The Many Looks of Quartz Countertops

February 19, 2020

While some still desire natural stone for its luxurious looks, unique designs, and beautiful coloring, many homeowners and industry professionals continue to pick quartz as their top surface choice. Quartz countertops have become one of the most versatile building products on the market thanks to its varied stunning looks and bountiful benefits. From solid neutrals and bold hues to natural stone styles to concrete looks, quartz comes in a wide array of shades and patterns to perfectly suit any interior design project. 

Over the years, the technology and manufacturing processes have improved so much so that the nature-inspired products are often hard to distinguish quartz from its natural counterpart. That’s because they now come with on-point swirls, flecks, and randomized patterns that are essential to realistically and successfully mimicking stunning stone slabs. And, they are still high-end products when comparing quartz vs. granite or marble but without sacrificing function or quality. Learn more about the many different quartz looks and how to use them in your space, including a few clever surprises.

The Many Looks of Quartz

Consumers can’t get enough of quartz because of the wide range of quartz countertop colors available. As a result of manufacturers having control over how the pigments look in the crushed quartz and resin mixture, they’re able to craft fabulous countertops in bold hues to neutral stone looks. This color consistency helps you know exactly what you’ll get in a full slab time and time again, and the regulated coloring means matching the seams of multiple patterned quartz slabs is much easier. But, one thing to remember is that different companies have their own formulations, which is why you’ll see similar products in different colors, finishes, and prices. 

Quartz is versatile in its styling, and the right quartz will seamlessly work with looks like streamlined modern, earthy traditional, timeless elegance, relaxed farmhouse, and more. Check out the different types of quartz looks below to see which one might work best for your next kitchen, bathroom, or other redesign.

Marble-Look Quartz

Marble-look quartz captures the natural beauty and elegance of the real thing.

One of the most popular surfaces is marble, and now with marble-look quartz, you can get the same high-end, luxurious look that is not only tougher but also much lower in terms of maintenance. Even though many idealize the design, marble purists will agree that there’s actually no typical marble look, meaning you’ll have more leeway in terms of colors, patterns, and variations for your quartz that looks like marble. From pure to soft white backgrounds with gray or gold accents to barely-there veins to bold veining throughout, there are many marble-look styles to choose from that work with any design aesthetic, from traditional to modern. But, don’t think that marble only comes in classic white, either. The stone-look styles also include unexpected hues like beiges, grays, and even blacks that might not come to mind when dreaming about marble but are just as beautiful. Marble-look quartz makes for an elegant or sleek backsplash or countertop in the kitchen, bathroom, and beyond.

Concrete-Look Quartz

Get the look of concrete, minus the maintenance, with a modern quartz countertop.

Concrete countertops can go farmhouse to industrial depending on the rest of your décor, but they’re not necessarily an ideal surface when you factor in its flaws. Stains, scratches, spills, and water spots can all become problematic for concrete, and it still requires sealing every one to three years. With quartz that looks like concrete, you don’t have to worry about any of those things, including special care to keep stains at bay, and you can still get the rugged style in everything from whitish grays to dark grays and everything in-between. The concrete-style is instantly recognizable even though the textured cloud-like patinas, multi-layered tonal variations, and contrasting flecks that add dimension and interest can all vary.

And it’s not just the coloring that mimics concrete, either. Certain colors are available in more than just a polished finish, with trendy matte and concrete finishes taking it to a whole new level. The matte finish modernizes the concrete-inspired quartz while giving the surface a soft, dreamy feel and more natural look. With a concrete finish, quartz is taken into new territory with its deeper, brushed-like texture for stunning results that are right on trend without any of the worry.


Solid-Colored Quartz

Solid quartz countertop colors are anything but ordinary.

Quartz is offered in a wide range of colors because manufacturers add the pigments to the man-made materials. This means that your choices go way beyond what Mother Nature creates, and the solid style and coloring will be consistent throughout the entire slab. The selection of versatile neutrals includes whites, beiges, browns, grays, and black quartz, and that’s what you’ll find from many manufacturers today as opposed to the bold hues like reds, blues, and yellows that were readily available in the past. Solid-colored quartz slabs have a style all their own and do not disappoint.

Quartzite-Look Quartz

Nonporous quartz offers the high-end, luxurious look of quartzite without the worry.

Even though quartzite and quartz sound similar, they aren’t. Because of its recrystallization, quartzite includes a decorative sparkling pattern that makes it stunning, and its beautiful blends of colors create unique looks. In fact, one of the reasons why this stone style is highly sought after is because of its natural veining and neutral blotches that mimic marble or limestone, and with quartz, it’s beautifully replicated in a more consistent look. While quartzite typically comes in white and gray tones, it also includes colors like pink, red, yellow, blue, green, and orange as a result of iron oxide and other minerals present. Quartzite-look quartz offers the same charm that the natural stone does with relaxing tones and polished finishes and requires a lot less regular TLC than quartzite.

Granite-Look Quartz

Long-lasting granite-look quartz never requires sealing.

Granite is a durable surface that features low-, medium-, and high-variation patterns, including its iconic speckled design, in colors that include whites, blacks, yellows, browns, pinks, and greens based on its rock and mineral makeup. Granite-look quartz is a long-lasting countertop that’s actually stronger and harder than granite, yet it comes in similar color stories and patterns like swirls of warm beiges and browns to cool grays with shimmering flecks and rust accents. And, this polished, nonporous surface will never require sealing unlike the natural stone.

Limestone-Look Quartz

The sophisticated look of  limestone in easy-care quartz.

