Revolutionize Your Surfaces With MSI's Top 5 Innovative Technologies

January 28, 2024


Technology touches every part of our lives, and the floors and countertops in our homes and businesses are no exception. MSI is at the forefront of innovation, bringing new technologies to your surfaces that make them safer, last longer, and easier to maintain. Seven prime examples of our proprietary product innovations include ZeroSlip, DryLuxe, CrystaLux and CrystaLux Ultra, PietraTech, and Lumaluxe and Lumaluxe Ultra.

Here's what these innovations offer:

  • ZeroSlip is our unique solution for reducing the risk of slips on wet and dry surfaces like pavers and tiles.
  • DryLuxe brings a new level of protection to flooring, ensuring it's completely waterproof.
  • CrystaLux and CrystaLux Ultra are designed to keep luxury vinyl plank flooring and engineered flooring looking great by resisting daily wear and tear.
  • PietraTech captures the essence of natural stone, delivering realistic and beautiful finishes.
  • Lumaluxe and Lumaluxe Ultra introduce a new dimension to quartz countertops, exclusive to MSI's Q Premium Natural Quartz collection, creating a depth and clarity that's truly unique.

These aren't just incremental upgrades; they represent a significant advancement in surface technology, delivering safer, longer-lasting surfaces with authentic appearances and enhanced luminosity.

ZeroSlip and Products with This Technology

caldera-coala-arterra-pavers-with-zeroslip-technologyCaldera Coala Arterra® Pavers with ZeroSlip Technology

With ZeroSlip, you can step confidently on both wet and dry floors. MSI has developed this technology to make floors less slippery, helping to prevent falls. You'll find ZeroSlip in our Traktion Series tiles for both inside and outside use, as well as in our outdoor Arterra® Porcelain pavers. These products are designed to offer better grip, especially in wet conditions, making walking on them safer.

Arterra® Premium Porcelain Pavers

Arterra® Porcelain Pavers are not only tough against the elements – resisting staining, mold, and fading – but they remain robust in the face of UV light without losing their color. Aesthetically pleasing as well, they come in a variety of unique designs and colors each offering the natural beauty of stone or a refined, elegant look for your space.

Traktion Indoor & Outdoor Porcelain Tile Collection

The Traktion Series by MSI enhances porcelain tiles with the innovative ZeroSlip technology, ensuring outstanding slip-resistant properties, particularly in moist conditions. These tiles are engineered with MSI's unique ZeroSlip technology to deliver superior slip resistance. They boast a Dynamic Coefficient of Friction (DCOF) rating of over 0.65, making them highly reliable for both indoor and outdoor settings. The enhanced grip provided by these porcelain tiles significantly minimizes slipping hazards, offering a safer surface in places prone to water exposure. With the Traktion Series, MSI prioritizes safety without sacrificing style, giving you the confidence and security you need in every step.

Available in a variety of natural textures and five distinctive colorways, the Traktion Series tiles combine practicality with aesthetic appeal. The inclusion of ZeroSlip technology doesn't compromise on style; it enhances it, ensuring that these tiles are as attractive as they are functional. Whether it’s for a sleek patio or a stylish walkway, these tiles stand up to the challenge with 100% water resistance and ease of maintenance.

DryLuxe and Products with This Technology

glenbury-oak-hybrid-rigid-core-with-dryluxe-technologyGlenbury Oak Hybrid Rigid Core with DryLuxe Technology

DryLuxe technology is at the heart of our Smithcliffs Hybrid Rigid Core flooring line. This innovation ensures that your flooring is completely waterproof, making it resilient against spills and moisture. Thanks to DryLuxe, you don't have to worry about water damage; it's engineered to keep moisture out. Combined with a solid core, these floors stand strong against water, perfect for rooms that see a lot of moisture like kitchens, bathrooms, and basements. With this waterproof feature, Smithcliffs floors are not only tough but also easy to care for, keeping away the usual problems that come with water spills.

CrystaLux & CrystaLux Ultra and Products
with This Technology

cyrus-mezcla-hill-luxury-vinyl-planks-with-crystalux-protection-layerMezcla® Luxury Vinyl Planks with CrystaLux Technology

CrystaLux and CrystaLux Ultra are exclusive technologies from MSI that add extra strength to our diverse flooring options, which include luxury vinyl flooring, hybrid rigid core, engineered hardwood, and waterproof wood flooring.

