Run Your Slab Up Your Backsplash

October 04, 2016


When you’ve fallen in love with your choice of natural stone slab for your kitchen or bathroom countertop, why stop there? A growing trend, and one that makes a dramatically luxurious statement, is to continue that slab stone up the wall, to create a backsplash. 

There are many advantages to choosing slab stone instead of traditional options like subway tile or mosaic tile. First, ease of care – no worries about splashes or splatters from messy cooking mishaps; you can clean it just the same as your countertop. The heat-proof property of natural stone makes it ideal for behind your stove. Of course you know it’ll match your counters perfectly, and the natural veining and swirling patterns can create a truly dramatic vertical surface.

Slab stone may cost a bit more than the tiled alternative, but many designers feel it’s well worth the investment – how about you?

Black Forest

black-forest-granite-white-garrara-classique-ceramic-novara-cemento-porcelain-dBlack Forest Granite

The deep tones of Black Forest granite look amazing when you match the natural light and wood surfaces of an open-concept kitchen. The cool white flurries and veins liven up the deep sable background, adding dimension. The polished surface reflects natural lighting, creating a cheerful, calm ambiance. 

Pitaya White

pitaya-white-aPitaya White Granite

If you’re fortunate to have lots of countertop space, incorporating Pitaya White Granite granite into your kitchen design – including the vertical wall spaces – can be pure elegance. Due to its low variation, this white granite is ideal for mixing with other slab stones as well, so you could use one stone for your island, and match Pitaya White for the rest of the counters and backsplashes.

Fantasy White

fantasy-white-marbleFantasy White Marble

The iconic elegance of Fantasy White marble will make you want to install it everywhere, and it’s a natural choice to continue upward from your marble countertop into your backsplash design as well. With its dramatic gray veining, it’s a cool and eye-catching wall covering, a perfect match for steel-grey cabinetry, natural wood, wrought iron, punched tin, or just about any classic design element you could desire.


portinari-marble-bPortinari Marble

Featuring a cream-colored background with subtle veins of gold and beige, Crema Marfil marble is a natural choice for slab-style backsplashes. It works well in a contemporary design scheme, in any size room. Even a small backsplash installation, coordinated with a matching countertop, adds an opulent touch.


audacia-quartzite-aAudacia Quartzite

With Audacia, a little goes a long way – and a lot is even better! The dramatic veins in deep green and charcoal tones turn this countertop into a stunning focal point. Continuing that slab to the vertical space, even just a few inches or all the way up the wall like in the kitchen above instantly upgrades the room to a truly special space.

If you’re looking for a way to add just that extra bit of upscale elegance to your kitchen or bath design, a natural stone slab can be your solution. A marble, granite, or quartzite countertop slab continued to the wall is an extra cost, but well worth the expense.

In fact, since the eye is naturally drawn to vertical surfaces, installing a slab backsplash, even in a small area, can achieve big results. Our expert team at MSI Surfaces can help you select the perfect backsplash to match your unique needs and home decor aesthetics. Kickstart the process today by chatting with our online experts, visiting a local MSI showroom, or talking to an authorized MSI retailer near you.


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