Designing With Everlife®: How To Choose The Right Luxury Vinyl Flooring For Your Decor

July 01, 2024


In the dynamic realm of interior design, choosing the correct flooring is essential for establishing a room's visual and functional foundation. Everlife® Luxury Vinyl Flooring delivers exceptional durability and practicality and offers diverse designs that can significantly enhance any living space.

Here, we’ll illustrate the transformative power of these versatile flooring options, ensuring that every room meets the demands of daily use and resonates with your style and vision.

As we showcase these premium luxury vinyl planks and luxury vinyl tiles, you'll discover how each selection serves as the cornerstone for many stylistic directions, effectively supporting and accentuating each unique environment. Whether you are updating a cozy nook or overhauling a grand dining area, the correct flooring selection is crucial in transforming the atmosphere and functionality of your interiors.

Let’s dive into the various luxury vinyl flooring options MSI offers and how they can seamlessly integrate with and elevate your existing decor, providing the perfect backdrop for any interior.

Embracing Eclectic Design with Modern Flair

andover-whitby-white-luxury-vinyl-planks-eclecticAndover Whitby White® Luxury Vinyl Planks

Blending eclectic elements with modern influences, this space utilizes a mix of different styles and elements to create a unique and personalized atmosphere. Our wood-look Andover Whitby White® luxury vinyl planks, in white and light gray, provide a durable yet stylish flooring option that enhances the light, airy colors of the room, adding to its sense of spaciousness and modern appeal.

The gold accent chair and patterned textiles introduce vintage and glamorous elements, while the sleek lines of the furniture and large, angular windows add a contemporary feel. The eclectic theme is evident in the playful combination of textures, colors, and decor, creating a visually engaging and comfortable space.

Sleek Design Meets Urban Elegance

trecento-mountains-gray-luxury-vinyl-tile-urban-eleganceTrecento® Mountains Gray® Luxury Vinyl Tile

This contemporary urban kitchen features clean lines and a modern look characterized by sleek cabinetry in contrasting tones of blue and wood. The minimalist bar stools and the inclusion of stainless steel appliances and fixtures contribute to the contemporary feel. An industrial influence is subtly integrated through elements like the exposed shelving and the choice of robust, simple materials, giving the space a functional yet stylish vibe.

Trecento® Mountains Gray® luxury vinyl tile provides a durable and visually appealing flooring option that complements the design. This gray and greige tile has a stone look with a rugged concrete finish for a look that is fresh and updated, perfect for a home that values style and practicality.

Blending Sophistication with Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Design

ludlow-luxury-vinyl-planks-modern-farmhouseCyrus® Ludlow® Luxury Vinyl Planks

This farmhouse bathroom beautifully marries traditional country elements with a sleek, modern twist. Key features that highlight this theme include the clean lines of the white cabinetry and freestanding bathtub, paired with more rustic elements like Cyrus® Ludlow® luxury vinyl planks, which provide a durable and stylish foundation that complements the decor.

Additionally, the pendant light with a natural woven texture and dark wood floors in grey and charcoal tones accentuate the rustic charm. The white shiplap walls and high vaulted ceiling enhance the farmhouse aesthetic, while the simplicity and minimalism in the decor keep it modern and fresh. The large window frames painted black also add a contemporary edge to the design, creating a comfortable yet stylish space.

Incorporating Minimalism and Contemporary Style in Bedroom Design

andover-briar-haven-luxury-vinyl-planks-minimalist-contemporyAndover Briar Haven Luxury Vinyl Planks

The bedroom in the image showcases a minimalist and contemporary design theme. It features clean lines, a neutral color palette, and an uncluttered aesthetic. Honey-hued Andover Briar Haven luxury vinyl planks provide a stylish yet functional flooring choice. They complement the soft, muted tones of the walls and bedding, enhancing the minimalist approach.

The use ofsimple furniture and the absence of excessive decor help create a serene and spacious feel. With their linear hanging design, the pendant lights add a touch of elegance, emphasizing vertical space and simplicity. This design is perfect for creating a calm and relaxing bedroom environment.

