At MSI, we make the industry’s greatest product variety both accessible and affordable. But we don’t stop there.

We are dedicated to the personal and business growth of all partners—suppliers, customers, and employees—always seeking positive outcomes, and ensuring that they have the tools for success.


Product education, training, and sales go hand in hand. To help your sales team sell, we offer complimentary local training sessions. In a classroom-style setting, our product experts will teach your sales team everything they need to know about the recommended uses, upkeep, and properties of our products.

Purchasing countertops, flooring, and wall tiles is a big commitment. Before making a decision, most homeowners need assistance envisioning their project. To help your customers visualize their dream space, MSI provides all the visual elements you need—from merchandising displays to brochures, apps, tile pattern calculators, and website with online visualizer tools.

Being responsive and always following through is how we do business. We actively serve our customers by developing new products, providing a quick response on quotes, and troubleshooting any issues that may arise before or after the sale. Every member of our sales, product, and service team can be reached by email or phone, and our customers can count on a prompt response.

Many homeowners look for the brands and quality they can rely on and only buy from companies they trust. Over the years, our product selection, new product development, support, and service have made us one of the most highly regarded companies in our industry. MSI is built on a foundation of innovation, inclusivity, diversity, and a commitment to environmentally friendly, sustainable practices. These values have helped to create a company and product offering that your customers can count on.

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