Mosaic Mix Up: Floors Come Alive With Pattern

July 24, 2016


In interior design, there are classic pairings that simply go well together. Subway tile and mosaics is one of those harmonious, time-tested duos—and for good reason. 

Ceramic subway tiles first made their debut in New York City’s train stations in the early 1900s, and by their side were small, durable mosaic tiles whose tiny stature nevertheless created captivating artistic patterns and borders that beautified and personalized each station. Not surprisingly, people began imitating the style, and soon the combo started popping up as floor tile in prewar homes, restaurants and other public spaces.

The clean, classic lines of subway tile walls created the perfect backdrop upon which to add dramatic, one-of-a-kind floor patterns, but without overwhelming the overall design. Another benefit: the tiny tiles complemented the smaller-sized rooms typical of early 20th century spaces, whereas larger floor tiles would have looked cramped and out of place. 

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