Textured Wall Tile Adds Depth To Your Surfaces

February 13, 2023


Some interior design elements are effortless to bring into your home. Color, light, space, and patterns, for instance, are things we include with hardly a thought.

Another powerful way to add style and depth to your surfaces is to bring texture into the room with wall tiles.

If you’re wondering how you can get texture from a tile, you’re not alone. Let's explore exactly what texture means when incorporating it into the surfaces of our homes.

So What Exactly Is Texture?

We’re taught early that an object’s texture is how it feels. In interior design, texture can also refer to the visual appearance. Common types of textures that don’t involve touch include satins and metallics, and you’ll see these hues when you look for paint colors.

Satins can be flat or glossy. They have a shiny, velvety luster to their finish, while metallics give off a strong, reflective shine. You may not realize that both of these paints create a textured look, whether it’s dull and flat or shiny and lustrous.

But you can also add depth through texture when you choose your wall tile. The right combination of materials, colors, and patterns can make the surface look lively, and full of dimension and luster.

Textured tiles aren’t wholly smooth. Instead, they have a rough surface that gives the impression of a somewhat flat wall tile, yet the impact tells your brain there’s depth and movement there.

The result? An intriguing wall that draws the eye and makes your room stand out.

How can you easily add the element of texture to your surfaces? Here, we’ve put together our favorite textured wall tile looks for everything from backsplash designs to kitchens and bathrooms!

Spice Up Your Whites

White kitchens are a favorite of interior designers and homeowners alike. White is classic and elegant; using it makes it simple to choose your cupboards, appliances, and wall tile. 


Spice up a white room and bring warmth to the space by adding texture. A simple textured kitchen backsplash tile using MSI’s Urban Tapestry Hexagon mosaic tile does the trick.

This tile, made from recycled glass, uses neutral shades of soft gray, charcoal, and cream to add definition to any room. Use it to create a focal point in an otherwise all-white kitchen or to touch up your countertops, shower stalls, and other surfaces to add a little character to the space. With MSI’s easy-to-use backsplash visualizer, you can see the dramatic impact textured tiles make before you buy.

Add Depth to the Darks

Dark shades are the new trend in modern tile, seen as often in hotels and spas as in homes. The trend caught on quickly, and it’s easy to see why. Black mixed with gold and other metallics looks classy and elegant — as long as it has depth.

You’ve heard that dark colors absorb light, leaving a room looking smaller than it actually is. This may be true if you don’t have extra elements, like texture, to help reflect light and add dimension to the space.


Flat, matte dark tiles can create the opposite effect you’re aiming to achieve. Go for a textured marbled look with mosaic tiles like Hexagono Nero from MSI.

The polished, black marble is the perfect way to bring drama and intensity into a room and brighten the space. These mosaic pieces combine ebony with white veining on a hexagon background, ideal for any surface in a home or business setting. If you’re looking for the perfect complement to stainless steel, white, brass, or other modern fixtures, you found it with Hexagono Nero.

Bring Style Into Any Room

You don’t need a creative background to turn a room into a stylish area ready for an art magazine layout. Add dramatically patterned tiles to the surface, whether natural stone or glass, and build the rest of the color scheme around that look.


Consider MSI’s Henley Multi Finish Hexagon mosaic tile. The whole look could be the textbook definition of dramatic textured surfaces, incorporating beige, white, and gray veining with multiple finishes. You get it all with this tile: the soothing tones of nature’s stone, the impact of dimension with soft textures, and the powerful, rich hues of black marble.

The modern hexagon shapes turn this textural marvel into a modern work of art ready for installation in any business or home space.

Let the Pros Help You Bring Depth to Your Surfaces

Are you ready to add texture wall tiles into your home but don't know where to start? Contact us at MSI to help you choose the right surface tile. We’ll listen to your goals and help you find the right material to reach them.