Granite Colors That Create A Calming Bathroom

April 12, 2016

If you have your heart set on natural stone, you’re in good company. When RICKI (the Research Institute for Cooking & Kitchen Intelligence) asked homeowners to list their top bathroom essentials, just under half chose natural-stone countertops as a bath “must have.” To achieve new heights of style, first choose a natural-stone countertop material like granite. Next, select the granite colors that set the desired mood in your bathroom.

Setting The Mood

Any good comfort-seeker has all the bathroom basics accounted for, from bubble bath to scented candles. But in your quest for relaxation, don’t underestimate the power of color. Certain colors have the ability to energize us, inspire us, and even comfort us. For that oh-so-lovely feeling of calm, choose muted hues, flowing waves, and smoky grays and greens. From Wild Sea to African Tapestry Granite, you’ll create a calming escape with one of MSI’s soothing granite countertops. Choose your favorites below, and use MSI’s bathroom countertop visualizer to picture your perfect bathroom. 

Wild Sea Granite 

Featured: Wild Sea Granite 

Bathe yourself in luxury with bathroom countertops clad in Wild Sea Granite. This light-green granite features a soothing color palette with subtle veins of dark grays and greens. Like ocean waters at low tide, this soothing granite resembles a wash of sea and sand churning together. With this peaceful granite on countertops, your bathroom will echo the calm shores of a tropical beach. For a quiet, consistent look, pair this soothing countertop with design accents in white, cream, light gray, or taupe. To draw attention to the calming greens in this lovely granite, consider gold décor accents. If you’re going for a nautical theme, navy-blue and white accents also look stunning alongside Wild Sea Granite. 

White Supreme Granite 

white-supreme-graniteFeatured: White Supreme Granite

Since granite is durable and easy to clean, it lends well to a beautiful, stress-free style. With a bathroom dressed in White Supreme Granite, style and sensibility reign supreme. In this design, cool swirls of gray and white highlight the depth and beauty of natural granite. Slow down the hectic pace of everyday life with a touch of soothing white granite on bathroom counters.

Silver Waves Granite

silver-waves-graniteFeatured: Silver Waves Granite 

Like the midnight sky twinkling with iridescent moonlight, Silver Waves Granite creates an air of peace and reverence. Black, which elicits feelings of security, is the amalgamation of all colors completely absorbed. For a calming feel, don’t be afraid to go dark. This mesmerizing granite from India is offered in both polished and honed finishes, so it’s easy to create a look that’s uniquely yours. Pair this sultry, black-and-gray granite countertop with harmonizing shades of light gray, taupe, cream, or silver. 

African Tapestry Granite 

African-TapestryFeatured: African Tapestry Granite

Return to the Motherland with African Tapestry Granite from Namibia. Marked by sepia veins and jet accents, this smoky mushroom-and-gray granite creates a relaxing vibe. For a cohesive feel, pair this smoky granite with easy neutrals in crisp white, medium gray, or black. These polished granite slabs come alive on bathroom countertops, but they’re also ideal for a variety of interior and exterior applications. 

For the ultimate bathroom bliss, take your pick from MSI’s soothing selection of granite counters. When you surround yourself with comforting granite countertop colors, your troubles seem to just float away—if only for a moment.

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