Exploring The Elegance Of MSI’S Q Quartz Collections: A Guide To Sophisticated Surfaces

April 30, 2024


Quartz has been a shining star in the design industry, favored for its intrinsic beauty, strength, and versatility. It’s a staple for sweeping waterfall countertops to accent walls, adding visual intrigue and timeless elegance to any space. Our Q Quartz Collections perfectly embody these stunning surfaces, adding greatness to your home, one surface at a time.

These collections have spectacular options, from the luminescence of our Q Premium Natural Quartz to the authentic allure of our marble-look quartz from our Q+ Collection.

LumaLuxe® Technology: An Innovation in Quartz Enhancement

Our exclusive LumaLuxe® technology is an intriguing addition to our quartz countertops, enhancing the overall aesthetic of any room. This unique formulation influences how light interacts with the countertop’s surface, creating a captivating result with increased depth, more immersive hues, and striking veining patterns.

The light dances across countertop surfaces, beautifully accenting kitchens or baths with a luminescence that catches the eye. This formulation accentuates Q Premium Natural Quartz for various spaces, from residential rooms to commercial hotels, offices, buildings, and retail spaces.

blanca-arabescato-quartz-with-lumaluxe-technologyBlanca Arabescato® Quartz

It graces numerous surfaces in our lineup, including Blanca Arabescato® quartz, a timeless option with a pale gray background and prominent, rich brown veins. Photographed in a kitchen with natural light streaming in from a nearby window, this countertop adds depth and visual intrigue, courtesy of its stunning veining and LumaLuxe® finish.

calacatta-goa-quartz-with-lumaluxe-technologyCalacatta Goa™ Quartz

LumaLuxe® also enhances Calacatta Goa quartz, a warm-toned option with a creamy white backdrop and dramatic russet veins accentuated by hints of dark brown. Pictured as a sweeping waterfall countertop, this proprietary formulation adds to the play on light as it gleams across the brightsurface, complementing the shiny silver accents throughout the room.

MSI’s Q Studio Collection: Revolutionizing Surfaces

Quartz is a staple in modern home design, offering a contemporary edge to spaces of all sizes, shapes, and applications, from compact bathrooms to sprawling kitchens. Our Q Studio Collection elevates the quartz game, employing advanced machinery to produce the most natural-looking quartz on the market. 

Each slab features our proprietary LumaLuxe® Ultra formulation, designed for enhanced visual depth, outstanding color rendering, and dramatic veining that mimics natural stone with remarkable accuracy.

These slabs are produced exclusively in our South Carolina facility using a patented production process. Our domestic manufacturing process creates jobs, promotes quality control, and produces stunning results. Each realistic, high-quality, and luminous quartz slab beautifully emulates high-end, solid natural stone options, such as marble, a popular pick in design.

calacatta-miraggio-cielo-quartz-from-q-studio-collectionCalacatta Miraggio Cielo Quartz

Our Calacatta Miraggio Cielo quartz, made with LumaLuxe® Ultra technology as part of our Q Studio Collection, is a perfect example. Its whimsical soft gray cloudy accents and dusky blue and silver veins atop a cool white background interact effortlessly with the light, recreating the appeal of authentic marble.

calacatta-miraggio-cove-quartz-from-q-studio-collectionCalacatta Miraggio Cove Quartz

Calacatta Miraggio Cove quartz is another stunning option, also part of the Q Studio Collection. Featuring an enthralling gold Carrara-like backdrop and hints of gold, white, and beige veins, this quartz is exquisite and refined. It exudes a natural charm enhanced by the LumaLuxe® Ultra formulation, which creates a captivating aesthetic through light.

Q+ Quartz Collection: Enhanced Elegance and Innovation

Quartz surfaces are ever-evolving, becoming better year after year as technology advances. Our Q+ Quartz Collection is at the forefront of this evolution, redefining the limits of quartz with high-definition inkjet print technology.

This tech allows us to create quartz with unprecedented levels of detail, resulting the realism of natural stone to each slab. This is only the beginning of the Q+ Collection’s remarkable offerings. Beyond an appearance that mirrors the look of natural stone, the options in this collection offer worry-free performance for easy maintenance and cleaning.

The designs are custom-made and exclusive to our lineup, ensuring you’ll get a distinctive option that makes a statement in your home. Each slab is aesthetically pleasing, featuring an intriguing blend of detailed veining patterns and the sophistication of mitered edges for a seamless, finished look.

calacatta-castana-quartz-from-q-collectionCalacatta Castana Quartz

Calacatta Castana quartz embodies all this collection offers, featuring warm and cool veining with a white backdrop. The intricate vein patterns, courtesy of high-definition inkjet technology, offer the authenticity and feel of the beguiling labyrinth of vein patterns found in natural marble.

calacatta-anava-quartz-from-the-q-collectionCalacatta Anava Quartz

Calacatta Anava quartz is another crown jewel within the collection, a marble-look quartz with mesmerizing gray veining atop a cool white background. The intricate marble patterns are meticulously printed onto the quartz, resulting in a slab with the genuine allure of real marble.       

Transform Your Home With MSI’s Q Quartz Collections

While quartz has been a celebrity in the design industry, new technology is pushing it to evolve. From our LumaLuxe® technology, which enhances the way light plays across each slab for more defined quartz color, striking vein stucture, and a luminous finish, to our high-definition inkjet technology implementation that creates ultra-realistic stone-look quartz, this product line is reaching new heights.

With its captivating appearance, luminosity, and sophistication, quartz is an excellent addition to nearly any space. When you’re ready to incorporate our Q Quartz Collection into your kitchen or bathroom, we’re here to help you choose the perfect fit for your home. Chat with our experts online, visit a local MSI showroom, or contact an authorized MSI retailer near you.


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