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Buyer/Owner must determine slip resistance suitability and maintainability. Natural stones, ceramic, porcelain, vinyl, quartz and other engineered products represent products of nature or manufactured products with inherent variations; we cannot be held responsible in any cause of action resulting from their use in any form. M S International, Inc. makes no expressed or implied warranty, for any particular use. These products inherently lack uniformity and are subject to variation in aesthetics, color, shade, finish, tint, hardness, strength, resistance, density, etc. Some products may be characterized by dry seams, pits, and fossils. In polished and honed stones, these pits are often filled during the manufacturing process or at the time of installation. These fills can occasionally pop out from normal wear and use. In these instances, it may be necessary to refill these voids as part of a normal maintenance procedure. Any samples submitted are with the understanding that these qualities are inherent in the nature of the product and are not to be considered latent defects. Mosaic with metal are not recommended for use around heavy water areas including tubs, shower surrounds, pools, spas, and any other exterior application. After installation vendor disclaims any liabilities. Mosaic tiles can be cleaned using warm water and a cloth. For deeper cleaning a mild detergent or glass cleaner can be used. Do not use abrasive sponges or cleaning agents with strong chemicals as this may harm the metal mosaics.

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Product categories and classifications such as Granite, Marble, Travertine, Limestone, Quartzite, etc. are based on generally accepted industry acceptance. They do not necessarily reflect the geological composition of the material. In many cases, these materials are technically made of a different geological makeup. For example, many stones are commonly known as granites, but geologically, they are actually Charnockites, Polimitic Mataconglomerates, and any of other various different geological stones. In addition, many stones commonly referred to as marble are geologically limestone. Products shown on MSI's website reflect the industry classification of products and do not necessarily reflect the geological composition. MSI makes no guarantee or representation of the geological composition of any stone. In addition, the category reflected on our website, should not neccesarily be used for customs classification. If the geological composition is important, we suggest getting the product tested by a scientific laboratory.

Certain natural stones--including but not limited to sandstone and slate—naturally contain iron and other minerals that are conducive to changes in color, including rusting. Furthermore, enhanced natural stones such as polished pebbles, will undergo natural aging, which may include change in color and/or sheen of the material. This is considered normal aging and not a defect.

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