Every piece of MSI's vinyl flooring comes with a clear, durable top layer known as CrystaLux. This layer is made from a special mix of minerals and polymers, giving your floor a shield against scratches, stains, pet mishaps, and even the sun’s rays. It's this layer that keeps your floors looking new for longer, cutting down on the need for frequent maintenance.

Beyond protection, CrystaLux keeps your floors looking sharp and clear, avoiding any dullness or distortion. Many of our flooring options with CrystaLux have a textured finish, adding to the real feel and appearance of wood to the floor.

For ultimate durability and longevity, there's CrystaLux Ultra. This commercial grade version is found on our toughest 20MIL and 22MIL products, such as the Smithcliffs Hybrid Rigid Core,  W Genuine Luxury Hardwood, Laurel Reserve, and more. CrystaLux Ultra™ acts like armor, warding off daily wear and ensuring your floors stay in top condition for years to come. 

PietraTech and Products with This Technology

calacatta-marbello-luxury-vinyl-tile-with-pietratechCalacatta Marbello® Luxury Vinyl Tile with PietraTech

PietraTech offers a unique way to achieve the sophisticated look of stone, available exclusively through MSI's Everlife® Luxury Vinyl Flooring collection.

This innovative approach captures the authentic charm of natural stone, making it available in the durable and convenient form of luxury vinyl tile. PietraTech sets itself apart by perfectly replicating the complex designs, deep textures, and rich colors found in real stone. It's ideal for those who love the stone's opulent appearance but need something more adaptable and easier to care for. The Everlife® LVT range, with the addition of PietraTech, presents a wide selection of styles that can elevate the look of any room, marrying the classic allure of stone with the resilience and low maintenance of vinyl. PietraTech is a standout choice for homes and businesses alike, offering a blend of nature-inspired beauty and modern flooring technology. 

LumaLuxe & LumaLuxe Ultra and Products
with This Technology

blanca-arabescato-with-lumaluxe-technologyBlanca Arabescato® Quartz with LumaLuxe

For quartz countertops that gleam with an inner light and offer a sense of depth, look no further than LumaLuxe and LumaLuxe Ultra—key ingredients in the stunning effect of MSI's Q Premium Natural Quartz.

LumaLuxe and LumaLuxe Ultra bring a new level of brilliance to quartz countertops, available only with MSI's Q Premium Natural Quartz. They work by improving how light plays across the surface, giving the countertops a look of depth and true-to-life detail that's simply breathtaking.

LumaLuxe by MSI is a special blend that boosts the vibrancy and depth of quartz colors. It allows for a more dynamic light interaction, which means countertops not only have a deeper look but also showcase striking veins and richer colors that draw you in. The effect is especially noticeable in the realistic veining and the pureness of the whites offered, lending a bright and luxurious feel to any space.

LumaLuxe Ultra enhances the original LumaLuxe formula by offering an expanded palette of deep, luxurious colors, all crafted at MSI's state-of-the-art facility in South Carolina. This progression elevates the aesthetic possibilities, infusing spaces with a polished and sophisticated charm.

Crafted from more than 90% natural quartz, MSI's Q Premium Natural Quartz are built to last, standing up to scratches, stains, and daily wear and tear. Their non-porous surface makes them safe for food prep and a breeze to clean, without the need for periodic sealing—a harmonious combination of elegance and everyday practicality. 

MSI: Shaping the Future of Surface Design

MSI's top five innovative technologies are game-changers in surface solutions, providing enhanced safety, longevity, and aesthetic beauty. These advancements represent a leap into the future of surface design, with features that ensure slip resistance, waterproof protection, scratch resistance, and realistic stone finishes. They embody the perfect blend of practicality and elegance for both residential and commercial spaces, offering surfaces that are not only visually stunning but also designed to withstand the rigors of daily life.

Interested in elevating your space with MSI's cutting-edge surface technologies? Explore the possibilities and discover the perfect product for your project. Chat with us online, visit an MSI showroom, or reach out to an authorized MSI retailer to revolutionize your surfaces today.