MSI’S Quartz Styles, Patterns, And Colors Are The Ideal Choice For Your Home

October 20, 2023


We have unique needs and preferences for counter surfaces, but if you’re looking for form and function, MSI quartz countertops are ideal.

Although the technology for manufacturing quartz dates back over five decades, MSI has made incredible advances that ensure our countertops offer the strength and durability you require, along with the authentic stone look, dimensionality, and luminous quality homeowners covet.

With over 100 eternal styles, there’s something for everyone, and you’re sure to appreciate our industry-leading residential warranty. Let take a look at the benefits you will enjoy when you choose a countertop from the Q™ Premium Quartz Collection. These popular options will give your home the elegance and luxury of natural stone with all the convenience of quartz.

What Is Q™ Premium Natural Quartz?

With dozens of available designs, you’re sure to find the quartz colors, patterns, and styles perfect for your home interior and personal taste. Engineered quartz also offers a range of practical benefits that enhance the functionality of your household.

Whether you love the look of natural marble or prefer a unique design not found in nature, quartz brings exceptional beauty and personality to your living spaces. It offers outstanding resilience and longevity and resists heat, staining, scratching, etching, cracking, and chipping.

Nonporous quartz is food-safe, resistant to microbes, and kosher-certified. It requires no sealant, and it’s easy to clean and maintain. In short, it’s a dream product for modern homeowners.

MSI’s Extensive Quartz Selection

When you choose from dozens of delightful styles with Q™ Premium Quartz, you’ll always enjoy timeless and trendy designs. Whether you’re in the market for classic natural stone looks or contemporary concrete-look quartz, you’ll find it all, with options to customize the appearance of every room in your home.

With our kitchen visualizer tool, you can take your favorite products for a test drive before you make a final choice. These are a few of our most popular and enduring designs.

Elegant Marble Looks

Marble-look quartz designs are among the most desirable, and it’s not hard to see why. With qualities that mimic the milky palettes, eye-catching luminescence, and organic veining of natural stone—paired with various practical benefits—these products offer the best of both worlds.

calacatta-azai-dramatic-vein-marble-look-quartz-countertopCalacatta Azai™ Quartz

If you’re looking for bold, dramatic veining, you can’t go wrong with Calacatta Azai™ quartz, featuring a cool white background bisected by chunky, translucent veins in pale gray. It’s a stunning choice for perimeter countertops paired with contrasting flat-panel cabinets in dark wood tones.

This design incorporates our LumaLuxe formulation, emphasizing depth, dramatic veining, and immersive colors to produce an intriguing finish. For a statement style, add a waterfall peninsula or island in the kitchen or other areas throughout your spaces.

calacatta-miraggio-cielo-subtle-vein-marble-look-quartz-countertopCalacatta Miraggio Cielo™ Quartz

For a similar look that’s a bit more subtle, Calacatta Miraggio Cielo™ quartz delivers the perfect balance of character and restraint. The soft white surface is dusted with light gray clouds and marked by delicate veins in graphite verging on steel blue. 
This design, part of our Q Studio Collection, leverages our LumaLuxe Ultra formulation—building upon the original LumaLuxe with proprietary and patented USA-made technology to produce a sophisticated, high-quality finish. It’s absolutely stunning paired with heavy-grained wood surfaces and perimeter cabinets in a trendy gray-blue hue that draws on the veining.

Tranquil Quartzite Looks

A good quartz manufacturer can create a wide range of stunning, natural stone looks to suit every homeowner’s preference. If you love the soft palettes and linear veining common to quartzite varieties, you’ll find gorgeous options to explore in our selection of engineered quartz designs.

azurmatt-quartzite-look-quartz-countertopAzurmatt™ Quartz

Azurmatt™ quartz serves up a pale gray background with linear striations in darker gray, accented by subtle crackling throughout. When paired with light neutrals like cream flooring and nude wood cabinets, it creates a lovely and sophisticated addition to your primary bath.

Dimensional Granite Looks

When mimicking colors and patterns found in nature, dynamic granite can be challenging to copy, but advanced technologies have led to breakthroughs in designing authentic patterns that serve as a focal point for your interior. 

gray-lagoon-granite-look-quartzGray Lagoon® Quartz

Gray Lagoon® quartz, featuring a cool gray background stippled with spots and short strokes of veining in white, gold, and chocolate hues, is a versatile choice that steals the show in a sleek, modern dining space in gray and white.

Contemporary Limestone Looks

Few looks are more soothing and casual than limestone, with its uniform coloration, fine graining, and characteristic matte finish. 

fossil-gray-matte-finish-limestone-look-quartz-countertopFossil Gray® Matte Finish Quartz

If you want upscale countertops that look like limestone, Fossil Gray® quartz with its low maintenance matte finish fits the bill, with a mid-tone gray surface dotted by subtle speckling and hazy bits of veining. It perfectly transitions between a dark island base and bright bronze or stainless steel accents and fixtures.

Striking Soapstone Looks

For those seeking to infuse a sense of captivating drama into any space, consider soapstone-look quartz an exquisite choice for countertops, backsplashes, and beyond.

soapstone-metropolis-soapstone-look-quartz-countertopSoapstone Metropolis® Quartz

If you want to add mesmerizing flair to an all-white laundry room, there are few better ways to achieve your goal than with Soapstone Metropolis® Quartz for your surfaces. This design in dusky slate gray delivers striking contrast against white cabinets, but sparse white veining unifies the look, as do dark hardware and stand-out flooring tiles.

MSI Quartz Delivers the Countertop of Your Dreams

With so many dazzling designs and untold functional benefits to gain, modern homeowners can discover everything they’re looking for when they choose engineered quartz countertops.

Are you ready to find the best Q™ Premium Quartz products for your upcoming home remodel? Live chat with a friendly MSI agent now to learn more, or find an authorized MSI retailer in your area and plan a showroom visit.


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