These Cement Porcelain Tiles Will Change Your Mind About Cement Flooring

September 25, 2018


Cement-looks are a hot design feature for both contemporary and modern spaces. After all, their texture and shading infuses rooms with a touch of character that can offset a sometimes stark design. However, real cement just isn’t suitable for every location. That’s why cement-look porcelain tiles are a perfect way to add all that character, but without the challenges inherent to cement installations.

Cement flooring was once thought to be too drab or boring for interior spaces, and was shoved outdoors for hardscaping only. But today, you can get beautiful and widely diverse looks from porcelain tiles that are designed and manufactured to resemble cement. With modern state-of-the-art inkjet printing, we can recreate the subtle inflections and textures of hand-applied and finished cement. But there’s no need to take our word for it…see for yourself!

Let’s start in the bathroom with this first concrete room makeover. In this sleek and sexy bathroom, Dimensions Glacier tiles are used as both porcelain flooring and shower tile. The use of large-format tiles, with their subtle inflections and matte finish, makes the space feel even more expansive. Designed as an open wet room with no shower enclosure, this porcelain tile is a great choice for both durability and slip resistance. 

Featured: Dimensions Glacier Porcelain Tile

Perhaps you’d like a touch more color and texture in your bathroom? This loft-inspired bathroom combines two of our most popular cement look tiles—Capella Sand porcelain tiles on the floor, and Cemento Napoli in the shower. Pairing the subtle character of the porcelain flooring together with the more forward textures and hues of the shower tile results in a truly superb design. 

Recreate this look with MSI's Capella Sand Porcelain Tile (Photo Credit: Houzz)

In this next photo, our Cemento Napoli porcelain tile looks more subdued, but that’s just a testament to how different lighting can change the look of a design. These porcelain tiles display the most traditional shades of gray in a sweeping pattern with speckles, lending them the look of custom-stained and finished cement. These large-format porcelain tiles provide the grounding element this contemporary bathroom needs, allowing the backsplash tiles to take center stage.  

Featured: Cemento Napoli Porcelain Tile

Updating your kitchen?  Cement-look porcelain tile floors also look fantastic set against more traditional cabinetry. They give this transitional design just the edge it needs. In this eclectically-styled kitchen—with its interlocking backsplash and contrasting cabinets—Cemento Novara porcelain brings cool tones to the party. While this floor would also work in a more industrial design, the soft whites and grays, with their random pattern and textures, also work well in warm family kitchens with stainless steel appliances and metal fixtures. 

Featured: Cemento Novara Porcelain Tile

Porcelain tiles are durable, easy to clean, and require virtually no maintenance. These characteristics make them perfect for use throughout your home. At a glance, our Capella Silt porcelain tiles have a velvety texture, but on closer examination, the tonal beige and creamy tones are artfully combined to create the look of hand-dyed concrete. To get this look, pull one of the primary colors in the tile and match your grout to it.  These porcelain tiles set the stage in this bistro-like eat-in kitchen, bringing timeless warmth and character to the design and drawing the eye out the French doors to the patio behind. 

Featured: Capella Silt Porcelain Tile

Cement floors have a distinct, unique look; they can be shaded by staining or hand-finished, making them very expensive. But now, you can get the look of hand-finished cement tiles in an affordable and durable porcelain, thanks to advancements in manufacturing. MSI offers a wide range of cement-look porcelain tiles that complement design styles from traditional to modern, making them ideal for any project where you desire the look of cement. 


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