Hardwood Flooring Vs. Wood-Look Tile Throughout The Home

April 20, 2017


What you don’t know about hardwood floors could mean the difference between years of enjoyment and years of stress – they’re gorgeous, and much-beloved, but they have a secret. What secret, you ask? You don’t own wood floors… they own you.

Hardwood flooring is one of the most desired flooring choices, and probably will continue to be for some time. But once you install this home-décor diva, you’ll forever be making life adjustments to suit its needs. Felt pads need to go under furniture legs, to prevent scratching. You’ll need extra rugs to reduce wear and tear in high-traffic areas. Take off those pointy high heels! If you have pets, you’d better make sure their nails are always trimmed. 

We have a better solution, one that gives you the best of both worlds – wood-look porcelain tile! You can fill your home with the beauty of hardwood floors, with less worry, less maintenance, and even less cost. Here’s how wood tile flooring stacks up against hardwood.

gray-seas-celesteFeatured: Grayseas Celeste Porcelain Tile

Hardwood floors just can’t go everywhere. Take bathrooms, for example. Even the most professional installations and strongest protective finish won’t stand up against repeated exposure to high-moisture situations, such as high humidity and bath-time splashes.

Porcelain wood tile, as shown above, adds character and makes the bathroom feel like a luxurious, relaxing spa retreat. Not only can it deal with the drips, it’s also a snap to keep clean and free of mildew.

natural-redwood-porcelainFeatured: Natural Redwood Porcelain Tile

Kitchens are another place that true hardwood flooring is inappropriate. Like bathrooms, kitchens are prone to spills and drips. You want flooring that’s easy to clean, and can hold up to repeated scrubbing with somewhat harsh cleaners. Wood-look tile fills that need perfectly, and looks like a million bucks while doing it. 

fog-palmetto-PorcelainFeatured: Fog Palmetto Porcelain Tile

Entryways are popular spots to install hardwood floor, because they add a feel of opulence to the space and make a smashing first impression! However, they are also a location for moisture and messes – tracked-in mud, snow, and rain.

Make it easy on yourself by choosing ceramic wood tile instead, and put away all the rugs and towels you lay out during wet weather to catch drips from soggy boots. Just a quick mop or wipe, and the mess is history.

bruno-upscape-porcelainFeatured: Bruno Upscape Porcelain Tile

Wood flooring creates a friendly, warm family room. But it also creates problems, because you never really get to relax; you’re always protecting your flooring from shoe scuffs, scratches from kids’ toys, and the inevitable spilled drinks.

Yes, that’s right – wood-look porcelain tile keeps you focused on the fun, not the floor. And here’s a bonus: Since wood-look tile is lighter in weight and thinner, it’s easier to install on vertical surfaces, such as this accent wall.

taupe-celeste-ceramicFeatured: Taupe Celeste Porcelain Tile

If you’re lucky enough to have a solarium or “Florida room” in your home, wood-look tile has real hardwood flooring beat here as well. For one thing, you can worry less about any plants growing here – it’s OK if you accidentally drip while watering, or if moisture seeps through the bottom of the pot. But the real benefit of tile that looks like wood is tile’s resistance to fading and sun damage.

teak-botanica-porcelainFeatured: Teak Botanica Porcelain Tile

You may have fallen in love with hardwood flooring, and for good reason! Now, with MSI’s wood-look porcelain tile, we’ve just made it easier to love, and easier to live with. Now this super-realistic natural wood look is appropriate for every floor in your home – and even the walls, too.


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