. Arctic Aspenwood Porcelain tile is created with a look so authentic that even in large rooms with a lot of open floor space you’ll enjoy the warmth and character that real wood provides. Plus, no worries about muddy dog paws or spilled drinks. 

Whether your style is elegant, modern, traditional, rustic, or vintage-inspired, we’ve got the perfect wood-look porcelain tile for your home. These are just a few examples, so be sure to browse our web gallery to see our other flooring options.


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