Mosaic Monday: Winter White Mosaics

November 17, 2016

When you’ve got a whole rainbow to choose from, why stick with white? Because there are just as many ways to do white as there are in the color wheel, and when used to its best advantage, white tile can be a serious show-stopper in home décor – from backsplash tile to shower surrounds.

Not only are there many shades of white – soft white, eggshell, ivory, vanilla, and antique white, to name just a few – you can add endless variations in material, finish, texture, and pattern. White is anything but basic and bare!

Calacatta Blanco Pattern Polished

natural-stone-mosaicsFeatured: Calacatta Bianco Pattern Polished

Calacatta Bianco Pattern Polished marble is stunning on its own – soft white with subtle gray veining. But turning it into a mosaic with unusual double-pointed oval shaped tiles elevates it to the next level! Arranged in an intricate, alternating pattern resembling leaves, this natural stone mosaic has many useful applications.

Install as a kitchen or bathroom backsplash tile, or an accent wall. This unique mosaic may even be installed as flooring, as it’s able to stand up to heavy foot traffic. It looks great with white grout, but you might consider using contrasting dark grout as well to highlight the tile shape.

Calypso Blanco Lotus Pattern Multi Finish

calypso-blanco-lotusFeatured: Calypso Blanco Lotus Pattern Multi Finish

By varying textures, Calypso Blanco Lotus Pattern Multi Finish gives the color white some serious charisma. The tiles, in an elongated arabesque shape, have three different surface textures, arranged randomly in a pre-assembled mosaic.

Each is crafted from Arabescato Cararra Marble, a fine natural stone featuring subtle gray swirls on a soft white background. It’s ideal for a kitchen backsplash or accent wall.

Frosted Icicle Glass 

frosted-icicle-glassFeatured: Frosted Icicle Glass 3x9x8mm

Sparkly, reflective crackle-finish glass is another beautiful way to celebrate the color white! Frosted Icicle Glass 3x9x8mm is composed of 3-inch by 9-inch rectangular tiles arranged in a brick pattern, reminiscent of subway tile. The resulting durable finish works well as backsplash tile or an accent wall. You could also use it as a shower surround. It’s shown here in a horizontal layout, but why not try it vertically as well?

Antique White Elongated Hexagon

antique-white-elongated-wallFeatured: Antique White Elongated Hexagon 8mm

The texture created by small-format Antique White Elongated Hexagon 8mm is eye-catching and stylish. This durable mosaic looks great with either matching or contrasting grout, and are suggested for use as a ceramic tile backsplash or accent wall. We suggest installing them where they can catch light from an angle, making the most of highlights and shadows.

Greecian White Opus Pattern

greecian-white-opus-wall-tileFeatured: Greecian White Opus Pattern

Taking white to a textural extreme, Greecian White Opus Pattern features a natural marble with tones of soft white and pale gray. By combining varying shapes – rectangles and squares – with both smooth and rough finishes, the feel is somewhat rustic, shabby-chic, albeit refined enough to suit contemporary décor as well. It’s strong enough to use for flooring as well as countertops, but this mosaic is at its best in a large wall installation. 

There’s no denying it – white is one of the hottest trends in home design. Make the most of it with these unique mosaic mixes from MSI, all of which prove that white is anything but plain. So if you thought of white as nothing more than a blank canvas – or just a placeholder for the rest of the room design, it’s time to visit our Virtual Kitchen Designer and play with the various white mosaics. You’ll never see white the same way again.