Forever Outdoors: A Captivating Experience For Everyone

May 02, 2023


With life finally back to normal, we can all appreciate spending time with friends and family outdoors. Whether it’s dining under a covered patio or conversing in front of a fireplace on the terrace, we can embrace the feeling of nature by simply being outside. This can be accomplished by creating beautiful indoor/outdoor patios by applying large format pavers combined with turf from the Evergrass™ Artificial Turf Collection on the ground while adding natural stone to walls, fireplace facades, BBQ surrounds and other exterior surfaces. From taking in some vitamin D to sitting under the stars, 2023 proudly embraces the love of extending outdoor spaces to dining areas, walkways and beyond.

Create beautiful outdoor (and indoor) spaces incorporating the hardscape material below:

Hardscapes: Evergrass™ Viridian Turf 91, Soreno Grigio Arterra Pavers, Gray Oak 3D Stacked Stone



1. Add a pop of color and character to your landscaping project. Look no further than dramatic Rainbow Beach Pebbles! These natural-looking quartzite pebbles come in a variety of multicolor hues and feature a refined, polished finish that's perfect for gardens and other outdoor spaces. Whether you're looking to create a winding path, keep weeds away, or accentuate water features, these pebbles are versatile enough to suit a range of landscaping needs. Don’t settle for ordinary when you can add flair to your exteriors with these highly on-trend pebbles.

2. Give your space a contemporary twist on a classic look with Denali Gray Stacked Stone! With earthy gray tones accented by hints of charcoal and copper, these stone pieces offer a warm and authentic ambiance that's perfect for adding interest and dimension to your exteriors. With exquisitely engineered artistry that recreates the appearance of natural stone, these wall ledgers are specifically designed for installation efficiency and require little to no maintenance. Whether you're looking to enhance outdoor architectural features, fireplace facades, or feature walls, this affordable backsplash tile is a great choice.

3. Choosing a brick looking tile from the Brickstone Collection is a great option if you're looking to update your home's exterior or interior in a stylish and versatile way. These porcelain tiles have a glazed, matte finish and are available in a variety of traditional and painted colors that give them the appearance of reclaimed brick. You can use them on floors, accent walls, shower surrounds, and more to create a warm, rustic atmosphere anywhere around the home. 

4. Creating an outdoor space that’s both functional and beautiful can be a challenging task, especially when it comes to choosing the right materials. However, with Evergrass™ Emerald Green Turf and Livingstyle Pearl Porcelain Tile Pavers, you can create a stunning outdoor oasis that is both low-maintenance and worry-free. Artificial turf is the perfect choice for those who want to enjoy the look and feel of a lush green lawn all year round, without the hassle of added maintenance. To complement this beautiful green turf, consider adding pavers to your outdoor design. This pair offers the perfect combination of curb appeal and versatility for your outdoor space. 


msi-tierra-ivory-paversTierra Ivory™ Arterra Pavers

Whether you reside in the foothills, the suburbs or even the inner city, we can all appreciate an outdoor kitchen complete with a fridge, sink, pizza oven and BBQ. With these amenities, you’ll need a place to host your loved ones. From gathering around the dining table to mingling in groups while standing, there’s no better way to design your patio than pavers from MSI. The Tierra Ivory Pavers from the Arterra Collection are the perfect installation for outdoor terraces and patios to help make your exteriors complete from the moment your guests walk out the door. They can even be used indoors, providing a seamless transition from the inside out. 

Create beautiful outdoor spaces incorporating the hardscape material below:

Hardscapes: Tierra Ivory™ Arterra Pavers


msi-soreno-grigio-paversSoreno Grigio Arterra Pavers

There’s no better time than now to open up. It’s time to embrace the fresh air by knocking down bulky walls and putting in full window walls. Add Arterra Soreno Grigio to living room floors, to the patio and beyond. These durable pavers are not only an adult favorite, but they’re kid and pet approved with a worry-free surface that never fades, stains or needs sealing. Install these pavers over various materials, from solid concrete to loose sand or grass, for a completely welcoming vibe to your indoor and outdoor environments. You can even create a path through your yard by using individual pavers, so you and your guests can go on an after-meal stroll to work off those unwanted calories.

Create beautiful outdoor (and indoor) spaces incorporating the hardscape material below:

Hardscapes: Soreno Grigio Arterra Pavers


msi-copen-ash-stacked-stoneCopen Ash Stacked Stone

It’s time to cozy up! Grab the charcuterie board and a bottle of wine as you enjoy the view on the veranda as the sun sets over the horizon. Gather the comfiest outdoor couches, blankets and nestle up to warming stacked stone panels in Copen Ash to create the perfect outdoor atmosphere for you and your loved ones. 

Create beautiful outdoor spaces incorporating the hardscape material below:

Hardscapes: Copen Ash Stacked Stone


msi-polished-black-pebblesGrigia Porcelain Wood Tile and Black Polished Pebbles

Whether you’re enjoying a morning cup of joe or having some friends over for drinks, gather on the outdoor terrace for a breath of fresh air. Accomplish this by incorporating a welcoming outdoor space by using pavers and pebbles to create a wandering path from one place to another, making it easy for people to convene in various areas throughout your property. And, on a side note, pebbles a great to help keep weeds at bay or add to other landscape features like fountains and water wake areas.  

Create beautiful outdoor spaces incorporating the hardscape material below:

Hardscapes: Grigia Porcelain Wood Tile, Black Polished Pebbles


msi-glacial-black-stacked-stoneBeton™ Antracite Arterra Pavers and Glacial Black Stacked Stone

Resolutions were made, some we stuck with while others didn’t last more than a couple of days. Whatever the case may be, we can all embrace being outdoors for months to come and beyond. By designing a welcoming patio that can be used all year round, we appreciate being outside even more. From cold winter nights out by the fire to warm summer nights trying to cool down, your exterior decor can help create just the right vibe you're looking for. Achieve the look you desire with Beton Antracite Pavers on the ground and Glacial Black Stacked Stone with Corner Panels as a beautiful fireplace surrounds and wall. 

Create beautiful outdoor spaces incorporating the hardscape materials below:

Hardscapes: Beton™ Antracite Arterra Pavers, Glacial Black Stacked Stone

See the trend come to life by watching the video below. Get inspired by the Forever Outdoors trend by using it in your next hardscaping and landscaping project. Capture your outdoor ambiance and tag us on Instagram - #msisurfaces.


Thank you for being a source of inspiration and we look forward to seeing your designs when they show up on our feed. Best wishes! ~ Team MSI


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