A Guide To MSI’S Real Wood And Wood-Look Flooring Collection

January 26, 2024


Wood-look flooring is an incredibly versatile material that can take your home to the next level. From coastal grays that enhance beachy vibes to deep browns and reds that add warmth, wood can be the perfect finishing touch for any project.

It offers luxury, emanating elegance through unique grain patterns with a smooth feel. It has been a gold standard for flooring, known for its longevity, durability, and visual allure, but today, the options are far superior. While natural wood is a timeless staple for various flooring projects, wood-look flooring is an excellent alternative that offers beauty without the upkeep.

Whether you want authentic wood flooring or a wood-look alternative, MSI has you covered. Our real wood and wood-look flooring collections cover all the bases, giving you ample options to take your home’s aesthetics to the next level.

Understanding the Difference Between
Real Wood and Wood-Look Flooring

benton-blonde-luxury-vinyl-planksBenton Blonde Luxury Vinyl Planks

When shopping for wood flooring, you may come across hardwood flooring and wood-look flooring. Solid hardwood flooring is made of natural wood, usually featuring solid planks of various hardwoods, such as oak or cherry. Some options, called engineered hardwood flooring, feature a mostly synthetic base with a thin layer of wood on top.

However, wood-look flooring has the allure of natural hardwood and integrates it into different materials. From luxury vinyl planks featuring realistic renderings of wood grain to porcelain tiles offering a cool touch and effortless beauty, there are plenty of options.

Benefits of Wood and Wood-Look Flooring

prescott-akadia-luxury-vinyl-planksPrescott® Akadia Luxury Vinyl Planks

Both natural wood and wood-look flooring have perks, so each is best suited to different scenarios. Wood is incredibly durable and long-lasting and will last decades with proper care and maintenance. While other flooring materials offer remarkable lifespans, the longevity of well-cared-for wood flooring is impressive.

If the cost of your project is a concern, wood-look flooring might be a good fit, as it’s often more affordable than authentic hardwood flooring. Of course, it depends on the option you choose.

Natural and synthetic wood flooring share many benefits. For example, our Everlife® Waterproof Flooring Series features collections with waterproof wood-like features, making them an excellent choice for bustling homes with kids and pets or high-moisture areas like bathrooms or kitchens.

Furthermore, all options are sustainable and come with comprehensive warranties, so you can rest assured of this eco-friendly option and excellent protection for your investment.

From Natural to Synthetic: The World of Wood Flooring

Whether you’re searching for dusky gray hardwood, wood-look flooring to complement a modern palette, or something with a deeper hue to add a moody warmth to your home, we have something for every aesthetic. Our collections feature diverse colors, textures, and grain patterns that add artfully curated luxury to your home’s floors.

Now, let's explore the world of wood and wood-look flooring solutions offered by MSI and uncover the unmatched beauty, durability, and versatility that await you.

WLuxury Genuine Hardwood Planks

ladson-northcutt-luxury-genuine-hardwood-planksLadson Northcutt Luxury Genuine Hardwood Planks

Crafted from sustainably sourced European white oak, the W Luxury Genuine Hardwood Planks are a timeless addition to any home and an environmentally responsible choice. These planks are meticulously crafted with precision and attention to detail to ensure they meet the highest quality standards.

The variety in color options is remarkable, from luminescent blonde hues that create a light and cozy ambiance to contemporary dark browns that offer a moody enhancement to rich hues. Whether you prefer a classic or modern aesthetic, these planks provide versatile options for any interior design style.

Each plank is composed of two layers of hardwood, one on the top and one on the bottom, werecarefully selected to create a genuine wood look that exudes luxury. This layering technique enhances the authenticity of the planks and contributes to their remarkable durability and longevity. These hardwood planks are built to last, ensuring your investment will provide beauty and functionality for years.

Featuring our innovative ZeroSlip technology, these planks prioritize safety and minimize accidents. This advanced technology provides an extra layer of protection by increasing traction and reducing the risk of slips and falls. This feature is essential in areas with common moisture or spills, such as kitchens or bathrooms. W Luxury Genuine Hardwood Planks are ideal for busy homes, offering aesthetics, durability, and safety.

Everlife® Waterproof Flooring

In households bustling with playful pets and energetic toddlers, waterproof flooring protection becomes essential. This is where our Everlife® Waterproof Flooring collections shine brightest. Whether your preference is authentic natural wood surfaces, the versatility of vinyl planks, or the durability of porcelain tile, we offer many options to suit your needs. Read on to explore the diverse collections available with Everlife®.

Woodhills® Waterproof Wood Flooring Collection

aaron-blonde-wood-flooring-Aaron Blonde Wood Flooring

The Woodhills® Waterproof Wood Flooring Collection offers innovative technology and natural wood, creating the perfect flooring solution for busy households. These 6.5” x 48” planks keep safety in mind with our proprietary ZeroSlip technology, ensuring superior grip and traction, even in the most active homes.