Time-Honored Warmth with a Rustic and Traditional Kitchen Design

prescott-runmill-isle-luxury-vinyl-planks-in-kitchenPrescott® Runmill Isle® Luxury Vinyl Planks

This kitchen showcases the warmth of a rustic and traditional design theme. It features dark wood cabinetry and matching black countertops that contrast nicely with blond-hued, wood-look Prescott® Runmill Isle® luxury vinyl planks. This premium flooring provides durability and style that complements the soft beige walls.

The arched windows add a classic touch, complementing the cozy and inviting atmosphere. The inclusion of antique-style lighting fixtures and the wooden, oval table in the center emphasize a timeless, rustic charm that is both functional and visually pleasing. The room is well-balanced with appliances, maintaining practicality while adhering to the traditional style.

A Serene Dining Room Design with Scandinavian and Rustic Charm

aaron-blonde-wood-flooring-scandinavianWoodhills® Aaron Blonde Wood Flooring Oak

With a harmonious blend of Scandinavian design and rustic charm, this dining room seamlessly captures the essence of both styles. This design theme is characterized by its minimalist approach, focusing on simplicity, functionality, and the use of natural materials. The light color palette, predominantly featuring whites and beiges, enhances the Scandinavian interior while the ample use of the light brown Woodhills® Aaron Blonde Wood Flooring adds a natural and elegant touch underfoot.

The rustic influence is evident in the choice of rough-hewn wooden table and chairs, which add texture and warmth. The clean lines, uncluttered space, and large windows further define the Scandinavian aesthetic. The atmosphere is one of relaxed comfort, combining elegance with practicality.

Mastering Industrial Chic in Modern Living Spaces

xl-cyrus-bracken-hill-industrial-chicXL Cyrus® Bracken Hill Luxury Vinyl Planks

Characterized by its raw and edgy aesthetic, this industrial chic living space checks off all the boxes for style and functionality, blending exposed structural elements with sleek modern decor. The distressed brick wall serves as a key element of this style, bringing texture and a sense of urbanity to the space.

The modern furniture pieces, such as the sleek black coffee table and simple sofa, are complemented by more rustic accents like the wooden shelving units. The choice of decor, including metallic lamps and copper accessories, enhances the industrial vibe.

XL Cyrus® Bracken Hill luxury vinyl planks, a wood-look product in light and dark grays, provide a durable and stylish flooring solution that goes well with the largely neutral color palette, relying on the materials' natural colors to create a cohesive look. Overall, the room strikes a balance between contemporary design and industrial ruggedness, making it both stylish and comfortable.

Refined Elegance in a Traditional Bathroom Design

trecento-calacatta-venosa-gold-luxury-vinyl-tile-traditional-bathroomTrecento® Calacatta Venosa Gold® Luxury Vinyl Tile

This luxurious traditional bathroom is a testament to classic elegance, showcasing sophisticated features like ornate chandeliers and elegant marble countertops. Trecento® Calacatta Venosa Gold® luxury vinyl tile, with thick gold veining on a white background, serves as the flooring, enhancing the opulent aesthetic with its stunning marble-like appearance.

The rich drapery and deep freestanding tub add layers of luxury, while the detailed light fixtures and classic architectural molding elevate the room's traditional elegance. This design perfectly balances grandeur with functionality, creating a timeless and inviting space that resonates with sophistication.

Perfecting Your Space with Everlife® Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Choosing the right flooring is more than just picking a color or material; it's about creating harmony between your floor and the design of your room. Everlife® Luxury Vinyl Planks and Tile are designed to meet the needs of any style, providing a versatile base that complements every interior style. From sleek lines to rustic appeal, MSI has a solution that promises durability without sacrificing style.

Explore the possibilities with our Everlife® flooring options by chatting with us online, visiting an MSI showroom, or finding an authorized MSI retailer near you.