MSI is continuously evolving and moving forward. To help guide us on this journey, we’ve created a set of guiding statements—our Purpose, Vision, and Mission.

Simple yet powerful, these statements keep us fully engaged in the opportunity to contribute to the industry.

Our Purpose (Why we exist): To make dreams attainable.

Our company was founded on a beautiful ideal: We find joy in helping everyone make their dreams a reality. This Purpose applies to our suppliers and customers, to end-consumers, and to our own employees.


Our Vision (What we aim to achieve): To achieve growth at double the industry rate while expanding the size of the market.

We believe in our industry and its role in making the world a more beautiful place. As one of its leaders nationally, we have a responsibility to help shape the industry’s future and ensure its growth.

Our Mission (How we will achieve our Vision): We will achieve sustained growth through

  1. business innovation,
  2. a diverse assortment of affordable and accessible products
  3. geographic expansion
  4. attentive partner support, and
  5. a culture of respect and teamwork.

Our mission is ambitious, wide-ranging—and attainable, through dedication and hard work. Together, we know we can achieve it.