Current Obsessions: Choosing Between Black Granite and Black Quartz Countertops

July 06, 2018


While black countertops are definitely a bold choice, it’s likely that homeowners looking to “go to the dark side” in their kitchen or bathroom remodel already made that decision a long time ago. If you’re among the budding designers who have fallen in love with an unforgettable black countertop design, it’s time to purchase a high-quality black surface. There’s just one question: should you go with black granite or black quartz countertops

When it comes to countertops, these materials are still the two most popular choices, and for good reason. With several factors to consider for your choice, take a look at some of the benefits to discover if black granite or quartz best fits your lifestyle. 

The Aesthetics

Marquina-MidnightFeatured: Marquina Midnight Quartz

Quartz is a man-made material that’s made from one of the hardest minerals on earth and also includes polymer resins and color additives. One of the best things about quartz is that you’ll always end up with consistent coloring and patterns.

There won’t be any surprises with quartz colors. Or if you choose a patterned quartz like Marquina Midnight Quartz with gray veining for a natural stone look, your actual slab will look just like the sample you chose. 

nordic-black Featured:Nordic Black Granite (Photo Credit: Houzz)

Granite, on the other hand, is an igneous rock that mainly consists of quartz and feldspar. Each slab of this naturally mined stone will be unique in both coloring and pattern. Granted, a mostly black countertop like Nordic Black Granite won’t have as much variation as some granites.

However, while the granite colors of this low-variation option are mostly black on black, it also features onyx, charcoal, and paler grays. If you don’t want any surprises when it comes to what you see versus what you get, then it’s best to select your exact slab from the store. 

The Finishes

sparkling-blackFeatured: Sparkling Black Quartz  (Photo Credit: Houzz)

Remember also that the finish you choose can create a different look for your black countertop. Quartz counters come in a number of finish options, from shiny to muted satin. Polished finishes are perfect for modern spaces like one featuring a dramatic and glamorous quartz like Sparkling Black Quartz.

On the other hand, honed or matte finishes may be better options for traditional designs or for quartz that mimics natural stone. 

Granite also comes in various finishes. Polished is the most popular granite finish and will give you that glossy and elegant look. A brushed finish includes a slightly textured feel suitable for rustic styles. Finally, a flamed finish features a rougher and more faded appearance. 

black-pearl-graniteFeatured: Black Pearl Granite

While Black Pearl Granite is a mostly black granite, it does feature other hues of browns, grays, greens, silvers, and golds. However, you don’t notice the variations as much because the honed finish gives it a more subtle appearance.

The Maintenance

Quartz comes with an added benefit—it won’t harbor germs or bacteria. That’s because it’s a non-porous material that doesn’t require sealing. For those concerned with hygiene, you might be swayed by knowing that many quartz brands are certified to meet strict public health and food safety standards. This means that quartz can be cleaned with just a soft sponge and water. For stickier or greasier messes, a bit of mild dish soap should do the trick. 

Interestingly, one of the reasons granite is so durable is because its composition is approximately 20 percent quartz. It does resist scratches and won’t sustain heat damage, which is great if you forget to place a trivet under a hot pot or pan, or if you frequently use curling irons or flat irons in the bathroom.

However, it’s important to remember is granite is a porous surface. Natural granite counters need to be sealed at least once a year in order to resist water and stains. Once sealed, cleaning is easy, with just water and a gentle detergent or natural stone cleaner. 

Featured: Midnight Majesty Quartz (Photo Credit: Houzz)

Black countertops are beautiful and are commonly installed in black-and-white designs. This gorgeous kitchen features Midnight Majesty Quartz, a dark and dramatic black countertop with contrasting flecks, against bright white cabinets. The auburn hardwood flooring and personal accents warm the space and tie the look together. For more two-tone ideas, this black and white home decorating guide provides tons of design inspiration to help you make your decision. ?

In the end, you can’t really go wrong with either one, whether you end up choosing granite or quartz. Now that you know more about the benefits of granite and quartz countertops, it’s really up to you to decide on what look you’re after and which product fits your maintenance and budget needs. You can even check out all of MSI’s black granite and black quartz countertop options for even more choices and inspiration.