7 Realistic Wood Look Planks From The Everlife® Luxury Vinyl Flooring Collection

May 18, 2023


Solid hardwood floors have a rich history associated with luxury and prestige that goes back several centuries. However, the high cost and upkeep associated with hardwoods make them a luxury item that not everyone can afford. Additionally, hardwood floors are vulnerable to scratches, scuffs, water damage, and warping, especially in high-traffic areas or homes with pets and children, which can require extensive maintenance and repairs over time.

Fortunately, for those who appreciate the aesthetic appeal of hardwood floors but do not want to invest in their high cost and upkeep, an alternative option is available – enter luxury vinyl flooring!

Realistic Wood-Look Vinyl Planks from MSI

Looking for the most realistic wood-look flooring options for your home? Look no further! Our luxury vinyl planks (also known as LVP Flooring) are renowned for their remarkably realistic wood-look styles, which are among the most authentic available on the market. By employing advanced printing technology and precise attention to detail, we have created a selection of vinyl planks that accurately replicate real wood's natural beauty and texture at a fraction of the cost. Furthermore, with MSI's exclusive CrystaLux™ protection layer built into every one of our luxury vinyl flooring products, you'll be ensured unparalleled durability and longevity so you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your floors are protected against daily wear and tear for years to come.

Let's dive in and explore 7 of our incredibly realistic wood-look luxury vinyl plank flooring styles and discover how they can elevate the aesthetic of any space.



Brianka Luxury Vinyl Planks Planks are an excellent option for those who love the look of real wood but want the benefits of vinyl flooring. These extra-large LVPs boast a delicate mix of soft silvery gray and light creamy hues, complete with subtle knots and grains, giving them an authentic wood appearance that's hard to distinguish from the real thing. As part of the XL Cyrus® Collection, this product offers a highly realistic wood look, is low-maintenance, waterproof, and is backed by a lifetime residential warranty. And with a pre-attached backing and "no acclimation" technology, installation is quick and easy, making this vinyl plank flooring the ideal choice for any space needing a stylish and practical flooring solution.



Also included in our XL Cyrus® Collection, Brookline® Luxury Vinyl Planks feature a beautiful blend of light, medium, and dark tones with knots and grains, making it a highly realistic wood-look flooring option without all of the maintenance of the real thing. Boasting the same natural textures and patterns as real wood, these planks are backed by a lifetime residential warranty, are low-maintenance, and are 100% waterproof, ensuring optimal durability and longevity with a floor that is resistant to everyday wear and tear. With easy installation and a pre-attached backing, these oversized Brookline luxury vinyl planks provide both beauty and convenience in one stunning package!


Runmill Isle XL Luxury Vinyl Planks are a fantastic choice for anyone who desires the beauty of real wood floors but wants the practicality and durability of vinyl – with a bonus of a large format size! As a wonderful addition to our XL Prescott® Collection, this flooring features a subtle blend of light beige and gray tones with intricate knots and grains. It is designed with our advanced printing technology, ensuring that Runmill Isle planks look highly realistic. Besides their aesthetic appeal, they are low-maintenance, 100% waterproof, and supported by a lifetime residential warranty. With pre-attached backing, installation is easy, making this flooring a highly durable wood-look, visually stunning, and practical option.



Transform your living space with Hatfield® Luxury Vinyl Planks from our Andover Collection, featuring a warm coffee-brown base with subtle knots and grains that provide a genuine oak wood appearance. This stunning 7x48 wood-look LVP is entirely waterproof and equipped with a 20 mil commercial-grade version of our CrystaLux™ protection layer, offering excellent durability and longevity to safeguard against everyday wear and tear. Additionally, this product comes with a unique custom-designed beveled edge, an innovative pre-attached backing that ensures supreme comfort underfoot, and an easy-install locking system. With "no acclimation" technology, this rigid core flooring offers the convenience of buying and installing on the same day. From kitchens and living areas to bathrooms and basements, there is no easier way to achieve luxurious and affordable floors in any setting.



Add a touch of elegance to your interior with Bracken Hill Luxury Vinyl Planks, featuring a stunning combination of light and dark gray tones flowing through each 7x48 plank, making them appear so real you won't be able to tell the difference from the real thing! As part of our Prescott® Collection, this flooring is visually appealing, low-maintenance, 100% waterproof, and backed by a lifetime residential warranty for added peace of mind. And with "no acclimation" technology, this rigid core flooring can be bought and installed on the same day. Equipped with a pre-attached backing, installation becomes a hassle-free process making Bracken Hill planks an excellent choice for any home or commercial space.


Experience the warmth of russet-colored hues, delicate knots, and light grains with Colston Park® Luxury Vinyl Planks from our Ashton Collection. This 7x48 vinyl plank flooring is stunning and 100% waterproof, giving the look of a high-end and luxurious hardwood floor without worry. Their highly realistic appearance is credited to our advanced printing technology, which creates the same natural textures and patterns as real wood.

A pre-attached backing ensures the ultimate comfort underfoot, and the easy-install locking system makes installation a breeze. For added peace of mind, Colston Park® is backed by a 25-year limited residential warranty and GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified® for occupant health and safety, making it an excellent option for any room in the house!



For those who desire natural wood floors' beauty but want to avoid the high cost and maintenance requirements, our Akadia Luxury Vinyl Planks from our Cyrus® Collection are a leading solution. Featuring creamy neutral beige tones and delicate brown graining for understated elegance, this flooring option boasts an authentic wood appearance that can't be beaten! Thanks to our advanced printing technology, Akadia luxury vinyl planks look real, with the same natural textures and patterns as authentic wood. These LVPs are not only visually appealing but are low-maintenance and 100% waterproof making them the perfect choice for any room. They are also backed by a lifetime residential warranty. And with a pre-attached backing, this durable flooring is visually stunning and easy to install.

Add Wood Look Planks to All Your Spaces

Ready to install one of these beautiful realistic wood look luxury vinyl planks in your home?

Choosing the perfect flooring to match the ambiance of your space is essential. Whether you need assistance selecting the right tone, shade, or pattern, we are here to help. Chat with us online now, visit an MSI showroom, or contact your nearest MSI authorized dealer for guidance.



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