Current Obsessions: Team Marble Vs Team Marble-Look Quartz – What Side Are You On?

January 14, 2018


Natural marble is a classic, luxurious material that has been prized for centuries; marble-look quartz is a hot new material that is easy to care for and incredibly durable, yet beautifully mimics the look of marble. Both marble and marble-look quartz have their own die-hard fans, but what side are you on?

mont-blanc-marbleFeatured: Mont Blanc Marble

Marble represents the height of style to many, and its clean, classic look appeals to traditional and contemporary homeowners alike. Mont Blanc Marble from MSI is a perfect example of marble's appeal; with its neutral color palette of swirling grays and cool white, this natural stone never goes out of style. After all, what could be more timeless and lasting than the beauty of nature?

Calacatta-Verona-quartzFeatured: Calacatta Verona Quartz 

Well, perhaps the predictability of a gorgeous engineered marble-look quartz! One look at Calacatta Verona Quartz and you can see why quartz that looks like marble has such a following. This stunning quartz has soft grey veins in just the right thickness and coloration, against a warm white background. One of the many benefits of man-made quartz is that it's often available in both 2 and 3 cm slabs, allowing for further customization. This image of Calacatta Verona countertops shows the deeper 3 cm edge profile, for a look that is extra luxurious and unique.

Another plus for marble-look quartz is the affordability of quartz countertop costs when compared to the cost of some marbles. Natural marble is a sought after material, and each piece is one-of-a-kind. However, this desirability is reflected in the price, particularly for highly prized and rare marbles from certain regions, such as Carrara, Italy. In contrast, Carrara Marmi Quartz from MSI gives you the benefit of quartz countertops that look like Carrara marble, but at a fraction of the cost. This pleasing alternative to Carrara marble is easy to care for and resistant to the staining and chipping that plagues marble. In addition, you don't have to worry about the naturally occurring pits or pock marks that can come with real stone. 

However, those very same blemishes are seen as unique beauty marks to those who represent Team Marble. When it comes to a certified classic material like Crema Marfil Quartz, each slab and marble tile is prized for its individuality, unique coloring, and veining. Or perhaps Team Marble members may prefer an almost monochromatic countertop surface with a minimalistic approach to veining, such as that seen in Cashmere Oro Quartz. 

Whichever team you're on really comes down to personal preference. After all, both marble-look quartz and natural Marble have their own appeal and are offered in tons of amazing patterns and colors that homeowners would be thrilled to call their own. Just take a look at the many marble-look quartz choices in MSI's Gallery to see for yourself. And for even more information and advice, take a look at the following Better Homes and Gardens article of more kitchen remodeling inspirations.