Current Obsessions: You Can Have A White Quartz Countertop – Even If You Have Kids!

August 09, 2018

Sky’s the limit when it comes to dreaming up your perfect kitchen or bathroom. But, if you’re creating a family-friendly space, it seems as if there are limitations in real life, especially regarding white countertops. Normally, white anything would be ill-advised with children in the home, but you don’t have to worry when you have quartz.

Having a white quartz countertop is possible even if you have kids because this durable surface is more stain-resistant and scratch-resistant than other countertop materials. And as a plus, cleaning quartz is a breeze! In fact, it’s so easy that your toddler could do it! Now that you’re on board with quartz, check out these top countertop choices for your family home.

#1. Low Maintenance


Nowadays, it seems like everything is going natural, and more moms are trying to make the best decisions they can for the health and safety of their kids. Q Premium Natural Quartz from MSI is a 99.99-percent solid surface that’s a combination of natural stone and manufactured materials. So what does this mean for busy parents like you? There’s no need to reseal, polish, or recondition your quartz counter ever again. And unlike natural stone, you won’t need to apply smelly sealants or other chemicals on a recurring basis.

Fairy White is a popular choice because of its porcelain white background and soft grey veins. You won’t regret using this pretty countertop throughout your kitchen, even as a built-in dining table!

#2. Durable


There’s nothing like having the kids pull up to the kitchen island and help you prep a meal or excitedly wait to nosh on their favorite breakfast food or delicious dinner. No matter how gentle or rough your little ones can be, you can wash away your worries with quartz. This man-made material is naturally stain-, scratch, water-, and chip-resistant. Your beautiful white countertop, such as Calico White, won’t get stains from things like fruit juice to food coloring.

This chic, snowy white countertop can easily go modern or traditional like in this beautifully designed kitchen. The waterfall edge adds an updated element and bright contrast to the traditional warm wood cabinetry.

#3. Easy to Clean


Let’s face it; it isn’t easy keeping your home clean with kids. But, with quartz countertops, you can spend less time cleaning your kitchen countertop. Why? All it takes is a quick wipe with some warm water and a soft sponge or cloth to keep your non-porous countertop clean. And if you need to take on tougher messes, then adding a little dish soap is really all you need since quartz doesn’t harbor bacteria. It’s so easy that your kids can easily and safely help without having them deal with any nasty cleaning agents.

Arctic White is a completely clean canvas for your kitchen because it’s a solid white slab with absolutely no veining or pattern to it. It certainly brightens up this contemporary kitchen with its dark cabinetry and stainless steel elements, and best of all, it will stay white!

#4. Various Styles


You might think that white is an easy choice to make, but it actually comes in a wide variety of shades and styles. In fact, MSI’s Q offers more than 85 quartz colors to choose from, including white marble look quartz slabs that look like luxurious marble. Quartz like Calacatta Verona offers the classic look of white marble but with all of the benefits of quartz. It features subtle veins across a white background, and the soft pattern adds the right amount of delicate detail for this simply designed kitchen.

#5. Guaranteed to Last

Not only is it important to manage family time, but you also need to manage your budget, too. Buying a new home or tackling a kitchen remodel can get expensive with the endless upgrades and a wide array of materials. So getting something that will last should be one of the priorities on the list. For your peace of mind, MSI offers a limited lifetime residential warranty on all Q Premium Natural Quartz products. Your stunning countertop like Blanco Arabescato will stay that way for years to come!

This timeless surface comes with a pale gray background and deep brown veins for marble look quartz. In this kitchen, it perfectly links the sleek, modern cabinetry with the vintage-style oven.

A White quartz countertop is actually perfect for small-to-large families with kids of all ages. It’s one of the best kid-friendly surfaces available, especially when it comes to white. If you feel like quartz should become the newest addition to your family, then visit your local MSI showroom to select your perfectly white pick!