Bring Your Own Mix: Create A Little Tile Envy

June 28, 2016



Mixing and matching is key when you’re designing your space – everything from the texture of your window treatments to the pattern of the rug on your floor comes into play. This year, we’re seeing the trend of mixing tile materials and finishes catch on and we love it! Mixing up tile finishes creates a high-low contrast surface and adds visual interest to any space. The polished pieces catch the light creating a subtle glimmer, while the textured pieces break it up for a little extra oomph. For all of you fashionistas out there, it’s just like layering on texture and pattern when putting together your favorite look for a night out.This exciting trend is translating into more and more multi-finish decorative mosaics and wall tile. To boot, style- savvy homeowners and interior designers are creating their own tile mixology and one-of-a-kind looks by pairing together their favorite polished and honed tiles. Combining materials and finishes can be tricky, but a successful mix fashions gorgeous designs that are stylish and completely unique to you. Stand out from your neighbor – let us show you how. 

bathroom-detailFeatured: Greecian White Multi Finish 4x12


Splish Splash

Mixing elements in a room, such as color and texture, is more impactful than you may think. When you start planning your kitchen or bath, every detail from the flooring to the hardware and all the way up to the ceiling has a finish that will contribute to the overall design scheme. Make sure to consider the finish of your backsplash and wall tile! 

Greecian-White-Opus Featured: Greecian White Opus  

We’re seeing the new trend of applying unique surface details to decorative mosaics, as well as blending these textures for high-style looks. Did you know that natural stone could be resurfaced with a mix of textures? One of our favorites is Arctic Storm Arabesque – this marble showstopper features a medley of burnished, chiseled, honed, and polished pieces that marry up perfectly to bring standout style to your home.  

kitchen-0128Featured: Arctic Storm Arabesque

 Mix & Match

Homeowners and interior designers are embracing the mixed finish trend and creating their own dynamite looks. You too can give your space unexpected flavor by combining materials with high and low sheen. Bring your own mix and create truly unique (and enviable) looks. It’s easier than you think, here’s how:How to Create Your Own Tile Mixology
  1. To get started, simply choose your favorite polished tile.
  2. Next, select the same color (or even a complementary color) in a honed finish.
  3. Pair the polished and honed tile together to create your own Mixology!
Designer Tip – Get creative and lay them out in fun patterns like checkerboard, herringbone, or chevron.

White-Oak-Honed-4x12 Featured: Greecian White Multi Finish 4x12 with White Oak Honed 4x12 

One of our favorite designs pairs Greecian White Multi Finish 4x12 with White Oak Honed 4x12 large format subway tiles for a killer combo! Imagine this glam look on an accent wall in your living room or on your bathroom floor... The textural mix helps create slip resistance making this design both stunning and practical. When you create your own mix, the design possibilities are endless – and totally customizable. 

Natural-Porcelain Featured: Forest Natural Porcelain 

Forget the Rules

Our final tip is to get creative when designing your space – think of tile being used in unconventional ways. Wake up your walls with tile that may have traditionally gone on the floor... Wouldn’t wood look porcelain planks make for an extraordinary shower wall? Don’t be afraid to mix different styles and finishes like the decorating pros. For more inspiration, check out our Trends & Inspiration Page