Create Dimensional Style With Stacked Stone Splitface Wall Tile

June 27, 2022


What is a surface that instantly draws attention to everyone who walks into your home? Homeowners are discovering the dramatic difference stacked stone brings to their rooms. 

Stacked stone has become one of the most popular finishes because of its unique look. You can use it as kitchen backsplashes, accent walls, fireplace surrounds, etc...

The natural stone look comes out through these tiles, but there are some other creative looks unique to this style. 

Keep reading to find out about the creative splitface wall tile that adds a new dimension to stones. You can also find out about MSI's Splitface Wall Tile Collection featuring amazing new looks for your home.

Stacked Stone Features

Stacked stone panels bring the stone pieces together in easy assemble sections. These sections don't need grout so there is nothing to take away from the beauty of the stones. 

Indoor and Outdoor

These stones can be used to add depth to the interior and exterior of your home. The three-dimensional look adds richness to everything from fireplace surrounds to swimming pool water features. 

With an assortment of colors, these stone panels can fit any color scheme. MSI has taken this look to a new level with a group of splitface interlocking tiles that will stand out in your home.

Featuring a creative mix of textures and surfaces, MSI's Splitface Wall Tile Collection is an exciting new take on natural stone panels. 

Alaskan Gray Splitface Interlocking Wall Tile


The Alaskan Gray Splitface Interlocking Wall Tile creates contrast with its mixture of grays and whites. Different hues of soft gray will playfully combine with a creamy white that sets of the distinction.

The texture comes with the dimensional look of the different tiles. The weaving of different lengths and depths brings a bold display that doesn't overpower a room.

As you can see in the picture, the Alaskan tiles make a great backsplash for kitchen walls. This kitchen uses them as a full accent wall whose gray blends with the other colors in the room. 

The whites help keep the wall from being too dark and they catch the natural light from the window. 

Eclipse Interlocking Splitface Wall Tile


The Eclipse Interlocking Tile brings a new boldness to splitface tiles. They present a unique and stylish mixture of glass, metal, and stone tiles. Dark gray colors are contrasted with a mixture of black tiles and lighter grays.

The mixing of the textures helps the tiles avoid being too dark. The glass, metal, and light play with the light of the room and brings a different look from different angles. 

The stone wall tile in the bathroom pictured is made up of the unique blend of Eclipse Interlocking tiles. They accent the tub while catching the natural light from the window.

The blend of materials makes the wall fit in with the skyline that you see through the window. These tiles would work in any room of your house to highlight an area and provide a dramatic backdrop. 

Emperador Blend Splitface Wall Tile


The creative looks of splitface are showcased through MSI's Emperador Blend Splitface Wall Tile. This tile presents a rich array of browns along with a multitude of creams as a beautiful contrast.

The textured look of the stones reveals the colors as they come together in a bold yet not overpowering feel. These stones can blend well with similar color schemes and not come across as too harsh in the room.

The Emperador Blend stacked stone fireplace in the picture is a great example. The textured look surrounding the fireplace adds a visual dynamic to the room. But it doesn't rob the beautiful views out the windows. 

These tiles would be a great accent for your kitchen counters as a backsplash. You could also use it as an accent wall in your entryway to add a unique visual dynamic for your guests. 

Emperador Splitface Interlocking Wall Tile


If you want to bring strong earth tones to your house, the Emperador Splitface Interlocking Wall Tile is perfect. The myriad of browns flows across the stones in a delightful mixture of lights and darks. 

Subtle light veins run through the stones showcasing the browns and adding variety for the viewer's eyes. These stones can work throughout your house.

The picture shows how the backsplash of the kitchen really sets off the white counter and cabinets. Depth is added and the kitchen takes on a more complex feel with the textured backdrop.

You can also use the splitface wall tile outdoors. You can add the earthy tones to a back porch or use it for an outdoor fireplace.  

White Oak Splitface Pattern Wall Tile


The White Oak Splitface Pattern Wall Tile showcases the lighter side of stone panels. These tiles are a mixture of interlocking rough and smooth tiles that feature natural marble-like swirls. 

The natural stone showcases the colors as the lighter and darker stones add a variety to the off-white look. This look will brighten up any area and will catch the light without being too stark in appearance.

The picture of the kitchen shows how the White Oak Splitface brightens up the backsplash area. This keeps the darker countertops from feeling too heavy. The off-white backsplash lightens it up and keeps the room feeling fresh. 

Add Character to Your Home

Stacked stone with its three-dimensional look adds character wherever you put it in your home. With its creative blend of colors and textures, MSI's Splitface Wall Tile Collection will take your home to the next level of style.

At MSI, we would love to connect with you and answer your questions about our splitface wall tiles. Contact us and find out how great these tiles are for your home. We can also help you find local dealers near you.