Tricks To Making Beige Tile Flooring More Trendy

September 24, 2018


One popular TV-designer is known for saying, “Oh, you are beige people!” The insinuation is that beige is always boring and dated. Of course, too much of any hue can result in a poor design, it isn’t true that this neutral shade is inherently dull. After all, although beige may be understated, the very reason it is featured so often in design is because it is timeless and complements virtually every design style! 

Is the color beige subtle? Sure! And of course, the old porcelain or vinyl beige tile flooring that is seen in many schools and hospitals is not exciting, or frankly even attractive. Thankfully, a new dawn has brought beige to exciting new designs, patterns, shapes, and tones! So, let’s give beige another look, and decide for yourself if beige is bland or beautiful. 

If you are looking to make the flooring in your home fresher and more modern, beige porcelain flooring is the perfect team player. No need to whisper the color’s name when you have beautiful options like our Livingstyle Cream Porcelain Tile. This creamy beige tile flooring comes in popular large-format sizes, including these 24x24 tile, which feature subtle hints of veining and texture that are reminiscent of natural stone. You could literally purchase any color of sofa, and it would work… you can’t say that of most floor colors! 

Featured: Livingstyle Cream Porcelain Tile

Using larger tiles can give the illusion of a grander space, especially when the grout color is matched closely to the tile color. Here, it is partnered with more contemporary finishes, but this tile would be equally at home set within a traditional design. Although in this photo Livingstyle Cream Porcelain Tile takes on a blush tone, it’s just the lighting in the space. That’s one reason why it’s always wise to bring a tile home and set it in the room it will be installed to see how the lighting affects its color.

Featured: Livingstyle Cream Porcelain Tile

One of the best color combos that never go out of style is the marriage of beige and black. Timeless in its rich contrast, a beautiful beige porcelain tile flooring is the perfect way to set the stage for your own personal touches and accents. Just a few shades darker than our cream tile above, Livingstyle Beige Porcelain Tile is a perfect match to the black couch nestled up against a black accent wall. While so much black in the room could make the space feel overwhelmingly dark, the beige porcelain tile and large windows keep this a bright and airy space.

Featured: Livingstyle Beige Porcelain Tile

With high white ceilings and walls as well as black furniture and accents, Livingstyle Beige Porcelain Tile was also the perfect choice for this office space in Manhattan. The star of the design is undoubtedly the view, but the unobtrusive flooring plays a role, leading the eye down a path to the stunning skyline. Can you look at this space and believe anyone would think beige is a boring?  Here, it truly is what ties the overall design together. 

Featured: Livingstyle Beige Porcelain Tile

The lightest beige in this collection is our Livingstyle Pearl Porcelain Tile. Once again, the view and sky-high windows are the star of the design, but this beautiful large-format porcelain tile brings the space comfortably into 2019. To change up the look, all this space would need in the future is to swap out the accent rugs and accessories, since the tile flooring will remain in style for decades to come. 

Featured: Livingstyle Pearl Porcelain Tile

Beige is no longer a hush word in design…especially for flooring. Subtle patterns and textures make it feel classic, yet fresh. If you are considering replacing the carpet in your home or office, beige tile flooring may be just the material you’ve been looking for. This true neutral can complement styles from traditional to modern, and allow the accessories to set the tone of the overall design. Plus, you’ll have a beautiful floor that will stand the test of time and design trends!