Do Not Sell My Personal Information

Effective: January 1, 2020

We use interest-based advertising and share information about your or your device with third parties who help us engage in that advertising. The information we share may be combined with other information by those advertisers for their own purposes—we do not control how they use the information they receive from us in order to provide their advertising services. California law appears to deem this limited information sharing with advertising partners and use of their advertising services as a “sale” of personal information from which California residents have the right to opt-out.

Because the information we “sell” is sold at the device-level, you have the ability to control whether or not the information gets shared with various third-parties. In other words, you can opt-out of the sale of your personal information to third parties by enabling privacy controls, such as browser plug-ins, browser or device privacy settings, or other technology, to exercise your right to opt-out. For example, you can choose to restrict this use of cookies and advertising IDs, by:

  • Using your browser’s settings to clear, delete, or prevent cookies. Instructions for how to do this on the different types of browsers can be found here:
  • Using Google’s privacy controls to opt-out of ads and cookies set by Google. Please go here and here to opt-out of any personalized ads and cookies.Please go here and here to opt-out of any personalized ads and cookies.
  • Using Facebook’s privacy setting to restrict Facebook’s use of cookies. Please go here to do so.

The advertising industry also self-regulates itself to provide you with choices regarding how your data is used for advertising. Many of our advertiser providers collect cookies by using a tag or pixel implemented by a company that is a member of the National Advertising Initiative and/or the Digital Advertising Alliance, both of which participate in opt-out cookies. These opt-out cookies are placed on your browser and member companies have committed to honor are required to honor your request to not receive advertisements tailored to your interests and based on your activity online to and Please note that if you have configured your browser’s settings to block cookies you may not be able to set the opt-out cookie and may see a message that an “Opt-Out is Blocked by Browser Settings,” or that an “Opt-Out is Temporarily Unavailable.” In addition, if you clear or delete cookies on a particular browser, you will need to reset the opt-out cookie.

Most of interest based advertising is associated with your device, so if you use different computers or browsers, you may need to make your choices for each computer and browser you use.

You can also restrict the collection and/or use of advertising IDs on your mobile device. Instructions for how to do this can be found here: If you use multiple mobile devices, you will need to replicate your selections across these devices.

If you have questions about the opt-out process or your rights pursuant to the CCPA, please contact us at Email. Please also review our privacy policy here.