The Green Revolution: Certified Flooring's Role In Transforming The Hotel Industry

January 09, 2024

msi-featured-image-the-green-revolution-certified-flooring-s-role-in-transforming-the-hotel-industry-In recent years, hotel industry trends have seen a substantial shift towards sustainability, with certified hotel flooring emerging as a key element in this transformation. This change is not just about adopting eco-friendly practices; it's about enhancing guest experiences, ensuring healthier indoor environments, and reaping operational benefits.

At MSI, our dedication to sustainable practices goes beyond the standard requirements. Our approach focuses not only on adopting environmentally friendly practices but also on enhancing the guest experience, promoting healthier indoor environments, and delivering operational advantages. This commitment positions MSI as a key player in the industry's sustainable transformation.

miraggio-gold-certified-porcelain-paversMiraggio Gold Porcelain Tile

There are many MSI flooring products at the forefront of this transformation, including luxury vinyl flooring, porcelain tile and pavers, and engineered wood. These flooring options not only offer an aesthetic appeal but also come with MSI’s environmental certifications like GREENGUARD Gold and USGBC/LEED, ensuring they meet high standards of sustainability and indoor air quality.

The Benefits of Certified Flooring

One of the primary benefits of certified flooring for hotels is the significant improvement in indoor air quality. These products have lower chemical emissions, reducing exposure to volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and ensuring a healthier environment for guests and staff. Additionally, in an age where travelers are increasingly eco-conscious, using sustainable flooring helps hotels attract a segment of the market that values environmental responsibility.

Moreover, certified hospitality flooring can lead to operational cost savings. LEED-certified buildings, for example, often have lower energy and water usage, resulting in long-term cost reductions. This aspect of sustainability doesn't just stop at cost savings; it extends to increased property values as green buildings are often more valued than their non-green counterparts.

mccarran-wayland-certified-engineered-wood-flooringMcCarran Wayland Engineered Hardwood Flooring

From a regulatory standpoint, using certified flooring can help hotels comply with various building codes and environmental regulations, potentially avoiding penalties and benefiting from government incentives. This compliance is not just about meeting standards but also about enhancing the overall guest experience. A hotel that prioritizes health and sustainability offers a unique and fulfilling experience to its guests, making them feel better about their choice of stay.

Durability and longevity are other key advantages. Certified flooring tends to meet higher quality standards, ensuring longer-lasting surfaces that can withstand the high traffic typical of hotel environments. This means reduced maintenance and replacement costs for the hotels.

Furthermore, adopting sustainable hotel designs can significantly enhance a hotel's brand image, positioning it as a responsible and forward-thinking establishment. This positive brand image is often complemented by potential tax incentives or rebates offered by governments for adopting green standards.

trevi-silver-certified-porcelain-paversArterra® Trevi Silver Porcelain Pavers

Lastly, for hotels aiming for a broader LEED certification for their buildings, using certified flooring can contribute essential points towards achieving this goal. This contribution is not just a tick in the box but a step towards a more sustainable and environmentally responsible hospitality industry.

Leading the Way in Sustainable Surfacing Practices

MSI is deeply committed to environmental stewardship in the surfacing industry overall. Our focus includes a myriad of sustainable practices: transitioning from Styrofoam to recycled cardboard packaging, adopting paperless initiatives, changing tile shipments from crates to more environmentally friendly pallets, utilizing solar panels and electric forklifts, and designing reusable, resizable pallets, are just some of the examples of our commitment. MSI holds the GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality and Children & Schools Certifications, and FloorScore®, ensuring low emissions and healthier indoor environments. We are also a WaterSense partner and a member of the U.S. Green Building Council and Natural Stone Council, contributing to sustainable building practices.

cyrus-fauna-2.0-certified-luxury-vinyl-planksCyrus 2.0 Fauna Luxury Vinyl Planks

The move towards certified flooring in the hotel industry is a testament to the sector's commitment to sustainability, quality, and guest satisfaction. It's a change that goes beyond aesthetics, embedding environmental responsibility into the very foundation of the hospitality industry.

For more information on MSI’s role in this movement, chat with us online, visit a nearby MSI showroom, or contact a local authorized MSI retailer near you.


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