Our satin finish CrystaLux Ultra protection layer guarantees ultimate durability, standing up to the wear and tear of everyday life. Engineered to be 100% waterproof, thanks to our patent pending DryLuxe™ technology and waterproof stone core and backing, this collection offers peace of mind against spills, accidents, and moisture.

Featuring an impressive color range with 11 nature-made hues, variable-length planks, and a brushed finish, the options in this collection are the ideal finishing touch that creates a welcoming, cohesive space.

Smithcliffs Waterproof Hybrid Rigid Core Collection

avery-ash-hybrid-rigid-core-flooringAvery Ash® Hybrid Rigid Core Flooring

The lasting durability and resilience, paired with our patent pending DryLuxe technology, make the Smithcliffs Waterproof Hybrid Rigid Core Collection worthy of a closer look. Utilizing a high-density core construction combined with the equivalent of a 20MIL CrystaLux Ultra protection layer, this flooring option also boasts an impressive 50% increase in scratch resistance. These planks, spanning a diverse color range from deep chocolatey browns to the pale hues of natural oak, feature built-in anti-microbial protection, making them a perfect pick for homes with pets and kids or high-traffic areas.

These hybrid rigid core planks also include a patented click-lock installation system, making them a breeze to install without requiring glue or nails. They can be placed over most existing flooring surfaces.

Ashton 2.0 Luxury Vinyl Plank Collection

ashton-2.0-sunnyset-luxury-vinyl-planksSunnyset Luxury Vinyl Planks

The Ashton 2.0 Luxury Vinyl Plank Collection is a testament to modern flooring innovation that seamlessly combines aesthetics and convenience. With five stunning colors and captivating grain patterns, this collection effortlessly captures the beloved natural wood aesthetic while offering easy-care rigid core luxury vinyl.

In addition to impressive visual appeal, these planks feature a groundbreaking no-acclimation technology. This means you can buy today and install today, providing unparalleled convenience for your flooring needs.

Choose from a range of colors, from vintage, weathered looks blending gray tones with tans to sleek and inviting blonde hues, ensuring a perfect match for various interior aesthetics. Each plank measures 7” x 48” and has an enhanced 12MIL CrystaLux protection layer, offering robust defense against heavy foot traffic and time.

Acclima Luxury Vinyl Plank Collection

acclima-ludlow-luxury-vinyl-planksLudlow® Luxury Vinyl Planks

Our Acclima Collection stands out for its convenience and eco-friendliness, ideal for those with tight schedules and environmental concerns. This versatile glue-down vinyl flooring option features innovative "no acclimation" technology for same-day installation, along with the durable CrystaLux protection layer, preserving the planks' wood-like appearance. These luxury vinyl planks are designed to be water-resistant and long-lasting, suitable for varied environments. Additionally, they prioritize health and sustainability with low VOC emissions and no phthalates. The collection offers a balance of practicality, aesthetic appeal, and environmental responsibility.

Porcelain Wood-Look Tile  

aspenwood-cafe-porcelain-wood-look-tileAspenwood Café Porcelain Wood Look Tile

Porcelain wood-look tile offers numerous advantages that make it a popular choice for flooring and wall applications. One of its primary benefits is its exceptional durability, capable of withstanding heavy foot traffic without denting, scratching, or warping over time. Unlike real wood, it requires minimal maintenance, with regular sweeping and mopping sufficient to keep it looking new.

A significant advantage of porcelain tile is its inherent moisture resistance, making it ideal for areas prone to water exposure, such as bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms. This moisture resistance prevents warping and inhibits the growth of mold and mildew. Enhanced with MSI's ZeroSlip technology, our porcelain tile also improves safety by reducing slipperiness, particularly in wet conditions.

Our porcelain wood-look tile offers various styles, colors, and patterns for versatile design options that suit any space. Whether you prefer a rustic, weathered wood appearance or a sleek, contemporary look, there's a porcelain tile option to match your aesthetic preferences.

Bring the Warmth of Wood to
Your Home With Help From MSI

Whether you prefer the long-standing appeal and authenticity of natural wood or the low-maintenance beauty of wood-look flooring, MSI has an extensive collection to cater to your needs. The numerous benefits span natural wood and wood-look collections, including waterproof features, eco-friendliness, durability, and longevity.

Whether you want pale, luminous hues ideal for adding brightness or deeply pigmented colors that add a luxurious or moody ambiance, we have something for you. Our expert team is here to help you select the perfect fit for your home. Chat with us online, visit a local MSI showroom, or talk to a nearby authorized MSI retailer today!


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