5 Stand-Out Kitchen Designs With Black Granite Countertops

April 19, 2017


It’s undeniably true – black granite countertops make a bold statement. However, what that statement may be is entirely up to you! Whether your décor choice is rustic, classic, elegant, luxurious, or trendy, black granite countertops are sure to make your kitchen stand out above the rest.

Concerned about color? As a natural stone, most black granites have a depth and variation that elevates them beyond basic black. Also, it’s sure to make other colors pop!

Black Galaxy

granite-countertopFeatured: Black Galaxy Granite

Shimmering with the light of a million stars, Black Galaxy Granite is available in slabs as well as several popular sizes of tile. The polished surface, along with white and gold flecks, reflects light and exudes opulence, the perfect complement to this amazing arched ceiling.

It’s ideal for use in kitchens, baths, and even outdoors where it can stand up to freezing temperatures.

Premium Black

premium-black-granite-countertop Featured: Premium Black Granite

A classy, go-to countertop choice – like your favorite “little black dress” – Premium Black Granite fits in everywhere. The polished surface reflects like a mirror, highlighting everything surrounding it. The solid shade complements bold décor choices, like this spectacular mosaic backsplash and accent wall. This black granite countertop is also a perfect partner for any shade of wood cabinetry.

Agatha Black

agatha-black-granite Featured: Agatha Black Granite

Gourmet kitchens deserve standout cooktops, like this flat-top built into the center island. No more being stuck in the corner or staring at the wall while you boil and braise.

Agatha Black Granite, with its silvery gray veined stripes, is lovely alongside stainless steel or white. Most importantly, though, is its heat-resistance. Steam, sauté, sizzle and splatter – your granite slab countertop can take it.

Black Forest

black-forest-granite Featured: Black Forest Granite

Your black granite countertop be a dramatic focal point when you install Black Forest Granite. Its deep, dark background is swirled with bold snow-white veins, and its polished finish is sleek and elegant.

Pair it with popular large-format subway tiles in bright white, or as shown here, featuring a subtle marble pattern that delicately echoes the granite countertop’s veining.

Absolute Black

screen-shot-2024-04-15-at-11.48.40-pmAbsolute Black Granite

There’s one word to describe a Nordic Black Granite countertop: sophisticated. This low-variation granite has subtle depth, mingling shiny black bits with accents of pale gray.

Use it everywhere – countertops, of course, but also backsplashes, accent walls and even flooring. The under-cabinet lighting in this kitchen shows off Nordic Black’s beauty. And another tip: This marble is subtle enough to blend with other granite patterns, too.

Black has long been used to lend an upscale, luxurious touch to home décor, and black granite is no exception. These black granite patterns range from subtle to bold, and alongside creative designs, will help you create that stand-out look that’s all your own.

Ready to be inspired? Visit MSI’s Granite Visualizer tool to see what black granite can do for your home.

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