Installation And Care Tips For Glass Tile Backsplashes

January 26, 2018


Glass Tile is now more popular than ever thanks to an abundance of designs and colors, and a sparkling, easy to clean finish. This fresh and contemporary material can be the ideal backsplash tile, but it does require a little extra prep and planning for successful installation and upkeep. 

Our easy-to-follow advice will ensure a foolproof install and help you keep your glass tile looking shiny and new for years to come. 

Skyline-Staks-patternFeatured: Skyline Staks Interlocking Pattern

Once you've determined glass tile is the look for you, make sure to choose a quality tile from a reputable distributor that can withstand moisture, humidity, and a range of temperatures. A knowledgeable company will have resources for you to educate yourself on their offerings and can make suggestions that will work best for your space. 

After the hard work of choosing between dozens and dozens of backsplash designs is done, you can begin to consider the installation process. A good install begins with proper planning. Research and select the appropriate materials, such as an epoxy grout with an antimicrobial agent to prohibit mildew growth. 

mosaic-tile-backsplashFeatured: Artista Interlocking Pattern 8mm

Carefully measure and layout your backsplash, apply a thin layer of mortar to the wall, and then you can begin placing your tile. 

A bonus of glass tile is that it often comes with a mesh backing for a quick and easy install. This is particularly appealing when designing a kitchen backsplash as it makes installing around wall outlets a breeze! 

glass-mosaic-tileFeatured: Sandy Beaches Blend 1x2x8mm

Simply remove the unneeded tiles and snip away the mesh backing, then cut the unused tiles to fill in the gaps around the outlet. 

Press down on each tile firmly as you place it, and then apply an unsanded grout over the surface with a floating trowel. It's important to use unsanded grout to avoid scratching the smooth surface of your new glass tiles. 

saddle-canyon-wallFeatured: Saddle Canyon 1" Rhomboids 8mm

Now that your install is complete, use a damp sponge to clean away any remaining grout residue. Once the grout is completely dry, polish your tiles clean with a vinegar and water solution or with a mild glass cleaner. 

Avoid abrasive cleaners; baking soda can be sprinkled on and gently scrubbed off for tough messes. Unlike marble backsplash tile, glass tile is highly resistant to staining. However, if the grout does get stained over time, vinegar and baking soda or a bleach and water spray can be used. 

ice-bevel-herringbonFeatured: Ice Bevel Herringbone 8mm

The huge variety of glass tile options, from crystallized and crackle glass tiles to resilient glass tile mosaic flooring, will be sure to entice you into choosing the glitz and glam of glass for your next project!


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