Transform Your Home With Stunning New Stacked Stone Marble Options

October 21, 2020

stacked stone wall tile

Choices for stacked stone just got a little more interesting! MSI is thrilled to add three more stacked stone options in marble.

These panels are split-face, meaning that the rustic surface results from artistically splitting stone, preserving the organic beauty. The texture adds 3D character and gives a new perspective to the typical marble coloration. The peaks and crevices can stand alone as a focal point or one can use the shadow play as a background to anything placed in front of it.

Here, we're going to talk about the many benefits of stacked stone for your next home renovation. Read on to learn these advantages and to see the three new gorgeous options that we are now offering!

Why Stacked Stone?

Stacked stone tile is not only attractive, but it also is easy to incorporate into your decor and just as simple to maintain.

For homeowners that want to add marble to their home but feel it might be out of place aesthetically, need not worry. Stacked stone is stylistically fluid enough to work with every decor. Of course, that includes both indoors and out.

Caring for it is just as much of a no-brainer! A simple brushing with a soft-bristle brush, a hose down (outdoors), and occasional sealing (if around an area where soot or grease might penetrate) is all that's required.

Additionally, stacked stone can spice up your house in multiple ways. Whether you use these panels as accent walls, backsplashes, fireplace surrounds, or on any other surface, they will stand out as both beautiful and unique.

These advantages apply to all MSI marble stacked stone options, but what are the benefits of each of these individual styles? Let's take a look.

Arabescato Carrara

stacked stone feature wall

Arabescato Carrara appears to have a 100% natural stone veneer, and this is true in an entirely different way than onlookers may think. While not made of the slate that it is indistinguishable from, it is constructed of fine marble that has been polished and curated.

This stone tile option is perfect for the walls of any room that primarily uses cool colors. Its cold, arctic undertones make it the perfect pairing for blues and greens. It also goes incredibly well with contemporary decor schemes that use a lot of glass, stainless steel, bold lines, and fluorescent lighting.

This style makes for the perfect backsplash tile in your kitchen or bathroom. Its simple and no-nonsense appearance makes it ideal for those who want to make a space look sophisticated and uncluttered. This is essential for those who have functional cabinets and small appliances in their room.

Silver Canyon

stacked stone fire place

Silver Canyon is a stacked stone wall tile that's made for all decor schemes. Like Arabescatto Carrara, the stones of this option are set randomly to add depth to the wall that you choose to use it on.

Unlike Arabescatto Carrara, however, Silver Canyon incorporates multiple different gray hues. This gives it a dusty appearance that looks amazing with both warm and cool color schemes.

It has a bit more complex beauty than the lighter alternative, which makes it ideal for spaces that don't have much else going on within them. It can be used as an accent in and of itself with no paintings, trinkets, shelving, or other adornments needed to be visually appealing.

Glacial Grey Marble

stacked stone feature wall

Glacial Grey panels are complex and deeply-colored. Their warm undertones make them perfect for installing around fireplaces or in areas that get a lot of natural light.

They also go with any decor scheme and all colors, making them a great choice for any home.

Like all of our ledger panels, Glacial Grey stacked stone is made with MSI's interlocking Z feature. This ensures that panels fit together and that no grout will be required for the installation process. You'll be able to make it seamlessly fit together with minimal effort and use corner pieces to give your wall a complete and cohesive look.

Visualizing Your Stone Panels

While all three of these stacked stone options are elegant and timeless ways to make your home unique, it's likely that you will need a bit of help choosing which of them is right for you. Luckily, you don't need to bother with any guesswork. Our stacked stone visualizer allows you to determine what each option will look like in your home with complete ease.

This tool allows you to choose from multiple angles and view each stacked stone option from the selected perspective. You can choose the aesthetics that you are considering to compare and contrast multiple colors as they would actually appear after installation.

Once you use this visualizer, you may also want to take a look at the video below to see what stone panels look like in a variety of different homes. If you want to see your options showcased in many different types of spaces and decor schemes, this will likely help you make your selection.

Get Started With Your Renovations

While there are many accent wall materials on the market, marble stacked stone is by far one of the best.

Now that you know about MSI's new stacked stone options for your home, it's time to get started. Once you check out the video and visualizer tool, contact us with any remaining questions that you have about our newest product. Our experts are happy to guide you through your latest renovations to ensure that your home looks as appealing as possible.