Limestone is known for its warm, soothing tones and light colors that create an earthy vibe in any space. Limestone-look quartz is an engineered alternative that comes in similar neutral shades with low variations and speckled accents that imitate the shell and fossil fragments found in the natural stone. The nonporous surface will keep its subdued, sophisticated coloration over time unlike the lighter hues of limestone that are more susceptible to stains since it’s one of the most porous stones available.

Soapstone-Look Quartz

Beautiful soapstone-look quartz doesn’t require a sealant to protect its good looks.

Soapstone is a very durable, nonporous countertop that’s also easy to keep clean, but the natural stone is softer because of its mineral talc makeup and costs more than quartz. Soapstone-look quartz not only is nonporous and durable but also a very hard material that’s made to last. It also offers the same timeless, sophisticated looks in the common gray, blue, and green hues, but with quartz, you get a consistent design when compared to soapstone, or any natural stone. It’s perfect for showcasing on an oversized island or with a waterfall edge or even in the bathroom where the softer natural stones like soapstone and marble would become quickly ruined by all of those splashes and spilled personal care products.

Dark and Dreamy Gray Quartz

Dark and dreamy gray quartz countertops add depth and distinction to any room.

Grays have dominated the color palette the last few years, and it still remains as a versatile color choice for those who desire something more than white or beige but are too afraid to commit to a true color. Gray quartz comes in a wide range that can easily alter the atmosphere of a traditional or contemporary kitchen or bathroom. A light gray with cool undertones brightens up a room, a warm gray with deep hues creates a moody vibe, and a gray marble-look style adds dreamy elegance. It’s also a fashionable choice for a monochromatic kitchen or bathroom featuring gray cabinetry, flooring, and backsplashes in various tones.

Whimsical White Quartz

White looks set the mood and harmonize beautifully with any décor.

There’s no better way to brighten up a kitchen or bathroom than to use white, and quartz countertops come in dozens of cool and warm white hues that add dreaminess to any space. From a solid white surface to a variety of polished marble-look quartz with white backgrounds and elegant gray veining to whites mixed with other neutral tones for dramatic movement, there’s literally a light countertop to match any design style. White quartz creates an airiness and bounces natural light around a room, contrasts beautifully with on-trend black cabinetry, and pops against wood tones. And, unlike with real white marble or other light stone surfaces, you don’t have to worry about it looking dull and damaged over time. With proper care, quartz countertops will remain the same crisp, cool, or warm whites as when they were first installed. 

Sparkling Quartz

Dynamic crystals and colored flecks make any space sparkle.

Since quartz is a man-made material, its appearance can be altered in endless ways with the addition of pigments and add-ins. Other materials like recycled glass, crystals, metal, mirror, and mother of pearl that make it into the quartz mix all contribute to different types of distinctive sparkling styles. Yet, years ago when quartz was starting its skyward rise, it was these sparkling crystals and colored flecks featured throughout the slab that made quartz so recognizable as a surface material. No matter how soft or strong the sparkles may be, the dazzling look definitely produces a super chic aesthetic in any space.

Contemporary Quartz

Contemporary kitchens shine with modern quartz countertops.

Contemporary design for kitchens continues its trend as the most sought-after style, so it’s no wonder that quartz has become the top countertop choice over the last few years. While the plethora of contemporary and modern design aesthetics do vary, this allows different quartz looks to shine, from bright whites and dramatic blacks to concrete looks to creamy and icy tones. Any of these contemporary quartz colors will look great whether it’s featured in a design with a tone-on-tone, wood-inspired, or darkened color palette. And, one thing’s for sure: This style is all about the sleek lines. When it comes time to pick your thickness, remember that choosing thinner quartz amplifies a contemporary look thanks to its slimmer profile.

Book Matched Quartz

Prepare to see double with stunning book matched quartz slabs.

A book matched design is when two matched slabs replicate each other, and the result is a show-stopping masterpiece. One of the most reliable design advantages of quartz is its consistent patterns, and this accuracy is what makes book matching much easier and less expensive than using natural stone. Whether the background is black or white, marble-look quartz with bold veining is one of the most popular book matched styles because it emphasizes the dramatic design even more. But, with the inconsistencies of Mother Nature, book matching real marble can be nearly impossible. With quartz and its deliberate designs, the ability to perfectly line up the pattern’s flowing stripes and streaks makes for a more than impressive oversized island, sensational waterfall island, or breathtaking backsplash.

Shopping Tips for Quartz

When shopping for new quartz countertops, it’s important to remember that not all quartz is created equally. Similar to natural stone, it is a high-end product, so don’t let the luxury material leave you with sticker shock, either. Cheaper prices may mean a less superior product, and usually you get what you pay for. Some of the things you’ll want to take into consideration when selecting your favorite quartz countertop designs are the offered warranty, through-body coloring, thickness, and prefabrication considerations.

The Luxury Surface You Need

Using quartz in your space is one of the best ways to recreate the luxurious looks of natural stone but in a more durable material. The more than 100 on-trend patterns and colors are perfect for picky buyers, and today’s advanced technology creates surfaces that are difficult to decipher from the real thing. Whether it’s a chic marble swirl, a sleek modern design, or a rugged concrete style, quartz countertops provide the best of both worlds with stunning beauty without the high maintenance. The stain-, scratch-, heat-, and water-resistant surface is ideal for busy families or at-home entertainers, so the stunning style you choose will stay that way no matter how much you use your surface. No matter which look you love the most, we think solid or stone-like quartz may be the exact luxury surface your next project needs.