Define Your Space With Capri Blue Marble Wall Tile

January 22, 2023


Thinking of redoing your home and using blue wall tile? If so, you’re on the right path to creating a space that will look more open and be easy to match with other shades.

Yes, blue as interior decor works well in any room, and this theory is backed by science and color psychology. MSI, industry experts in all things tile-related, make choosing the right blue to use in your house easy with their innovative Capri Blue Marble wall tile. These mosaic tiles are part of their natural stone line.

Here, we’ll explain why blue is such an excellent color choice for interior design and how you can use the new MSI line to take your next home renovation to the next level.

First, the Science

Let’s take a short trip back to high school science for a quick minute. Remember those lessons on light, spectrums, and wavelengths? Those come into play when choosing colors for your room, although you might not realize that’s what you use to make your decisions.

You want a color that stands out but complements the materials and textures in the space well. For that to happen, you should use colors that won’t be absorbed into your furniture and decor when light shines on them.

Whether or not that happens depends on the color’s wavelength. As light hits something like your furniture, the spectrum’s colors are all absorbed except the visible one (the color of the item).

With blue, the wavelength is extremely short, making it stand out clearly as one of the first things you see. On the other hand, colors like red have the longest wavelengths, so it takes longer for your eyes to notice those shades.

Why does this matter in interior decor? When you use dark colors, the light absorbs into those shades, making the space seem small. Blue takes every area and adds brightness and light to it, resulting in the optical illusion of a larger, lighter room. 

Moving Into Psychology

You’ve seen color psychology in action whenever you’ve been in a medical office or other professional building. This science studies how specific colors play a role in human behavior. Each color has a different meaning that connects it to our brains, creating connotations that have psychological effects.

White is calming, which is why it’s used in medical offices and hospitals. On the other hand, blue has various effects depending on the hue. For example, light blue evokes peace and tranquility, and dark or royal blues represent power and strength.

MSI’s Capri Blue collection uses science and psychology to create a blend of these shades, along with stylish patterns. Together, they help you design your target atmosphere.

The Capri Blue Marble Collection by MSI

No matter what type of atmosphere you’re aiming to create, there’s a wall tile for that, and MSI likely carries it. When you want the effects of blue, the Capri Blue Marble collection is the first place to start looking.

This collection is fresh and unique, combining contemporary shapes and patterns with blues, greys, creams, and hints of gold. Each style in the collection is elegant and organic, drawing the eye and soothing and rejuvenating the mind.

From herringbone to subway, small pieces to large, there’s something for everyone. Check out these four Capri Blue styles to find your perfect marble blue wall tile.

Capri Blue Honed 2x6 Subway Tile


Subway tile backsplashes are simple and elegant when you use Capri Subway Tile from MSI. The palette is cream and light grey with soft accents of blue and gold veining. 

Want to try a new look? Turn subway tile on its side - vertical, and stacked. Turning the tile vertical draws the eye up, helping to make small rooms seem more spacious. The result is very modern, and pleasantly unexpected - and a whole new way to look at this time-honored classic tile. 

Capri Blue 4x12 Tile


If you’re looking for marble tile that will provide an intriguing finished effect full of elegant sophistication, then Capri Blue 4x12 Tile is your solution.

These stunning natural marble tiles come in a palette of light greys and creams, accentuated with subtle veining. The honed finish highlights the soft shades for a luxurious effect that’s as durable as it is beautiful.

Marble is easy to clean, long-lasting, and impactful, ideal for residential and commercial spaces. Use Capri Blue in your bathroom, kitchen, shower surround, as an accent wall focal point or to complement stainless steel and other appliances. This tile is perfect for any color scheme, including white kitchens.

Capri Blue 1x2 Herringbone Honed


MSI’s Capri Blue Herringbone Honed marble tiles add elegance and individuality to any room. The design offers a stylish, fresh take on the classic herringbone pattern found in homes and businesses for thousands of years.

Update your space with the light creams and greys in this palette, spotlighted with blue and gold veining. The tiles are the perfect size and shape for a herringbone backsplash, fireplace facade, shower, bathroom vanity, and much more.

Turn your home or business into a low-maintenance, high-quality, contemporary space with the Capri Blue Herringbone Honed marble tile from MSI.

Capri Blue 2” Hexagon Mosaic Tile


Hexagons never go out of style, but MSI’s newly inspired version of this classic shape makes it even more impressive. The Capri Blue 2” Hexagon Mosaic tile incorporates a light grey and cream palette with subtle blue and gold veining that works well for walls and floors in homes and businesses.

Use the Hexagon Mosaic tiles in your kitchen backsplash, shower surround, bathroom vanity, fireplace, and wherever you want an elegant look that is durable and low-maintenance.

Let MSI Help You Design Your Next Space

Ready to see how the new blue tile line can level up your home or business? Contact the professionals at MSI to get started. We’ll help you find the right tile and material to produce the goal you’re aiming for using our knowledge, products, and cutting-edge technology. Our industry experts are available online in real-time using our MSI chat feature, or in person at one of our showrooms.