From Carrara To Calacatta: Strength And Aesthetics Of Marble-Look Porcelain Tile

October 16, 2023


Known for its luxurious appearance, exceptional durability, and longevity, marble has long been an ideal choice for building designs, but porcelain tiles present an attractive, durable alternative to traditional marble. 

Carrara and Calacatta marble, both hailing from Italy's Carrara region, are renowned for their luxurious appearance and timeless appeal. Carrara boasts a classic white or light gray base with delicate, fine gray veining, while Calacatta stands out with its bold white backdrop and striking, larger veining in gray and gold. These materials have adorned prestigious monuments and found their place in modern interior design for countertops, flooring, and more. 

Although natural stone is a popular choice for many, MSI also offers a beautiful selection of marble-look porcelain that possesses the same enchanting allure as natural stone. However, it boasts the remarkable durability and resistance of fired porcelain, making it impervious to stains, scratches, and moisture, while demanding minimal maintenance. 

These porcelain products offer versatility in size, finish, and style, making it a practical choice for various applications. It is cost-effective and provides a consistent look. Whether you prefer Carrara's elegance or Calacatta's bold opulence, it provides a durable and budget-friendly option that doesn't compromise on aesthetics, making it a compelling choice for both residential and commercial projects. 

The Benefits of Porcelain Tile 

Porcelain tile features an array of notable benefits that, when combined with the beautiful look of marble, create a durable, attractive finish. The most prominent benefits include: 

  • Durability and resilience: Porcelain is incredibly strong and durable. It’s highly resistant to water, while its density offers better resistance to wear and tear than ceramic tile, making it a beautiful, long-lasting option.  
  • Realistic appearance: It closely mimics natural stone, making it an excellent alternative to traditional marble.  
  • Beautiful designs: These tiles are available in an array of dazzling designs that complement various aesthetics. Select something with a bold, dark grain to create dynamic visual appeal, or choose a product with a soft, soothing mixture of similar hues for a blended appearance.  
  • Versatile: Marble-look porelain can be the perfect addition to multiple areas of your home. Adorn your kitchen backsplash with wall tiles or cover your floors in it to enjoy the best of durability and design.  
  • Easy maintenance: Porcelain is incredibly easy to maintain. It doesn’t require special treatment or fancy polishes. Instead, you can restore its attractive shine with a wet sponge or mop.  

Stunning Marble-Look Porcelain Tile Options 

The smooth, cool surface of marble-look porcelain can be an excellent option for kitchens, bathrooms, and floors throughout your home. Here are a few beautiful options to elevate your home.  

Carrara-Influenced Porcelain Surfaces

kaya-carrara-bianco-porcelain-tile Carrara Bianco Porcelain Tile 

Carrara Bianco porcelain tile from our Kaya Collection boasts dramatic feathery gray veins atop a warm white background, mimicking the luxurious appearance of Italian marble. The photo above depicts its style and sleek, attractive appearance when used on floors. The white walls and black accents complement the creamy white floors, creating an intriguing contrast that draws attention and emanates luxury.  

stile-carrara-porcelain-slabStile™ Carrara Polished Porcelain Slab 

Our Stile™ Carrara Polished Porcelain Slab is another excellent choice for those that love the look of marble. These slabs depict unique veining sprawled across a soft white backdrop. The large format creates a stunning kitchen countertop, providing a durable and scratch-resistant surface for prepping your favorite meals. These slabs are lightweight and low maintenance, making them a suitable option for use in varying home environments including walls and showers. 

Calacatta-Inspired Porcelain Surfaces 

eden-calacatta-hexagon-porcelain-tileEden Calacatta Porcelain Tile 

Eden Calacatta porcelain tile features a classic luxury blend with generous gold veining and a creamy, white background. It’s a phenomenal finishing touch in the bathroom depicted above, as it ties in the creams and whites, adding a splash of gold that adds visual appeal and radiates opulence. This tile comes in various shapes and sizes, including hexes, chevron mosaics, and classic subway looks, allowing you to customized your space.  

regallo-calacatta-marbella-porcelain-tileCalacatta Marbella Porcelain Tile 

Calacatta Marbella from our Regallo Collection melds warm, earthy hues with a creamy white background to create a welcoming feel with timeless quality. It features thick gold, silver, and copper veins that pair beautifully with natural color palettes, including woods, beiges, browns, and creams. This flooring effortlessly complements the tones in the depicted scene, yielding a cozy feel that oozes luxury while remaining inviting.   

kaya-calacatta-venato-porcelain-tileCalacatta Venato Porcelain Tile 

Our Kaya Collection features the exquisite Calacatta Venato porcelain tile, with soft grey veining on a white backdrop. The veins add a touch of subtle contrast, creating a balance of opulence and elegance in the pictured space above. The floor tile starkly contradicts the rich browns, tans, and greens of the surrounding décor and the warm white undertone lends itself well to the earthy tones.  

Elevate Your Home with Marble-Look Porcelain Tile 

Our marble-look porcelain tile meshes the best of this amazing material and natural stone, creating a stunning final product that expertly complements your aesthetic tastes and home design. Whether you prefer the dramatic looks of creams paired with dark hues or the calm blend of neutral tones, this product can be an excellent option.  

If you’re ready to elevate your home or need help selecting the perfect fit, we can help! Chat with us online now, visit a local MSI showroom, or discuss your options with an authorized MSI retailer near you! 


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