Making An Informed Decision: The Pros And Cons Of Quartzite Countertops

January 30, 2024


Choosing the right countertop material for your kitchen or bathroom is a big decision. Among the many available options, quartzite is an excellent choice because of its mix of beauty, strength and versatility. Crafted from natural stone, each piece is genuinely unique, leaving a lasting impression in any setting. Quartzite stands as the perfect choice for enhancing a variety of spaces, ranging from countertops and full backsplashes to waterfall islands and beyond.

Let's learn what quartzite is and why it's a good option in terms of price and functionality compared to other popular options. This deep dive into quartzite countertops will give you all the information you need to help you decide if this beautiful material is what you want for your home's style and practical needs.

What Exactly is Quartzite?

crytos-quartzite-countertopCrytos Quartzite

Quartzite begins as sandstone that undergoes a process deep in the Earth where it is exposed to intense heat and pressure. This turns it into the hard and attractive stone we call quartzite. Each piece is strong and has its own unique pattern, making every slab one-of-a-kind. This product is available in various shades, each with a sophisticated appearance and subtle shimmer from the quartz crystals it contains.

Quartzite is more durable than many other countertop materials, which means it can easily handle the hustle and bustle of a busy kitchen. It’s an excellent choice if you're looking for a material that combines the elegance of stone with a readiness to take on the challenges of everyday kitchen use.

Quartzite Price Range Compared to
Other Popular Countertops

When considering the cost of quartzite countertops without installation, they typically fall within a moderate to premium price range. Quartzite itself costs between $30 and $150 per square foot, depending on factors like color and veining, with unique patterns generally commanding higher prices. In comparison, granite is more affordable, ranging from $10 to $75 per square foot without installation. Quartz offers a cost-effective alternative, priced between $15 and $50 per square foot. Marble, known for its classic beauty, has a wider price range from $15 to $150 per square foot, reflecting the variety in its natural patterning and rarity. Soapstone, another option, is priced between $30 and $75 per square foot, while porcelain countertops, favored for their durability and low maintenance, cost between $15 and $40 per square foot. These price points, which do not include the additional costs of installation, indicate that while quartzite is certainly a premium choice, its cost is competitive with other popular materials like granite, marble, and porcelain, especially when considering the luxe appearance and longevity of the material.

Benefits of Quartzite Countertops

denali-quartzite-countertopDenali Quartzite

Enduring Durability of Quartzite

Known for its exceptional durability, quartzite is an ideal material for kitchen countertops and other surfaces that face daily wear and tear. Its enduring nature ensures that it maintains both its appearance and quality over time, making it a superb long-term investment for the style and functionality of your kitchen.

The Heat-Resistant Qualities of Quartzite

Quartzite's heat resistance makes it an excellent choice for kitchens. It stands up well to hot pots and pans straight from the stove, minimizing the risk of heat damage. While it's quite resilient, using trivets is still recommended to ensure the longevity and preservation of your countertops. This combination of durability and practical precautions provides peace of mind and functionality in a busy kitchen setting.

Low Maintenance Advantage of Quartzite

Quartzite's low maintenance needs means you can enjoy its beauty without dedicating excessive time to upkeep. By following proper guidelines, such as using mild dish soap for cleaning and avoiding abrasive cleaners, your countertops will retain their stunning appearance with minimal effort. Regularly wiping them down with a soft cloth is often all it takes to keep them in top condition. Additionally, ensuring they have a proper seal will further protect them and extend their lifespan, making quartzite a practical and convenient choice for those with busy lifestyles.

Quartzite's Unique Patterns and Natural Beauty

The attractiveness of quartzite is defined by its unique and beautiful composition, which adds a distinct touch of elegance to any environment. This natural stone stands out for its ability to enhance a space with its sophisticated textures and patterns. The charm of quartzite is unparalleled, making it a perfect choice for those looking to elevate their countertop with a refined and natural style.

Quartzite's Wide Range of Color Options

Quartzite offers an extensive variety of color options, complemented by unique natural veining that adds to its allure. This range allows you to select the ideal shade that aligns perfectly with your home's color scheme. Whether you're drawn to understated earth tones or more vibrant blues and greens, the array of hues available is both diverse and visually striking, ensuring that you can find the right match to enhance the aesthetic of your space.

Considerations for Quartzite Countertops

milano-quartzite-countertopMilano Quartzite

Protecting Your Quartzite from Scratches

Although quartzite is quite scratch-resistant, very sharp objects have the potential to scratch the protective coating or even the stone if used with significant force. This can happen if sharp items, like knives or other kitchen tools, are used directly on the surface. To avoid this, it's recommended to always use cutting boards.

Understanding and Preventing Quartzite Etching

Etching on countertops can happen through a chemical reaction when acidic substances, such as lemon juice, vinegar, or other acidic foods and cleaners, come into contact with the surface. If your countertop has calcium or dolomite, it can react with the acids, leading to etching. It's essential to clean up any acidic spills promptly to prevent etching.

Minimizing Scuffing on Quartzite Surfaces

Scuff marks on quartzite countertops often result from dragging heavy objects across the surface. Rough handling or careless use of kitchenware and appliances can lead to noticeable scuff marks on quartzite.

Additionally, using abrasive cleaning tools can also contribute to scuffing.

Sealing to Protect Porous Quartzite

Quartzite's porous nature means it has tiny openings that can absorb spills. To prevent stains and bacterial buildup, regular sealing of the quartzite surface is recommended. With proper sealing, you can ensure that spills don't penetrate the material, maintaining the countertop's appearance and making it easier to keep clean.

Weight Challenges with Installation

Due to its density and weight, quartzite can be challenging to install. Since this is a heavier material, additional support structures may be required to ensure safe and secure placement, especially for larger countertop areas. And mounting quartzite on vertical surfaces can be demanding due to its weight, requiring careful handling and expertise.

Discover the Elegance of Quartzite with MSI

Quartzite countertops offer a compelling combination of durability, heat resistance, low maintenance, unique beauty, and a wide range of color options. This makes them an ideal choice for anyone looking to enhance their kitchen or bathroom with a surface that is as practical as it is aesthetically pleasing. Whether you're undergoing a full renovation or simply updating your countertops, quartzite stands out as a material that can elevate the look of your home while promising longevity and ease of use.

At MSI, we understand the importance of choosing the right countertop material for your space. That's why we offer an extensive selection of high-quality quartzite options to suit various styles and preferences. If you're interested in exploring the beauty and benefits of quartzite countertops, we're here to help.

To learn more about MSI’s quartzite countertop options, chat with us online, visit one of our nationwide showrooms, or contact a local authorized MSI retailer. Let us help you make your space truly remarkable with the elegance of quartzite.