Backyard Transformation: Create A Golfer’S Retreat With MSI’S Evergrass® Putting Green Turf

April 12, 2024


The popularity of at-home golf setups has recently skyrocketed, with more people opting to install putting greens in their backyards. Some feature real grass, while others employ the low-maintenance convenience of artificial grass.

With the convenience of practicing at home and the ability to customize their putting green turf, it’s no surprise that homeowners are investing in high-quality artificial turf like Evergrass® Putting Green Turf to elevate their landscapes and perfect their golf game.

The Evergrass® Advantage


For a real grass look, Evergrass® offers an assortment of remarkable advantages. From its lack of water requirements to its antimicrobial agents, this outdoor surface is a solid choice for creating aesthetically pleasing, cost-effective, and hygienic outdoor spaces.

Unlike real grass, Evergrass® demands no water to preserve its good looks, making it a sustainable and cost-effective option. Gone are the days of remembering to water, mow, and fertilize—this option is incredibly low maintenance! You won’t need to spend hours mowing, dethatching, or meticulously fertilizing your putting green, saving you time and effort in the long run.

In addition to its waterless and low-maintenance design, Evergrass® features BioLuxe, which incorporates antimicrobial agents into the grass. This helps combat unpleasant odors, bacteria, and microbes, making it a safe and hygienic option for play areas where children and pets frolic.

Features of Evergrass® Putting Turf

Evergrass® Putting Turf mirrors the real-grass golfing experience and boasts various features that lend to this, including:

  • Superior drainage: The turf boasts a unique drainage design that prevents mud and standing water, ensuring a superior playing experience regardless of the weather.
  • Realistic appearance and texture: The blades of grass mimic the appearance of real grass, enhancing the golf experience and honing your skills for when you play next.
  • UV-stabilized, heat, and frost-resistant makeup: This turf was crafted with materials built to withstand the environment, including UV exposure, heat, and frost, ensuring the grass maintains its good looks for years.
  • Stain- and fade-resistant: Its durable materials are stain- and fade-resistant and non-absorbent, ensuring a consistent play quality.

Benefits for Your Golf Game


Having a personal putting green can make a world of difference in your golf goals. With your backyard putting green, you won’t have to travel for regular practice. This means you can practice whenever and for how long you want—no need to worry about booking a time slot or worrying about time constraints.

Furthermore, you can customize your golf green however you like. Add setups that challenge and hone your skills, mimicking real-game scenarios that prepare you to dominate when you play. Whether you want to simulate undulating terrains, incorporate hazards, or adjust the speed of the green, your customization options are virtually endless!

Other Uses for Evergrass® Turf


While ideal for creating envy-worthy at-home golf greens, the applications of Evergrass® Turf go far beyond putting greens. It is perfect for creating an evergreen oasis in your backyard, whether you want to replace your grass with a beautiful, low-maintenance option or make cleanup easier in a specific pet area.

Evergrass® is an excellent option for numerous applications. It allows you to create a picturesque outdoor space that boasts stunning green hues year-round.

Installation Made Easy

Installing a simple putting green can be a straightforward, DIY-friendly project.

Begin by preparing your installation area: excavate the ground, remove existing sprinklers (as your new turf will be low maintenance and not require watering), and compact the soil to ensure an even surface. At this stage, installing a weed barrier and gopher wire can provide extra protection for your turf.

Next, prepare your turf by laying it out, cutting it to fit, and securing it with your chosen seaming method, ensuring the edges are neatly tucked against any borders for a clean finish.

Finally, add some finishing touches with filler to keep the grass blades upright and give the turf more weight, followed by a final groom for a seamless appearance.

More detailed turf installation instructions are available, but if you’re looking for an ultra-easy experience, talk to a professional landscaper. More complex installations and out-of-the-box design ideas can present unique challenges that may require the expertise and know-how of a professional landscaper.

Elevate Your Landscape with MSI’s Evergrass® Putting Green Turf

With its low-maintenance design, superior drainage, and realistic appearance, Evergrass® Putting Green Turf is perfect for creating a personal golfer’s retreat. It’s sustainable, cost-effective, and hygienic, making it an excellent finishing touch for your outdoor oasis.

It enhances the golfing experience to hone your skills and allows for customization and year-round use. Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or just starting, installing Evergrass® Putting Green Turf in your backyard is an investment that will pay off in countless hours of practice, fun, and relaxation!

Need help choosing the perfect Evergrass® Turf for your golf project? Chat with us online, visit an MSI showroom, or contact an authorized MSI retailer in your area.


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