Gold Granite Countertops Sparkle And Shine!

September 05, 2019

Gold Granite Countertops Sparkle and Shine

There are things as glamorous as gold granite countertops. With their striking appearance, these slabs of natural stone can enhance a room by giving it a natural shine. Premium surfaces like gold-speckled kitchen counters are sleek and modern, offering a glitz few other materials can provide. Whether it’s the inviting warm glow or instant glamour, gold speckles in granite are exciting options to ground and center important rooms within your home. Many of these designs offer a vitality and aesthetic severity that boost the energy within a kitchen or living area! 

The benefits of gold speckled in granite countertops are many with a multitude of exciting designs featuring striking patterns and complimenting countertop edges. While gold is bold, the speckles don’t compete with the rest of the elements and can even soften the seemingly metallic look. Hold on tight because we’re going to delve into some enthralling gold speckled granite designs that will get your ideas flowing and creativity bursting with options for your kitchen, living room and home! 

golden granite kitchen with blue tileGold Brazil Granite

Gold Brazil Granite is rooted in a serene golden almond base palette that provides a sense of true luxury and grace. As you can see, this imported pattern goes well with colorful backsplashes and newly painted cabinets. Flashy without overwhelming a viewer, Gold Brazil Granite

is a top pick when it comes to gold-speckled granite countertops! 

gold granite countertop kitchen with dark cabinets
Carvelas Gold Granite

Carvelas Gold Granite is truly stunning with its soft crèmes and inviting browns, adaptable to a variety of tastes when it comes to kitchen décor. Dramatic, striking and utterly superb with its momentous swirls, this granite countertop is sure to enhance a kitchen with taste and vigor. 

Azurite Granite

If you’re looking for an exceptionally versatile countertop pattern, Azurite Granite delivers warm creamy golds to accommodate various aesthetics. Mixed in with cooler neutral colors, this design enhances without overwhelming your home kitchen. 

modern retro kitchen with granite counter
New Venetian Gold

New Venetian Gold incorporates deep red veining with harmonious grays and browns while still maintaining gold tones that delight and charm viewers. Perfect for a kitchen that’s modern and even metallic, New Venetian Gold is exquisite as it is eye-catching. 

gold waterfall edge counter in bright kitchen
Savanna Gold Granite

Savanna Gold Granite incorporates gold threads with chocolate browns, offering a sophisticated look ideal for rooms featuring bright white and rich oak. Originally from Brazil, this granite pattern provides a grace and rooted foundation for any room in your home! 

On the whole, gold granite countertops come in all shapes, patterns and designs, proving they aren’t a one-aesthetic-fits-all for homeowners. With striking and subdued options available, what’s not to love about this deep rich natural stone and everything it does to enhance your kitchen? Gold-speckled granite delights and fascinates people across design preferences and tastes, sure to enrich and deepen both in terms of value and taste. Take some time and explore our gold granite countertop varieties. They sparkle and shine and never disappoint! 

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