How To Get Marks, Stains And Water Spots Off Of Quartz Countertops

May 19, 2021


Learning to get spots off of quartz countertops without damaging them is valuable information. It removes the annoying and unsightly mark, but it also preserves its value and prolongs its integrity.

Unfortunately, many homeowners mistakenly think that "common-sense" cleansers are ok to use- cleaners like nail polish remover or bleach- when in fact, they are very damaging. Even the type of sponge could mean the difference between preserving the surface polish or increasing the damage with deep scratches.

Read on to learn how you can remove stains from quartz the right way.

How to Get Spots Off of Quartz Countertops

It's completely natural that engineered quartz will stain occasionally. To prevent the stains from setting, you will need to use a soft sponge or dishcloth. Dip it in warm water and scrub lightly. 

If you perform this simple routine maintenance, stains are unlikely to become a big issue. However, this doesn't mean that your counter is destroyed if a stain does set.

Water Stains

Water stains are by far the most common reasons that quartz countertop material might lose its luster. When water is left to set into the material, it will cause damage to the finish that seals the countertop. You can generally prevent water stains from ever becoming an issue if you wipe up spills immediately after they take place.

If you do not notice a spill and it becomes a stain, you can use a simple warm water/baking soda mixture to remove it. Pour a small amount of this liquid over the stain and rub it with the same soft kitchen sponge you would use for routine maintenance.

This is an especially common way to eliminate stains that were made by glasses. Condensation buildup causes circular water stains that are easily eliminated by this mixture.

For a more stubborn water stain, you can cover the stain with plastic wrap after pouring the baking soda water on it. This will create heat that pulls the stain out of your quartz countertops. At this point, you should have the original polished finish back.

Common Spill Stains

However, water stains aren't the only problems that homeowners encounter. Other common countertop stains include hot sauce, sharpie marker, spaghetti sauce, nail polish, and brightly colored spices like cumin and turmeric.

In addition to damaging the finish, these stains can significantly alter your quartz countertop colors. Luckily, there are ways to eliminate these blemishes even if the stain has set. Your gorgeous countertop color will be retained.

msi-calacatta-miraggio-gold-clean-and-soft-quartz-with-marble-look-kitchen-counter-nov-2022-minCalacatta Miraggio Quartz Countertop

You likely will need more assistance than your baking soda/water mixture can provide. Use a liquid cleanser like Mr. Clean, 409, Simple Green, or Fantastic. Ordinary dishwashing detergent also will work when mixed with warm water and a White Scotch Brite.

Note what you never should use a red or green Scotch Brite because they contain aluminum oxide. This will dull the finish of your countertop. Chemicals such as drain cleaners, paint strippers, or products containing Hydrofluoric acid, Methylene chloride, or trichloroethylene will also discolor quartz countertops.

You can use the same sponge and circular scrubbing motions as you would for cleaning water stains. Not using abrasive movements- or cleaners- is key. You should never put abrasive cleaners like Comet or Ajax on your surface as it will scratch the quartz.

Stains on Countertop Edges 

No matter how your countertop edges are shaped, it's inevitable: you're going to have a spill that runs over them eventually. You can clean up after these accidents in the same way that you would the top surface of your slab.

Frequently Asked Questions

Removing stains from your countertop is fairly simple. However, because it's so important, you likely still have some questions. This is completely normal!

Which Cleaner Brands Are Best?

Bar Keepers Friend soft cleanser liquid is by far the best option that we recommend for scrubbing into the stained area. This cleaner doesn't dull the hues of your countertop. It also is 100% nonabrasive and will not scratch the surface.

However, you can use any of the brands that we have discussed earlier. This is just the #1 option when you are given a choice.

Can I See How to Clean My Quartz Countertops?

If you want to learn more about what caring for your countertop looks like, watch the video below about our Q collection. It will explain and showcases what everyday cleaning looks like as well as how a gentle liquid cleaner can help. It also shows you how to remove the toughest stains, so take a look.


What If I Can't Remove a Stubborn Stain?

If you can't remove a stain no matter how hard you try, there's no need for a full kitchen remodel. You should contact the person who initially installed your countertops and ask about your warranty. Some stains will likely be covered while others aren't, so ask about your specific situation.

msi-calacatta-viraldi-quartz-island-in-warm-kitchen-settingCalacatta Viraldi Quartz Countertop

If it is covered, great! You can have a new slab installed or get the existing one fixed easily. If not, look into other cleaning alternatives- professionals may have tools that you do not.

Start Cleaning Now

Now that you understand how to get spots off of quartz countertops, it's time to get started. Contact us with any remaining questions that you have about quartz maintenance.

Our experts are happy to provide you with some tips and tricks to keep your countertops in top shape. We also will point you in the direction of cleaning supplies and guides that can help you get common stains off your counters. Chat online with us now,  visit one of our showrooms, or find an authorized MSI dealer near you.

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