5 Knockout Granite Countertop Kitchens

October 31, 2016


Not only are granite countertops beautiful, durable, and easy to maintain, but they also come in countless colors and designs to steal the show in your new kitchen. Want a bold look that works well with contemporary and traditional designs? Black Galaxy granite is like a starry sky that looks great in white kitchens. Favor more muted tones? Bordeaux Dream has creams and light browns that play well with dark or light cabinets. 

When you’re ready to transform your kitchen from dated to dramatic, there’s sure to be a granite countertop that will do the job. To get started, take a look at these kitchens and the stunning granite colors that make them unique. 

Juparana Delicatus 

juparana-delicatus-graniteFeatured: Juparana Delicatus Granite

This showstopper combines black and dark brown specks on a white background with unique variations of veining, making your counters and backsplashes one-of-a-kind. Juparana Delicatus Granite brightens the dark island cabinet, yet blends beautifully with white cabinets and light hardwood flooring. We love the way the wrought iron lighting fixture with frosted glass globes enhances the colors of the elegant stone countertop.

Black Galaxy 

black-galaxy-graniteFeatured: Black Galaxy Granite

Black Galaxy Granite, mined in India, is a mostly midnight granite with tiny gold and white flecks. It’s a favorite among builders for its ability to complement different cabinet styles.You’ll often see it in Shaker-style kitchens with simple, clean lines, but Black Galaxy is striking in traditional settings, too. Look how elegantly this polished black granite countertop reflects the pendants above, brightening the dark cherry cabinets in this wet bar. But you don’t have to confine Black Galaxy to the kitchen. It looks great on fireplace surrounds, too. 


mascarello-graniteFeatured: Mascarello Granite

Want the colors of autumn all year round? Mascarello Granite is a dramatic, high variation granite composed of golds, rusts, and blacks. Mascarello is the perfect countertop for oak, cherry, and maple cabinets – or even a combination of those woods, as in this kitchen. This granite perfectly complements the gorgeous copper range hood and the stainless sink and faucet. 

Bordeaux Dream 

bordeaux-dreams-graniteFeatured: Bordeaux Dream Granite

This champagne-base granite from Brazil comes alive with russet veins and slate and jet accents, and pairs well with cream or white cabinets to create an Old World feel. But don’t think Bordeaux Dream Granite is limited to light, ornate kitchens. The granite’s dark accents play well with dark cabinets or flooring too. 

Caravelas Gold 

caravelas-gold-graniteFeatured: Caravelas Gold Granite

Caravelas Gold Granite is a stunning combination of browns, grays, and soft creams that swirl together in a high movement granite. The stone’s silvery accents work elegantly with the gray and pewter cabinets that are so popular. And the browns sing along with wide-plank, hardwood flooring. Caravelas Gold’s movement pairs fantastically with Shaker style, adding a wow factor to that simple, line design.

These five granite colors are a small sampling of the premium granite colors that you'll find at MSI. Explore all the options in granite, as well as other countertop surfaces with MSI's Virtual Kitchen Designer

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