The Perfect Way To Use Pebbles For Ground Cover

September 10, 2021


Are you looking for a way to bring some color and style to your yard while filling and preserving your land? Pebbles are the perfect solution for ground cover!

Colored rocks bring an element of sophistication to your landscape while offering many benefits. They prevent weeds while promoting drainage and deterring erosion. Landscape rock also act as a supportive element and enhance exterior features such as driveways and walls. Available in a wide variety of colors, rock ground cover can solve your landscape problems while lending a decorative touch.

If you want to elevate your outdoor oasis, keep reading to learn the perfect ways to use pebbles in your space.

Pamper Your Garden

Using pebbles as ground cover in your garden is more than an aesthetic choice. It is a practical solution. Besides giving your garden a finished look, pebbles help retain moisture by acting as a mulch layer. Mulch layers reduce evaporation by up to 70%, keeping the soil moist to promote growth. Rock mulch also prevents wash out in your garden after rainstorms. It helps prevent the growth of weeds as well.  

An Alternative to Mulch

Pebbles also make an excellent alternative to pine chips or bark mulch because of their longevity. Wood mulch decays over time, rotting or decomposing from exposure to the elements. In time its color fades, it washes away, and it can even harbor fungus or bugs. As a result, you have to replace it annually.

But rocks are a much more permanent solution. They do not need much maintenance, which means less hauling and raking. And garden rock ages well, so they keep their beauty for years to come.

Enhance Your Home's Exterior

Rocks aren't just for gardens. Landscape stones offer various opportunities to add color, texture, and interest to your home's exterior. 

Along with plants and sculptures, try grouping garden rocks together to create a focal point. Use a large boulder or arrangement of stones to design a unique hardscape feature.

What better way to bring attention to your pool or other water feature than to use river rocks? Small ponds and streams are beautifully accented by their textures and colors. 

If you have a fire pit, consider adding a little flair to your fire. From large stones to colorful pebbles, rocks are a safe and fun choice.

Deck Out Your Driveway

In addition to their curb appeal, rocks are a functional addition to your yard.  Areas that receive heavy traffic, such as your driveway, need durable materials that stand the test of time. Pebbles and gravel are great options. They hold up under pressure and are also comfortable to walk on.

Pavers or flagstones are also excellent choices, especially for paths and walkways. Installed correctly, they provide a stable and even walking surface. Try filling the space between the stones with smaller garden rocks to reduce weed growth and add visual interest.

Create Stellar Support

Rocks and stones are perfect for supporting areas around your yard that need a little extra help. As an alternative to concrete, you can set fence posts with river rocks. This allows for more visual appeal and even drainage, keeping the post material from breaking down. 

If you have an uneven area of your yard that needs a retaining wall, consider using stones. You can assemble a dry-stacked wall without the need for mortar if you choose angular rocks. They stack easily and give your hardscaping a natural feel. Backfill the area with smaller pebbles and soil for a solid wall that deters erosion. 

A Kaleidoscope of Colors

Landscape rocks are the perfect way to add depth and dimensionality to your yard. Choosing the right color is essential. You want to make a visual impact while still being functional.

Before selecting colors, be sure to have a plan. Keep in mind the color of your home and its aesthetic. For example, a rugged-style rock is likely not the best choice for a minimal, zen setting.

Also, think about how the color might impact your landscape. Light-colored rocks reflect the heat of the sun, while dark colors absorb it. Dark colors may harm delicate plants and can make your patio unbearably hot during the summer months. 

At MSI, we have a variety of beautiful pebbles to complement your landscape design. Take a look at a few types of landscape rocks we have available:

Amazon Multi Pebbles

Amazon Multi Pebbles

Amazon Multi Pebbles feature beautiful multicolored hues and resemble natural beach stones. The finely polished pebbles are made of quartzite and come in two sizes to fit your needs. 

Yellow Polished Pebbles

Yellow Polished Pebbles

We love the warmth and character of Yellow Polished Pebbles. The polished rocks are made of marble and feature natural veining in soft hues of yellow, white, and grey.

Nile Grey Pebbles

msi-nile-grey-pebbles-minNile Grey Pebbles

Elegant and lovely, these quartzite Nile Grey Pebbles have a natural finish with a beach pebble feel. They feature grey hues and are excellent for a variety of projects. 

A Wide Variety of Outdoor Options

Pebbles are an integral piece of your landscape design. They define different sections of your yard, serving specific functions and improving aesthetics. Garden rocks create endless possibilities for your outdoor space.

To get inspired, check out this variety of ways that landscape stones can enhance your yard.

Create a Perfect Space with Pebbles

Pebbles are a great way to spruce your yard. They provide a sophisticated element that can't be replicated with other landscaping materials. Not only are they pleasing to the eye, but stones are also a practical solution for a variety of landscape needs.

If you're ready to transform your landscape and beautify your yard with pebbles, contact us today. Our team is here to help you choose the best type of rock or stone for your needs. We're available by online chat, or you can find an authorized local MSI retailer or visit an MSI showroom.

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