Current Obsessions: A Quartz Countertop Is The Most Important Tool In Your Kitchen

August 18, 2018

Yes of course we want our countertops to be beautiful, but it is important to recognize that it must be functional too!  A natural quartz countertop in the kitchen or bathroom provides worry-free living; it is easy to clean, doesn’t absorb germs or odors, and it is an incredibly durable surface. Let’s face it, countertops are home to tossed keys, spilled juices and wines, cookie baking, egg decorating, science and art projects, and of course, meal preparation. 

Quartz countertops can withstand all of these demands beautifully. What's your kitchen style? With the wide range of colors and realistic marble looks, you can design your perfect space with quartz slabs that complement design styles from traditional to modern. Creating your luxury-inspired dream kitchen requires that you keep an eye on both function and design. If your life is all about entertaining kids after school and parties with friends, having a quartz countertop in the kitchen allows you to focus on the fun, and not the special care or maintenance that natural stone often requires. 

Let’s explore that top benefits that allow quartz countertops to be your most important kitchen tool.

1. Quartz poreless surface resists stains and doesn’t absorb sharp food odors.

Featured: Portico Cream Quartz

In sleek, sexy, and sophisticated modern kitchen function must meet style. Lingering odors of onions, fish, or garlic aren’t welcome here, and fortunately, with a beautiful quartz countertop, you need not worry. Our Portico Cream quartz is a soothing blend of cream, dove gray, and taupe tones, complementing a wide palette of colors. 

2. Quartz durable surface allows you to enjoy cooking and entertaining, leaving the worry behind. 

Featured: Babylon Gray - Concrete Finish Quartz

Set a beautiful buffet for friends and family, and don’t worry about spills. Quartz is manufactured to resist staining and chipping, allowing you to relax and enjoy. For a sophisticated and modern look, our Babylon Gray - Concrete Finish quartz provides the look of industrial concrete without the constant need of sealing and special cleaning. 

3. Quartz is the ultimate “multi-tasker” in the kitchen

Featured: Calacatta Luccia Quartz

Beautiful, expansive islands and backsplashes give a lavish feel to a kitchen, particularly when crafted out of marble. But as marble requires special care and routine maintenance, it isn’t a surface for everyone. In the quartz vs. marble debate, it comes down to lifestyle. Fortunately, now, you don’t really have to choose between. You can select a realistic marble-look quartz like our Calacatta Luccia that creates a multi-tasking surface that creates a stunning backdrop for a party and a hardy meal prep station. 

4. Quartz countertops are a timeless choice.

Countertops are an investment in your home and your family. Quartz is manufactured to exacting standards allowing it to remain beautiful for decades to come. As your personal design style morphs and expands, you need your countertop investment to be one that will flow beautifully with any changes you make to your cabinetry, flooring, and accessories. The stunning Calacatta Pearl quartz with its realistic marble-look is sure to complement any style you partner it with.  

5. Quartz counters create luxurious surfaces

Featured: Alabaster White Quartz

We all need a bit more glam and luxury in our busy lives and coming home to a breathtaking kitchen to prepare a meal and catch up with friends and family at the end of the day is simply a joy. Countertops, bar tops, and waterfall islands can be a perfect home for quartz, and Alabaster White quartz remarkably feels at home in modern spaces and traditional spaces alike. 

So, if you are wondering what the most important tool in your kitchen is going to cost, you can relax. Quartz countertops cost about the same as many granite countertops and are often less than natural marble. Over the years, quartz won’t need professional sealing or maintenance, and quartz countertops will look great for decades to come as they prove themselves to be the easiest to clean and most durable surface in your kitchen.