Which Granite Countertop Edging Is Prone To Chipping?

August 24, 2018


Now that you’ve chosen the perfect granite countertop for its durability and natural beauty, the next thing to consider is the countertop edging for your kitchen or bathroom install. 

The polished standard edge, also called a squared edge, is one of the most common edges for granite; however, it’s also the one profile most prone to chipping. This squared edging typically comes in a standard 2- to 3-inch thickness, and although granite is a very hard material, the sharp corners can become a weak point. 

There are some ways to keep your granite looking its best. One of the reasons why you need to seal the natural stone is because it can have small cracks that aren’t visibly noticeable. The sealer helps liquid from getting into those tiny crevices and prevents it from slowly damaging your surface. Try to keep piles of dirty dishes at bay, or at least in the sink, since falling dishes or other heavy items could cause a chip. For parents, don’t let the kids bang their toys on your granite countertops, especially against the edge, because this may very well lead to a chip in your stone.

While the likelihood of a countertop chipping can depend greatly on the lifestyle of the homeowners, some are just more vulnerable to potential damage. If you fear the possibility of a chip, then consider softer, more rounded countertop edging options like a basic bullnose or classic ogee. To assist you in finding your kitchen style, take a look at these hard-edge alternatives.

Full Bullnose

Arctic Sand Granite

This modern, sleek kitchen features gorgeous white Arctic Sand granite with a speckled black and beige pattern against a taupe background and a half-bullnose edge. There are already so many details throughout the design, from the dark cabinetry to the backsplash to the stainless steel appliances, yet the traditional edge with a fully curved edge pairs beautifully with the minimalistic design.

Step Half Bullnose

Bianco Romano Granite

This contemporary chic kitchen incorporates a lot of materials that bounce light around, and these homeowners chose an edge to reflect the three-dimensional quality. The Bianco Romano light gray granite counters are shown in the polished standard edge as well as the step half-bullnose on the island. This edge has a 90-degree step, slightly rounded edge, and flat bottom, and it gives the kitchen island a more substantial presence thanks to the thicker edge.

Triple Pencil

Azurite Granite

This French country kitchen includes a number of lovely details, from the rich hardwood floors to beautiful chandelier lighting. Yet, the design doesn’t feel overwhelming at all thanks to the flood of natural light, soft neutral color palette, and Azurite's deep blue, coffee, and cream and veins and swirls. The classic triple pencil edge features three rounded, convex curves that create a gentle and elegant look for an elegant, sophisticated look.

Double Radius

Silver Falls Granite

Silver Falls granite countertop, boasting a chic double-radius edge, takes center stage in this minimalist kitchen adorned with pristine white cabinets. Featuring smoothed corners, this stone epitomizes modern elegance with its soft gray tones and intricate veining. The double radius edge profile adds refinement and safety, balancing the kitchen's clean design. Not only a visual marvel, the gentle-edged granite counter is also a practical choice, offering durability, heat resistance, and stain resistance. 

A simple detail like your countertop edge contributes to the overall style more than you might think. Finding the right edge for your kitchen or bathroom is easy with the MSI Countertop Edge Visualizer tool. It features two different granite colors in 12 of the most popular edging profiles so that you can try on different edges and get a look at which one suits your space the best. 

For guided assistance in choosing your optimal granite edge, chat with us online now, visit an MSI showroom near you, or contact your local MSI authorized retailer for more information.


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