Playing With Mosaic Colors For Your Backsplash

April 11, 2016


Creating an epic design statement is easy with wall tile mosaics. The kitchen or bathroom backsplash is the perfect canvas for this. Whether glass, ceramic, stone, metal, or a mix, these beautiful tiles come in colorful choices to perfectly fit in and make a big impact. The shapes of the tiles range from simple squares to intricate interlocking patterns, adding an artistic touch to backsplashes.

Morning Fog Subway Tile 3x6

msi-morning-fog-subway-tile-3x6-in-kitchen-backsplashMorning Fog Subway Tile 3x6

Morning Fog is a wall tile that's ready to make a statement. It's handcrafted and comes in a lovely light gray color, with three design options to choose from. The 3-by-6 brick design is perfect for traditional or contemporary looks, especially in a herringbone pattern. For a sleeker look, try the 4-by-12 sized brick patterned tiles in transitional or contemporary décor. The Morning Fog Ogee Pattern adds softness with its curves and complements all styles of décor. Its tonal effects in gray allow it to blend beautifully with colorful countertop choices or keep it chic with a gray-toned countertop.

Vista Azul Hexagon Mosaic Tile

msi-vista-azul-hexagon-mosaic-tile-in-kitchen-backsplashVista Azul Hexagon Mosaic Tile

The Vista Azul Hexagon stained-glass tile resembles the beautiful shades of blues in the ocean. It is perfect for dressing up a backsplash. The tonal shades of blues and grays in this tile will look stunning when paired with a quartz stone countertop in a sandy color. Using Vista Azul will make a cool and beautiful décor statement in any space. This mosaic will add a touch of beauty to a backsplash, whether paired with natural wood or painted cabinets, fitting any style from traditional to contemporary.

Blue Shimmer Arabesque Tile

msi-blue-shimmer-arabesque-tile-in-bathroom-backsplashBlue Shimmer Arabesque Tile

Blue Shimmer Arabesque Tile dazzles with its iconic shape and stunning swirl of pearl-like ocean blue hues. This radiant, light-reflecting backsplash tile is perfect for adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to any room. Whether used in a kitchen, bathroom, or as an accent wall, it instantly elevates the design, bringing a fresh and vibrant touch to your space. Turn up the wow factor and create a breathtaking focal point that captures attention and leaves a lasting impression. 

Carbonita Subway Tile 2x6 

msi-carbonita-subway-tile-2x6-in-kitchen-backsplashCarbonita Subway Tille 2x6

In Carbonita Subway Tile, the timeless subway pattern is reimagined with modern, moody blue and green hues, spanning from almost-black stormy indigo to brilliant turquoise and army green. This 2x6 solid glass tile is perfect as a backsplash, capturing and reflecting light to create a dynamic, ever-changing appearance throughout the day. Ideal for kitchens and bathrooms, it infuses your space with depth and sophistication, ensuring a fresh and captivating look at all times.

Titan Interlocking Tile

msi-titan-interlocking-tile-in-kitchen-backsplashTitan Interlocking Tile

Titan Interlocking Tile combines the dramatic beauty of porcelain and stones in rich blacks and grays, creating a striking patterned mosaic. This interlocking backsplash tile is perfect for adding a touch of elegance and modern flair to your kitchen. Ideal for a warm, contemporary setting, it effortlessly enhances your design with its sophisticated and seamless look. Transform your kitchen into a stylish and inviting space with the captivating charm of Titan Interlocking Tile.

Add some personality to your kitchen or accent wall with unique mosaic tile designs. These tiles can bring a vibrant pop of color to your decor. Let your creativity shine as you design your own colorful mosaic backsplash.

Get ready to transform your space with the limitless color options in mosaic tiles. Chat with us online for personalized advice, visit an MSI showroom to see your options in person, or find an authorized MSI retailer near you. 

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