Tips From The Trade: Is A Quartz Countertop The Right Choice For Your Kitchen?

November 27, 2017

If you've been following remodeling and room design trends, you’ll have noticed the huge popularity of quartz countertops. This has been a top kitchen countertop trend in 2017, and it doesn’t show much sign of slowing.

But don’t choose a quartz countertop for your home just because it’s trendy, or even because the cost of quartz is lower than other countertop options. 

Take some time to learn the benefits of quartz, so you can feel great about choosing for yourself. 

Lagos Azul

It’s true -- your choice of kitchen countertop material can make a difference in your home’s resale value. While that might not be uppermost in your mind when you remodel your kitchen, chances are at some point you’ll want to put your house on the market. If you install quartz countertops, when that day comes, they will look just as great as the day you installed them.

Lagos Azul Quartz, a solid brown quartz slab with low variation, offers an easy-to-match neutral design element, and since quartz countertops have such an excellent reputation for durability, they are a definite asset to any potential buyer. 

Gray Lagoon 

Stone countertops deliver tons of character, but they aren’t always easy to maintain. When you compare quartz vs. granite or other natural stones, you’ll see a big difference. Stone requires regular applications of sealant, may chip or scratch, and needs constant vigilance to prevent stains.

With a stone-look quartz countertop like Gray Lagoon Quartz, you can have the look of stone with quartz’s fantastic ease of care. Go ahead and enjoy your kitchen to the fullest, your countertop can stand up to just about anything you dish out. 

Fairy White 

Quartz countertops are commonly used in modern, contemporary kitchen designs, but that is changing thanks to the incredible variety of colors and patterns available.

Fairy White Quartz, which features subtle gray swirls on a snowy-white background, looks just as much at home in a traditional, classic kitchen as a sleek, minimalistic decor style. And if you should change your mind, these white quartz countertops are ready for anything. 

Mystic Gray 

Some decorators love the bold and dramatic -- others go for sleek and subtle. Depending on which quartz variety you choose, you can get exactly what you want. Because quartz countertops are manufactured, they have just as much or as little variation as you desire for a finished look that is predictable and consistent. Mystic Gray Quartz is one such example of elegant simplicity. 

Cascade White 

Everyone has different priorities when it comes to choosing surface materials for their home, but one thing we think everyone can agree on is a warranty. MSI believes in its quartz countertops so fully, it offers a lifetime warranty. That means, even if you choose a light-colored, boldly patterned quartz such as Cascade White Quartz, you can feel confident that it’ll stay looking just as great for decades. 

If these reasons aren’t enough to convince you to put MSI’s quartz countertops at the top of your list, we have another suggestion: check out MSI’s web gallery to see the wide variety of colors and patterns available to choose from. Whether you choose a stone lookalike or a sleek, uniformly-shaded slab, we’re sure it’s a decision you’ll never regret.