The Future Of Flooring: Exploring The Advantages Of Hybrid Rigid Core Technology

January 08, 2024


Home design trends may change over the years, but products like Hybrid Rigid Core (HRC) flooring are leading design into the future. It offers cutting-edge advancements in flooring technology, combining the best features of luxury vinyl flooring and engineered wood to meet the demands of modern life.

Our Smithcliffs Hybrid Rigid Core flooring collection elevates any residential or commercial space. In addition to a versatile aesthetic that complements almost every design style, HRC offers a variety of benefits. With this beautiful and durable flooring option, your space will be prepared for whatever the future brings.

What Is Hybrid Rigid Core Flooring?

MSI’s Hybrid Rigid Core flooring is one of the most innovative flooring products available on the market today. It is a premium surface available in multiple stunning colors. Whether you love neutral hues or bold colors, you will find the perfect look for your next project.

The true-to-life textures and colors make this flooring option nearly indistinguishable from genuine wood but without the need for time-consuming maintenance or upkeep. With our exclusive CrystaLux Ultra protection layer providing ultimate durability, you can feel confident about using this premium flooring in almost any indoor application.

malton-hybrid-rigid-core-flooringMalton® Hybrid Rigid Core Flooring

The “rigid core” layer of this product is constructed from a plastic-wood composite. This combination results in a denser product compared to luxury vinyl planks. The composite nature of HRC improves stability and protects against expansion and contraction fractures related to changes in temperature and humidity.

The top layer of our Hybrid Rigid Core flooring is a durable vinyl material with realistic graphics that mimic the look natural wood. Some HRC products also include an attached backing layer that provides additional cushioning and sound insulation. Together, these layers create a long-wearing flooring material that stays beautiful even in high-traffic areas.

Benefits of Smithcliffs Hybrid Rigid Core

If good looks were the only criteria, you’d have thousands of flooring options to choose from. However, few flooring materials offer all the benefits available with MSI’s Hybrid Rigid Core.

Is Hybrid Rigid Core Durable?

The layered and composite engineering of HRC creates a high standard of durable flooring. With our exclusive and innovative commercial-grade CrystaLux Ultra protection layer, Smithcliffs is aids against everyday wear and tear.

It is 50% more scratch-resistant than vinyl and is ideal for homes with pets. Our Hybrid Rigid Core flooring is so durable that it comes backed by a lifetime limited residential, 15-year limited light commercial, and 10-year limited commercial warranties.

hillsdale-hybrid-rigid-core-flooringHillsdale Hybrid Rigid Core Flooring

Is Hybrid Rigid Core Water Resistant?

Hybrid Rigid Core flooring is waterproof thanks to the addition of MSI’s patent-pending DryLuxe technology. With superior protection against water, this robust surface can be used in bathrooms, kitchens, basements, and other areas where moisture is a concern.

How to Install Hybrid Rigid Core

This product’s proprietary locking system makes the project easy enough for almost anyone to handle. Whether you choose professional or DIY installation, the interlocking system will save you time and money. This is because there’s no need for grout, decreasing both material and labor costs.

driftway-hybrid-rigid-core-flooringDriftway Hybrid Rigid Core Flooring

Is Hybrid Rigid Core Environmentally Sustainable?

Our Hybrid Rigid Core flooring is non-toxic and eco-friendly. The composited plank option is constructed from 100% PVC-free, sustainably harvested, and reclaimed sources. Smithcliffs is also GREENGUARD Gold and FloorScore® Certified. The anti-microbial protection helps create the clean, healthy indoor environment you want.

Hybrid Rigid Core Is Easy to Maintain

No sealing or special polishing is ever needed with HRC flooring. Clean spills and other messes when they happen to keep your floors looking great every day. Traditional wet mopping with a gentle cleaner and steam mopping are both recommended for regular maintenance.

Hybrid Rigid Core Comfort

With HRC, you will be treated to a special layered composition. Our thick 2MM attached closed-cell waterproof acoustic and comfort pad offers sound insulation and a soft feel underfoot.

lanston-oak-hybrid-rigid-core-flooringLanston Oak Hybrid Rigid Core Flooring

HRC Aesthetic Flexibility

With advanced printing and texturing techniques, HRC flooring can realistically mimic the look of wood, stone, or other materials. This flooring can be used in almost any indoor residential or commercial setting, including high-traffic zones and areas prone to excess moisture, making it one of the most versatile flooring options available!

The Future of Flooring With HRC Technology

The future of Hybrid Rigid Core flooring is bright. New technologies promise even greater advancements in design realism, durability, and environmental sustainability. A wider range of realistic, customizable designs that are virtually imperceptible from natural products is on the horizon.

As demand for HRC grows, you can expect an increase in affordability and availability. We look forward to helping make this flooring accessible to a wider range of consumers.  

Find Your Perfect Hybrid Rigid Core Floor at MSI

Beautiful, durable, and waterproof flooring for any room in the house is no longer just a dream. With Hybrid Rigid Core flooring, you truly can have it all. Chat with us online, contact an authorized MSI retailer, or visit an MSI showroom near you to learn more.


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