The Warm Tones Of Laurel And Laurel Reserve Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring

April 02, 2024


Luxury vinyl plank (LVP) flooring has quickly become popular for modern interiors thanks to its versatility and durability. It offers a cost-effective alternative to hardwood floors while providing a similar aesthetic appeal. 

MSI’s Laurel and Laurel Reserve Collections offer a range of luxury vinyl flooring with a perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics. The color palettes are toasty and inviting, from rich browns to soft blondes. Whether you prefer a crisp, contemporary feel or a cozy, welcoming ambiance, there’s something for nearly every aesthetic in these collections. 

The Laurel Collection

The Laurel Luxury Vinyl Plank Collection by Everlife® is the epitome of elegance and durability. It features extra wide 9” x 48” planks that create a spacious, larger-than-life feel in varying spaces, especially smaller or more compact rooms. 

Each plank is 5MM thick and has a 4MM rigid core, providing remarkable durability and stability. A 1MM attached pad offers underfoot comfort, creating a gentle landing place for weary, sore feet. A 20MIL CrystaLux Ultra layer atop each plank protects against daily wear and tear, maintaining its good looks for years. 

This collection’s color palette is warm and inviting, from soft blondes to warm browns. The grain patterns and knots create a cozy ambiance, emulating the charm and comfort of genuine hardwood. 

Featured Colors in the Laurel Collection

The Laurel Collection offers an assortment of unique colors. 

FLAXEN LUXURY VINYL PLANKSflaxen-luxury-vinyl-planks

For example, Flaxen Luxury Vinyl Planks offer a washed look with shades of greige and subtle taupe, swirled together in varying knots and grain patterns. The blend exudes a light and airy feel, making it the perfect pick for an indoor-outdoor living space or a beachy, coastal vibe. 

BAYSIDE BUFF LUXURY VINYL PLANKSbayside-buff-luxury-vinyl-planks

Bayside Buff Luxury Vinyl Planks offer a slightly different take, featuring blonde undertones complemented by rich toffee hues and darker grains and knots. The aesthetic allure is only half the appeal because this flooring has a patented locking system that makes installation a breeze and ensures a seamless look. 

SELBOURNE LUXURY VINYL PLANKselbourne-luxury-vinyl-planks

Selbourne Luxury Vinyl Planks with neutral mid-toned shades of caramel with simplistic graining offers a cozy, artisanal touch to any space. The deeper color variations blend beautifully with various interior designs, adding warmth and invitation to the space. 

The Laurel Reserve Collection

Steeped in sophistication and timeless elegance, the Laurel Reserve Collection features various stunning flooring options. Each extra wide 9” x 48” plank, is perfectly suited to give your home a more open and spacious ambiance. It establishes a new benchmark by flawlessly blending style, durability, and simplicity, ensuring a lasting and vibrant effect.

Boasting an ultra-durable 8MM thickness, this LVP consists of a sturdy 6MM core that creates stability and minimizes flexion, while the 2MM attached pad offers a more comfortable underfoot feel. A 22MIL commercial-grade CrystaLux Ultra protective layer rests atop each plank, a shield against daily wear and tear to promote longevity and durability. The durable construction and thickness make this collection suitable for commercial and residential use.  

Featured Colors in the Laurel Reserve Collection

Warmth and welcome are core parts of the Laurel Reserve Collection’s color palette, a great choice for many applications. This collection’s color palette, like the Laurel Collection, offers a range of warm hues, from soft blondes to toasty browns.  

PALMILLA LUXURY VINYL PLANKSpalmilla-luxury-vinyl-planks

For instance, consider Palmilla Luxury Vinyl Planks, featuring neutral blonde tones accented by hints of tawny hues. The blend of hues infuses serenity and comfort into any space, adding warmth to contemporary and traditional spaces. 

SCANDI LUXURY VINYL PLANKSscandi-luxury-vinyl-planks

The Scandi Luxury Vinyl Planks boast a meshed palette of blondes, mid-toned toffee browns, and walnuts, adding a luxurious feel to any space. The opulent touches are balanced by the serene and inviting atmosphere the color palette adds, making it an excellent choice for varying interior designs. 

TRANQUILLA LUXURY VINYL PLANKStranquilla-luxury-vinyl-planks

Featuring a myriad of blonde shades, the Tranquilla Luxury Vinyl Planks can promote varying ambiances based on other decor in the space, from calm serenity to invigorating warmth. This flooring is ideal for soothing bedrooms and energy-filled exercise spaces. 

Comparison to Other Flooring Types

The Laurel and Laurel Reserve Collections offer unique perks that other flooring options don’t. 

Compared to other flooring, including hardwood and carpet, luxury vinyl planks are low-maintenance yet highly durable. It’s more cost-effective than most hardwoods, although its costs may be higher than carpet and comparable to tile. 

These planks are moisture-resistant, easy to install, and incredibly versatile, offering an edge over other options. Of course, every flooring option has merits, but if you want something easy to maintain, moisture-resistant, easy to install, and versatile, luxury vinyl planks are a great fit. 

Bring Warmth to Your Home With the Laurel and Laurel Reserve Collections

The Laurel and Laurel Reserve Luxury Vinyl Plank Collections by Everlife® have much to offer. Each LVP flooring option is made with durable and stable materials that are easy to maintain and install and suitable for residential and commercial applications. Both collections feature a warm, inviting color palette for diverse aesthetic preferences, from cozy traditional ambiances to bright and contemporary spaces. 

Whether renovating or installing new flooring, the Laurel and Laurel Reserve Collections are excellent choices, bringing warmth and elegance to any room. If you’re ready to transform your home with these collections or need help choosing the perfect fit, talk to our experts. Chat with us online, visit a local MSI showroom, or contact an authorized MSI retailer near you to get started. 


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