Modern Meets Retro: Introducing Urbanslat And Metro White Ceramic Tile Collections

October 25, 2023


Ceramic tile remains a popular choice for many applications, celebrated for its long-lasting nature, simple maintenance, and vast design versatility. As a leading provider of luxurious surfaces, MSI showcases a rich selection of ceramic tiles tailored to various tastes.

Building on this foundation, our collections encompass a broad palette of hues, intricate designs, and refined finishes. This ensures professionals in architecture and interior design, and discerning homeowners discover the ideal tile for any project. Whether you're elevating a quaint bathroom or conceptualizing a sprawling commercial space, our ceramic tiles offer aesthetic appeal and enduring strength. From timeless stark white tiles to fluted wood-look options, our ceramics feature numerous shapes, styles, sizes, colors, and textures that can convert any area into a masterpiece. 

Here, we explore ceramic tiles and how they can be a timeless, durable addition to your home. Whether you prefer the minimalistic themes of modern designs or the bold, vivacious colors of retro aesthetics, these beauties can be the icing on the cake to create a seamless, aesthetically pleasing finish.

Advantages of Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile is a phenomenal choice for various applications, from intricate kitchen backsplash tile designs to dynamic accent bathroom walls. Clean-up is effortless, making it an excellent choice for high-traffic areas prone to messes, like kitchens and bathrooms. 

Long-lasting strength and durability sweeten the deal, offering an ideal, timeless, cost-effective option to elevate your home. 

While the other perks make this tile an excellent choice, the beauty of ceramic tile lies partially in its versatility. This material is remarkably adaptable, blending or contrasting varying design themes effortlessly. Make a splash by contrasting white tiles with rich charcoals, grays, or blacks to create a modern finish. Or, pair your tiles with bright pops of color to create a retro tribute to years gone by. Ceramic tile can do it all!  

Metro White Ceramic Tile Collection

Metro White Ceramic tile offers an enduring charm and character to any space. These classic, rectangular tiles boast aesthetics reminiscent of early 20th-century subway tiles, evoking nostalgia and vintage elegance.

Touting clean lines and a sleek, glossy finish, these tiles are versatile for various applications and interior styles, from traditional to modern. This tile can create a clean and welcoming atmosphere in kitchen and bathroom applications, while its ability to manipulate light adds depth and intrigue to a room. 

Whether you opt for a classic horizontal pattern or experiment with vertical installations, these tiles provide a canvas for creativity, providing the perfect opportunity to create unique mix-and-match patterns and eye-catching focal points. Incorporating Metro White Ceramic wall tiles into your design scheme is a surefire way to infuse your space with eternal sophistication.

Metro White 2” x 8” Glossy Wall Tilemetro-white-white-2x8-glossy-wall-tile

Our Metro White 2” x 8” wall tiles are a classy way to enhance your home or office space. They boast a pure white color with a glossy finish that meshes seamlessly with diverse interior aesthetics, from retro to modern. Its shiny coating adds a captivating, luminous layer to the space, creating an open, welcoming, clean ambiance.

Metro White 3” x 6” Glossy Wall Tilemetro-white-3x6-glossy-wall-tile

Balancing modern appeal with classic designs, these Metro White 3” x 6” wall tiles complement nearly any aesthetic. They feature a bright white hue and a radiant glossy finish that catches light and fosters a roomy feel in any space.

Metro White 4” x 12” Glossy Wall Tilemetro-white-4x12-glossy-wall-tile

Featuring a larger size, our Metro White 4” x 12” wall tiles are an excellent way to add luxury to your home. Its larger size, with cool white hues and lustrous finish, ooze opulence, commanding attention with noticeable grandeur.

Metro White 4” x 16” Glossy Wall Tilemetro-white-4x16-glossy-wall-tile

Perfectly suited for small and large spaces, Metro White 4” x 16” wall tiles make a splash, highlighting a sprawling size that elicits extravagance. They’re versatile, boasting a striking white pigment and a dazzling finish that can be an eye-catching centerpiece or a sophisticated and refined complement to other elements in the room.

UrbanSlat Ceramic Tile Collection

UrbanSlat Ceramic wall tiles offer a harmonious blend of sophistication and subtlety that meshes beautifully with various design themes. With a fluted wood-look design and 3D linear pattern, this tile creates depth and dimension while maintaining a serene and balanced atmosphere. 

When integrated into an inviting environment, these tiles offer elegance while leaving other décor elements in the to shine. They complement a space without overdoing it, becoming the perfect addition to minimalist spaces. 

With a neutral color palette,this collection offers a versatile foundation for showcasing any design style, blending modern and timeless elements seamlessly.

Whether applied to a residential or commercial setting, designing with UrbanSlat wall tiles exudes an understated yet impactful sense of style. 

UrbanSlat Blonde Wall Tilesurbanslat-blonde-wall-tile-accent-wall

Our UrbanSlat Blonde wall tiles boast a warm blonde hue that creates a welcoming ambiance. Its fluted style offers elegance and sophistication with a splash of nature from the wood-like finish. This tile is oversized at 16” x 48”, making it incredibly easy to install with minimal grout lines to create a seamless appearance.

UrbanSlat Natural Wall Tilesurbanslat-natural-wall-tile-bathroom-accent-wall

Featuring an enthralling blend of beiges and browns, UrbanSlat Natural wall tiles are an excellent choice for those who prefer the timeless beauty of nature. The fluted wood-like design mimics authentic appearance, allowing it to blend with diverse decor aesthetics.

UrbanSlat White Wall Tilesurbanslat-white-wall-tile-kitchen-backsplash

UrbanSlat White wall tiles embody refinement, featuring bright white hues contrasted by shadows created by its fluted design. The tiles feature a matte finish for a natural appearance, while the raised surface creates 3D allure.

Transform Your Home With Ceramic Tiles

Whether you relish the vintage aesthetics of years past or the sleek modernity of contemporary trends, our ceramic tiles can help you create the decor theme of your dreams. Choose from various effortlessly gorgeous materials, including stark white, flat subway tiles, or fluted tiles redolent of natural wood. 

Want to learn more about our ceramic tiles and how they can help elevate your home? Consult with our friendly, knowledgeable team via live chat, find an authorized MSI dealer near you, or take a trip to an authorized MSI showroom to peruse samples.


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