Oversized Luxury: MSI’S XL Luxury Vinyl Plank Collections

October 24, 2023


As you step onto your flooring every day, it's easy to overlook the significance of what lies beneath. Yet, your choice of flooring material can significantly impact comfort, durability, aesthetics, and upkeep. This is precisely why discerning homeowners often opt for the elegance and functionality of luxury vinyl planks when rejuvenating their living spaces. But what if you could take these planks to a new level?

Enter the realm of oversized planks, a game-changer in the flooring arena. These planks present added advantages, offering a seamless blend of convenience and style. And installation becomes a breeze, courtesy of their expansive coverage and an innovative patented locking system. The transformation they can bring to any room in your home is nothing short of remarkable.

Longer, wider vinyl plank flooring creates the illusion of expansiveness, perfectly harmonizing with sizeable rooms and lending an air of spaciousness to cozier spaces. The reduction in seams ensures a tranquil and cohesive visual ambiance, making this contemporary format an ideal choice for both residential and commercial settings.

With Everlife® XL Luxury Vinyl Planks from MSI, you’ll enjoy exceptional functionality for your busy household, along with opportunities to achieve the wood look you love. Let's explore some of the most sought-after styles that might just be the perfect fit for your upcoming flooring project.

Everlife® XL Plank Selections

There’s so much to love when you choose our oversized luxury vinyl flooring from the Everlife® Collection. This resilient material is kid- and pet-friendly, 100% waterproof, and slip-resistant for your peace of mind.

These high-quality planks also feature a CrystaLux™ wear layer that ensures lasting performance and appeal. Rigid-core technology and a pre-attached backing contribute to quick installation, made even quicker by the large size of the planks, while delivering a cushy feel underfoot and reduced noise.

In addition, you have access to a range of beautiful, genuine wood looks in the XL Ashton, Cyrus®, and Prescott® Collections. Whether you prefer a warm or cool palette, you’ll find several shades to choose from, along with unique grain patterns.

Beveled edges enhance authenticity, while the 9" x 60" format helps you create an elevated interior with an uncluttered feel and a sense of grandeur. The extra-large size produces fewer edges, resulting in a minimal, peaceful feeling space that feels bigger than it really is.

XL Ashton Luxury Vinyl Planks

xl-ashton-maracay-brown-large-format-lvpMaracay® Brown Luxury Vinyl Planks

Classic, slightly weathered browns dominate tranquil Maracay® Brown planks, offering versatility to complement both traditional and contemporary interiors. Variable, mid-tone shades and heavy graining make this design ideal for high traffic areas while adding a casual, rustic appeal that perfectly counterbalances a chic, minimalist living room.

xl-ashton-york-gray-large-format-lvpYork Gray® Luxury Vinyl Planks

For a breezier feel in the much-used living room space, the cool grays, soft beiges, and feathery graining of York Gray® are ideal. When paired with pale pink walls, black and white furnishings in a midcentury modern style, and abundant natural light, this flooring design creates a timeless space to host family and friends.

XL Cyrus® Luxury Vinyl Planks

xl-cyrus-akadia-large-format-lvpAkadia Luxury Vinyl Planks

Whether you prefer a look that’s light and bright or you’re drawn to a darker palette, the flooring options in the XL Cyrus® Collection offer the eye-catching drama you crave. Akadia planks feature pale cream and beige hues with delicate, precise veining in brown, offering standout contrast in a dark, cozy bathroom space.

xl-cyrus-bracken-hill-large-format-lvpBracken Hill Luxury Vinyl Planks

Bracken Hill extra-large planks, by comparison, sport gray tones ranging from silver to ash, beautifully complementing rich colors and textures in your design. You can easily add elegance and sophistication to a room featuring rustic brick walls, patterned textiles, and industrial fixtures when you choose this refined design.

XL Prescott® Luxury Vinyl Planks

Natural wood is a frequent inclusion in home design because it creates a sense of warmth that makes any space inviting. The XL Prescott® Collection embraces this concept with honey and chocolate hues that make any living space more attractive.

xl-prescott-braly-large-format-lvpBraly® Luxury Vinyl Planks

If you find the traditional luxury of rich, saturated wood tones enticing, you can’t go wrong with our Braly® plank flooring, in russet and mocha shades. When carried through an open-concept living room and dining space, it offers a grounding presence and a sumptuous aesthetic, especially when paired with textured brick walls, plush furnishings, and lighter wood accents.

xl-prescott-brookline-large-format-lvpBrookline® Luxury Vinyl Planks

Brookline® luxury planks lighten the mood without any loss of warmth, thanks to versatile pale gold, peanut, and camel colors. With sandy walls and white cabinetry and appliances, you can create an airy laundry room that turns your daily wash and fold into a meditative experience.

The Beauty of XL Luxury Vinyl Planks

With a range of neutral hues and grain patterns to choose from in the XL Ashton, Cyrus®, and Prescott® Collections, it’s easy to find the best Everlife® Luxury Vinyl Planks for your home upgrade. You’ll also enjoy outstanding practical benefits that add ease and comfort to your daily life.

How can you pick the perfect luxury vinyl planks for every room in your home? Connect with the experts at MSI via convenient live chat now, find an MSI authorized retailer near you, or plan a visit to one of our many MSI showrooms.


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