7 Granite Slab Backsplashes For An Inspired Kitchen Design

May 12, 2017


Granite slab has long been the most popular stone to use for kitchen countertops, and that doesn’t appear to be changing anytime soon. It’s durable – easy to care for, easy to keep clean and resistant to stains, chips, and scratches. It’s also beautiful, available in a stunning variety of colors and patterns from subtle to dramatic and bold.

These qualities also make granite an ideal material for kitchen backsplashes, and what could be easier than simply choosing a granite slab backsplash to match your countertop? Here are some great backsplash ideas for granite countertops.


screen-shot-2024-04-15-at-10.22.37-pmAzurite Granite

One of the best reasons for choosing a granite countertop is its ability to withstand heat; this makes it perfect to use around cooktops. For the same reasons, you’ll love it on the wall behind your cooktop too.

Azurite Granite displays bold veining in shades of neutral beige, brown and cream, and it can really take the heat! No worries about steam, smoke, or hot splatters. Even if you choose a different backsplash for the rest of your kitchen, consider a granite slab for this important space.

Makalu Bay Delicatus

screen-shot-2024-04-15-at-10.46.55-pmMakalu Bay Granite

Another reason to choose a full granite slab backsplash? It’s super easy. Say, you’ve fallen in love with an eye-catching granite like Makalu Bay Granite, with its high variations and veining, black and brown on a cream-colored background. It’s a busy pattern, so matching it can be a challenge. Make it easy on yourself and just use the same gorgeous granite.


mascarello-granite-countertopFeatured: Mascarello Granite 

Matching backsplash and countertop with gorgeous granite colors is easy… too easy, for a creative kitchen designer like you? No worries, you can still include contrasting materials such as tile as part of your décor along with your stone backsplash. In this photo, Mascarello Granite is complemented with a mosaic tile inset.


screen-shot-2024-04-15-at-10.50.17-pmSanta Cecelia Granite

There’s no question that a granite countertop adds to a home’s resale value, but what about the backsplash design? If this is one of your priorities, a low-variation granite such as Santa Cecelia Granite used on the backsplash to match the countertop offers a sense of opulence as well as practical considerations such as easy cleanup. 


fusion-graniteFeatured: Fusion Granite

A wall covering that doubles as art is always a bonus! This gorgeous kitchen backsplash is Fusion Granite, with a special cut that features a mirror image. This would look lovely on the countertop, but the eye is drawn more to vertical surfaces, so the backsplash is where it can truly shine.

Nordic Black

screen-shot-2024-04-15-at-10.54.04-pmAgatha Black Granite

One of the most important considerations in designing any room is to limit how many patterns, textures, and colors you use together. Therefore, if you’ve chosen boldly patterned flooring, a dramatic countertop elsewhere – as shown here – or unusual cabinetry, you won’t want to introduce yet another pattern in your backsplash.

Agatha Black Granite on counters and backsplash offers just enough variation to please the eye without clashing with other elements.

Mirage White

screen-shot-2024-04-15-at-10.58.03-pmMirage White Granite

If you have a small kitchen, such as the galley-style space shown here, choosing the same granite for backsplash and countertop can actually make it look bigger. It offers a sense of continuity and flow, and with the polished, reflective surface shown here in pale-hued Persa Cream Granite, it improves lighting and makes the kitchen a cheerful place to spend your time. 

A full granite backsplash has many advantages – easy cleanup, resistance to heat, beauty and outright simplicity. That’s why it’s a growing trend, and one you should seriously consider for your own kitchen design. Curious to see how it will look in your pattern of choice? Visit MSI’s Virtual Kitchen Designer tool to try it out.

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